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2 “Yojna” is not an accounting software but it’s a tailor made physical and financial monitoring software specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of agencies implementing the projects in development sector. “Yojna” software encompasses the feature of accounting and monitoring both physical and financial at one place. It rests on the philosophy that no monitoring can be successful unless it is integrated with the financial books of accounts. Yojna software

3 Why “Yojna” software for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan ? Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is an effort to universalise elementary education by community- ownership of the school system. The community is the key in the planning, implementation and monitoring of SSA. The program involves community ownership of school- based interventions through effective decentralisation. The program has a community-based monitoring system. Under the program all funds to be used for up gradation, maintenance, repair of schools and Teaching Learning Equipment and local management to be transferred to VECs/ School Management Committees/ Gram Panchayat/ or any other village/ school level arrangement for decentralisation adopted by the State. As per the terms and conditions and guidelines of Govt. of India Separate books of accounts are required to be kept for SSA, NPEGEL and KGBV fund. Books of accounts should be kept on double entry system and reporting formats prescribed in Manual on Financial Management and Procurement should be prepared and submitted timely. Community is accountable to keep the record of fund provided to them and utilized by them. The success of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan will depend on the quality of the community based monitoring process.

4 At most of the places manual accounting on single entry system. Or Branded softwares having facility for financial accounting only. No Provision for monitoring physical progress. No scheme/yojna wise accounting. No component/head wise monitoring. No Budget Monitoring No online/web based accounting. Separate accounts required to be kept for ZSK,JPSK and JSK this makes the reporting very tedious and lengthy, since we have to consolidate data of several companies again and again. No facility for integration of financial books with other MIS softwares. No Facility for monitoring the attendance and also consumption of meals at schools. EXISTING SYSTEM/SOFTWARES

5 SPECIAL FEATURES OF PROPOSED ‘’YOJNA’’ SOFTWARE  Online/Web Based Accounting – All Zila Shiksha Kendra (ZSK) Janpad Shisksha Kendra (JPSK), Jan shiksha Kendra (JSK) can be connected to the STATE OFFICE and online accounting, monitoring and supervision can be done.  Maintenance of books of accounts on the basis of Double Entry System for each scheme like SSA,KGBV etc.  Component And Head Wise Physical And Financial Monitoring.  Double Column Cash Book for each Schemes.  Facility for Preparation of Annual Work Plan.

6 SPECIAL FEATURES OF ‘’YOJNA’’  Annual/periodical Statements of Receipt and Payment Account, Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet for All units.  Online consolidated Monthly Expenditure Report With Budgets for monitoring both physical and financial progress.  Report on Financial Position of ZSK,JPSK etc  Separate Utilization Certificate for SSA, KGBV etc from PTA level showing amount received, spent and unspent at any particular time.  Schedule of assets created during the year.  Facility for Automatic Bank Reconciliation.

7 SPECIAL FEATURES OF ‘’YOJNA’’  HR Module with the facility for transfer, posting, seniority list, pay bill, increment service book etc  Grain register for day boarding schools and hostels  Module for Monitoring Capacity Building Programs  Office File Movement Module  For Chartered Accountants purposes we have given Pivot Table to view all the Data at their end without any requirement for actually having the software. Software has also the facility for putting up Audit Tick.  Integration of accounts with the other softwares of NIC. Software has inbuilt tools for MIS e.g. Monitoring of construction work expenditure according to work wise with deviation from AS/TS.


9 Budget Creation

10 Reports

11 Trial Balance (Group)

12 Trial Balance (Component/Category )

13 Graphical Data

14 Three pronged budget monitoring system Availability of budget can be verified at voucher entry level by pressing F4. Budget, actual and unspent balance report can be viewed as well as directly modified from report itself. Monthly or quarterly budget expenditure report in format prescribed by Govt. of India can be generated ( Annexure IX)

15 Trial Balance Budget Report

16 Budget Expenditure Report

17 Scheme Wise Double Column Cash Book

18 Fixed Assets Register


20 Scheme Wise Payment Register For BRC/CRC/VEC

21 Scheme Wise Summarised Payment Register For BRC/CRC/VEC

22 BRC/CRC/VEC Wise Payment Register For All Schemes

23 BRC/CRC/VEC Wise Summary Register For All Schemes

24 Receipt and Payment Account

25 Income And Expenditure Account

26 Balance Sheet

27 Quarterly fund flow and cash forecast

28 Details of fund released to districts/blocks

29 Districts/blocks wise expenditure statement

30 Report on Financial Position

31 Utilization Certificate

32  Plan for Capacity Building Programs can be prepared with facility for obtaining technical & administrative sanction for programs.  Funds received and Expenditure incurred can be tracked according to plan.  A plan wise report can be obtained having details of administrative and technical sanction, expenditure incurred, sponsor details, number of trainees, etc. MONITORING AND ACCOUNTING OF CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMS

33 Various head of expenses with qty and rate Payment Schedule Name of sponsor and sponsored amt. Own Contribution, Contribution from sponsor and from others Proposed amount from field and sanctioned by HO

34 MONITORING AND ACCOUNTING OF CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMS Proposed Contribution from various sources Scheme Received amount Expenditure incurred

35 Plan/project for groups can be prepared with facility for obtaining technical, administrative sanction on work plan/projects. Funds received and Expenditure incurred can be tracked according to work plan. A work wise report can be obtained having details of work status, installments received from various sources, valuation, own contribution, etc. MONITORING AND ACCOUNTING ACCORDING TO SUBMITTED SUB ROJECT/WORK PLAN OF GROUPS

36 Preparation of work plan/sub projects Technical, administrative sanction Material detail Source of finance e.g. own contribution, grant etc Payment schedule Labour Detail Work detail

37 Work Plan Report

38 Report for Consumption of Meal

39 HR MODULE Employee Data Base and facility for maintaining Service Book Facility for creating pay scale Facility for automatic increment, increment withheld Promotion and Transfer Leave Management Pay Bill Design and Generation Facility for integration of pay bill with accounts books. Generation of PF Challans and reports.

40 Pay Bill

41 EDGE OVER OTHER SOFTWARES  Real time online & Web Based accounting no data synchronization is required.  Accounts maintenance of various branches up to village level  Integrated module for Group accounting and monitoring.  Physical and Financial both accounting is possible in other popular software only financial accounting is possible.  Reporting as per the Budget line i.e component wise as required by the Funding agencies  Report on financial Position from grass root level.  Pay Bill and HR Management including service book, promotion, transfer posting and leave management.  Preparation of Work Plan of construction work and its integration with the books of accounts.  Preparation of plan for Capacity Building Programs having details of sanctions, expenditure incurred, sponsor details, number of trainees, etc.

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