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1/27 1 PMGSY in RAJASTHAN. 2/27 2 Introduction to PMGSY  PMGSY was inaugurated on 25th December, 2000 by the Prime Minister of India. It is a Biggest.

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2 2/27 2 Introduction to PMGSY  PMGSY was inaugurated on 25th December, 2000 by the Prime Minister of India. It is a Biggest ever Infrastructure development project of India Funded by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) Governed by MoRD through National Rural Road Development Authority (NRRDA) 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme Funding is arranged by levying Cess on sale of Diesel and Petrol

3 3/27 3 Programme Objective  To provide basic access by way of all weather roads to the all unconnected habitations having population up to 500 & above in General Areas (up to 250 in the case of Tribal and Desert areas ) in phased manner.  PMGSY guidelines also enable Upgradation of Through Routes, under Bharat Nirman, in addition to New Connectivity.  To set high and uniform technical and management standards and facilitating policy development and planning at State level for sustainable management of the Rural Roads network.  Ensuring sustainable poverty reduction

4 4/27 4 Planning & Execution P.W.D. is the Executing Agency in Rajasthan, having 33 Program Implementation Units (PIUs). Each district has prepared District Rural Road Plan & Core Network based planning for optimal use of available funds. 1.26 lacs km. road length identified under Core Network Eligible Unconnected habitations identified at Block and District level through Comprehensive New Connectivity Priority List (CNCPL). State Level Standing Committee (SLSC), chaired by Chief Secretary, constituted to monitor implementation of works 3 State Technical Agencies identified to scrutinize project proposals and provide technical support to State Government.

5 5/27 5 Organizational setup of SRRDA PRESIDENT, SRRDA (PUBLIC WORKS MINISTER), RAJASTHAN VICE- PRESIDENT, SRRDA (PRINICIPAL SECRETARY, PWD) SECRETARY (CHIEF ENGINEER, PWD, RAJASTHAN) 4 Ex. Engineer Administration 7 Asstt. Engineer Q.C. Wing 32 SQM 64 ASQM Accounts Wing AAO Accountant Execution Wing PIUs (33 Nos.) 113 DIVISIONS Supt. Engineer SQC FC 8 ACE

6 6/27 6 OFFICE SETUP AT SRRDA Asstt. Engineers Petition & Other Executive Engineer-I Financial Controller AAO CASHIER SECRETARY (CHIEF ENGINEER, PWD, RAJASTHAN) Superintending Engineer PMGSY Proposals & Meetings Asstt. Engineers Progress Monitoring Asstt. Engineers World Bank Asstt. Engineers Executive Engineer-II Executive Engineer IIIExecutive EngineerIV SQC IT Nodal Officer Asstt. Engineers Petition & Other Executive Engineer-I AAO CASHIER SECRETARY (CHIEF ENGINEER, PMGSY) Superintending Engineer PMGSY Proposals & Meetings Asstt. Engineers Progress Monitoring Asstt. Engineers World Bank Asstt. Engineers Executive Engineer-II Executive Engineer IIIExecutive EngineerIV SQC IT Nodal Officer Accountant

7 7/27 77 Superintending Engineer (33 Nos.) Field Divisions headed by Executive Engineer (119+32 QC Div) Addl. C.E. Ajmer. Executive Engineers (19 Nos) Addl. C.E. Bharatpur Addl. C.E. Jodhpur Addl. C.E. Udaipur Addl. C.E. I, Jaipur Addl. C.E. II, Jaipur Addl. C.E. Kota Supdt Engr 1.Bharatpur 2.Dholpur 3.Karoli 4.Sawaimadhop ur Supdt Engr. 1. Jhunjhunu 2.Sikar Supdt Engr 1.Barmer 2.Jaisalmer 3.Jalore 4.Jodhpur 5.Pali 6.Sirohi Supdt Engr 1.Banswara 2.Chittorgarh 3.Dungarpur 4.Pratapgarh 5.Rajsamand 6.Udaipur Supdt Engr 1.Alwar 2.Dausa 3.Jaipur Rural Supdt Engr 1.Baran 2.Bundi 3.Jhalawar 4.Kota Executive Engineers (17 Nos) Executive Engineers (16 Nos) Executive Engineers (14 Nos) Executive Engineers (36 Nos) Executive Engineers (22 Nos) Executive Engineers (28 Nos) Addl. C.E. Bikaner Supdt Engr 1.Bikaner 2.Churu 3.Hanumangarh 4.Sri Ganganagar Executive Engineers (19 Nos) Organizational Setup in the Field (Civil) Supdt Engr 1.Ajmer 2.Bhilwra 3.Nagour 4.Tonk

