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NATO Response Force (NRF)  The Challenge  NRF Concept  Implementation.

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1 NATO Response Force (NRF)  The Challenge  NRF Concept  Implementation

2 Cold War NATO Response Threshold: -GEOGRAPHIC: NATO Area Of Responsibility -SIZE: major land, aerospace, naval force, any nuclear -ACTION: unambiguous attack 21 st Century poses threats below theshold, NATO vulnerable to conflict in this range... must adapt tp prevent exploitation of „threshold gap“ NATO requires forces able to operate across entire spectrum of conflict, applying force rapidly, selectively, decisively........ Requires speed, power, endurance, interoperability THE CHALLENGE! NATO Armed Response For 50 years NATO forces organized, trained, equipped to deter/defeat aggression beyond this theshold. NATO Command and Force Structures perfected To operate here. 1 2 3

3 What is NRF? NATO Response Force (NRF) is: coherent, technologically advanced, flexible, usable, expensive. NRF is comprised  of national force contributions  which rotate through periods of training / and certification as a joint force  followed by an operational “Stand-by" Phase

4 NRF Missions (illustrative examples) Crisis Response (including Peacekeeping) Support Counter Terrorism operations Consequence Management (including CBRN events and humanitarian crisis) Peace Enforcement Embargo operations – maritime, initial land, and no-fly zone Initial Entry Force...or enabling force Demonstrative Force Package Non-combatant Evacuation

5 NRF at FOC October 2006 Deployable Joint Task Force HQ Component Commands/Multi- National Joint Logistic Concept Maritime Land Air NATO Task Force Brigade Combat Team 200 Combat Sorties Per Day With Strategic Enablers Total Force – approx 25,000

6  A stand-alone force The NRF can be used to prevent conflicts from escalating into wider disputes.  An initial entry force The NRF can facilitate the arrival of follow-on units.  As part of a larger force The NRF can contribute to the full range of Alliance military operations.  Rapid deployment Deployable within 10 days.  Full Operational Capability Air-Land-Sea (achieved November ‘06). Need to right size given current realities. NATO RESPONSE FORCE (NRF)

7 New Challenges -- Operational Demands -- Cost Issues -- Political Debate -- Undersubscription

8 New Methods -- Immediate Ready Force --Reserve Force Pool -- Focus on ON as well as BEYOND Alliance Territory

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