8 8/27 8 Components of SRRDA for Financial Management (I) Single Bank Account at SRRDA level for each fund –Programme FundA/C 10000951803 –Administrative Fund A/C 10000950117 –Maintenance Fund A/C 61000371210 (II)Empowered Officer : Chief Engineer, PMGSY (III)Authorized Signatory :33 PIU at District Level headed by SE (IV)PIU wise bank authorization by Empowered Officer

9 9/27 9 Pre-PMGSY Status of Connectivity Population Group Total No of Habitations Connected Habitations on 1.4.2000 Balance Unconnected Habitations 1000 & above14249115242725 500-9991108146536428 Sub Total25330161779153 Below 50014624383210792 Total3995420009 (50%) 19945 (50%) Connectivity of State [On 1.4.2000 (Pre-PMGSY)]

10 10/27 10 Increase in Connectivity over the years Connectivity of State:- On 1.4.2000 (Pre-PMGSY) 50% On 31.03.0977% By June,0980% (on completion of ongoing works in habitations having population >500 in General and >250 in Desert & Tribal areas)

11 11/27 11 The Road Traveled After launch of PMGSY in Dec. 2000, connectivity achieved up to March,09 is shown below : Population GroupHabitations Sanctioned Connected under PMGSY Work in Progress Remark 1000 & above294829399 500-99961886014174 Sub Total91368953183 250-499 (Tribal & Desert) 17621528234 Total (including upgradation) 1089810481417

12 12/27 12 Physical Progress Achieved upto March,09 (Phases I - VIII) SNSN PhaseHabitations to be Benefited Habitations Benefited Length Sanctioned Length Const- ructed 1Phases I-IV336733661166811554 2Phase V93390430632891 3WB Tranche I-III1366134446024444 4Phase VI Regular34633332107699966 5Phase VII Regular1769153561915168 6Phase VII Upgrad.--77556306 7W B Tranche IV--569467 8Phase VIII Upgrad.--2260 9W B Tranche V--1210 Grand Total10898104814808740796 (Length in kms.)

13 13/27 13 Financial Progress Achieved upto March,09 (Phases I - VIII) SNPhaseSanctions Received Funds Released Expenditure incurred 1.Phases I-IV143213251237 2.Phase V549551448 3.WB Tranche (I-III)716722654 4.Phase VI Regular183318211645 5.Phase VII Regular1021 1377 775 6.Phase VII Upgrad.17351300 7.W B Tranche IV161160115 8.Phase VIII Upgrad.498 9.W B Tranche V300154 Grand Total824561106174 (Rs. in cr.)

14 14/27 14 Year-wise Financial Performance YearAchievement 2000-015 2001-0291 2002-03190 2003-04450 2004-05450 2005-06608 2006-071229 2007-081455 2008-091696 Total6174 (Rs. in Cr.)

15 15/27 15 GOI & World Bank Review on Rajasthan’s Performance under PMGSY LIONS SHARE OF RAJASTHAN IN NATIONAL LEVEL ACHIEVEMENTS Rajasthan alone has contributed 9,888 km (24%) of total 41,094 km. road constructed in the country during 07-08. Rajasthan also contributed 3,055 habitation (27%) of total 11,305 habitations connected in the country during 07-08. GOI Rating of Performance of states under PMGSY Rajasthan has been ranked No. 1 state in the country in the implementation of Bharat Nirman & PMGSY. World Bank Review of PMGSY The World Bank graded Project Management as Highly Satisfactory and Upgradation component has been upgraded as Highly Satisfactory. All other areas of implementation of project in Rajasthan have also been praised & graded as Satisfactory.

16 16/27 Efficient and capable infrastructure of 33 PIUs. 119 Working Divisions State has enhanced its Institutional Capacity as per requirement of work load. S No ParticularsAs on 2000As on 2006As on 2008 1No. of PIUs3233 2No. of divisions6682119 3No. of circles222533 4Financial Output of each Division 7.00 Cr.10-12 Cr.12-15 Cr. Capacity of Executing Agency Regular Training Programmes to update technical skill & increase efficiency Year 2004-08 1136 Engineers, Accounts staff & others attended varioustraining courses

17 17/27 17 Monitoring and Decision Making at SRRDA Online Monitoring OMMAS has been fully operationalized for Online Monitoring Close Monitoring at SRRDA level ; Efficient Monitoring Team at SRRDA level Regular monitoring of progress of works. Conduct of regular meetings with PIUs Immediate action against defaulter contractors Clear cut Assignment of Duties to field staff Prompt disposal and time-bound decisions by SRRDA Authorization for payment on same day. Quick disposal of excess / extra items. Issue of Circulars for timely guidance & clarifications. Arranging regular meetings of SLSC.

18 18/27 18 DPR Preparation  PMGSY Guidelines followed strictly  Outsourcing of Survey work.  Preparation of DPR in house.  Scrutiny by PTA/STAs, 6 to 8 months in advance.  Involvement of Junior Engineer to Addl. Chief Engineer Level Proposal Preparation

19 19/27 19 Tendering  Based on SBD  Works packaged and NIT floated centrally by Chief Engineer Office  Receipt of tenders at Zonal Level.  For works costing >500 Lacs, E-tendering adopted Time Limit & Financial Powers to decide Tenders  Executive Engineer 20 Days 30 Lacs  Superintending Engineer 30 Days 120 Lacs  Addl. Chief Engineer 40 Days 250 Lacs  Chief Engineer 50 Days 500 Lacs  Empowered Board 70 Days >500 Lacs Finalization of tenders in 20 –30 days. Tendering

20 20/27 20 Increased Quality Consciousness Three tier quality control mechanism fully operationalized First Tier First running bill paid to contractor only upon establishment of field laboratory Payment for CC stretches made only upon test by Core Cutter. Final payments made only upon test of BT surface by Roughometer. Second Tier 32 State Quality Monitors (SQMs) - 1 for each district 96 Assistant State Quality Monitors 1 ISO certified Central Lab at Jaipur, 6 Regional and 25 District Labs. Third Tier – National Quality Monitors (NQM) have graded: 99% completed works as satisfactory, against Natnl. avg. of 89% 98% works in progress as satisfactory, against Natnl. avg. of 79%

21 21/27 21 Transparency in Work Execution Field Officers have been asked to invite Public Representatives to inspect PMGSY roads. So far 521 visits have been undertaken and 1442 roads inspected. PIUs have been instructed to request MPs and MLAs to inaugurate newly constructed roads as well as ensure that their names are prominently displayed on plaques.

22 22/27 22 OMMAS & Online Accounting A separate and dedicated Accounts Wing with Financial Controller at SRRDA and AAO’s at each PIU level. In addition to IT Nodal Officer at state level, IT Nodal Officers at district level have also been appointed. All Online Entries are being made at PIU level. All 33 PIUs have started E- payment mode.

23 23/27 23 Introduction of Public Transport facility on PMGSY roads To ensure convergence of development programmes, efforts have been made by GoR to operate Bus services on the newly constructed PMGSY roads. A Master Plan has been prepared to provide transport facilities to all habitations having population >500. 7700 such habitations have been identified of which 5800 are located at 5 km from existing routes. Roadways buses have started operating services on 154 new routes which have been opened by PMGSY roads.

24 24/27 24 ROMAPS assist in : It has been developed to assist Engineers in all aspects of road maintenance planning and management. It helps in analysing road inventory & pavement surface condition Inventory and condition data can be entered on annual basis. ROMAPS ( Road Maintenance Planning Budgeting and Programming System)

25 25/27 25 ROMAPS has been installed in all 33 districts. The work was awarded to M/s Roughton International UK in JV with Consulting Engineers Group amounting to Rs. 279,51,000/ plus US$ 178,480. Data collection has been completed for 62500 Km. Pavement inventory has been verified for 750 Km. International Roughness Index (IRI) using ROMDAS has already been completed in 32 districts for 6200 Km. Training of ROMAPS has been completed for all districts. Annual maintenance plans for the year 2009-10 will be generated using ROMAPS. Progress Achieved

26 26/27 26 Development of Customised GIS GRIMMS-S: GIS Enabled Road Information Management Monitoring System GIS interface to the OMMS database of PMGSY Provides linking of maps with existing OMMS database for planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring of rural roads Provides customized stand-alone user interface to handle complex queries

27 27/27 27 Development of Web GIS Web version of GRIMMS allows user to use GIS on Rural road database Citizens can access GRIMMS Web Provides transparency under Right to Information Act Requires no installation of any specific computer hardware at user end Multiple users can access rural road maps simultaneously User can seek responses to various predefined queries

28 28/27 28 THANKS

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