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A RKANSAS T EEN B OOK A WARD. T HE S TEERING C OMMITTEE : W HO W E A RE Jana Dixon, AASL/AAIM Representative, Cutter Morning Star High School Library.

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2 T HE S TEERING C OMMITTEE : W HO W E A RE Jana Dixon, AASL/AAIM Representative, Cutter Morning Star High School Library Media Specialist David Eckert, Assistant Director, Jonesboro Public Library Randi Eskridge, Head of Children's Services, Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library Crystal Long, Library Program Advisor, Arkansas State Library Jessica McGrath, Head of Adult Services, Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library Rachel Shankles, AAIM Representative, Lakeside High School Library Media Specialist

3 T HE P ROCESS ( OR H OW I T A LL W ORKS ) January to April Solicit Readers and Book Titles to Consider Send either request to Book Title Criteria: Unless the book can stand on its own, it must be the first in a series. Copyright date goes by the hardback edition unless it was originally published as paperback. Allow translations going by the US copyright date. Age division will be determined by reviews through School Library Journal when possible. If not, then Booklist, Library Journal, or the discretion of the steering committee will be used.

4 T HE P ROCESS April to August Assign titles to Levels 1 or 2 Levels will be determined by the largest number of grades covered by the review's indicated grade level. Example: 8 + would be assigned to Level 2 because it covers more grades in that level than in level 1. Assign Number of Votes to each Reading Group Target number of votes per level is 15 between all reading groups. Allows for some “wildcards.” Based on the percentages of total number of titles per group Example 1: 74 titles in level 1 divided by 15 = 4.93 titles per every 1 vote Example 2: 97 titles in level 2 divided by 15 = 6.47 titles per every 1 vote Assign Readers to Preferred Groups (when possible) READ, READ, READ!!!

5 T HE W IKI Reading Groups Each has a wiki to discuss the books Use of a rating system Voting General book discussion mayhem

6 W ILD C ARDS ( OR “ FREE AGENTS ”) August to September Nominate wild card titles Participating readers read all wildcard titles Meet before SELA/ArLA conference in September to vote Great way to meet your fellow readers!!!

7 A NNOUNCE AND D ISTRIBUTE L ISTS Titles on the final reading list will be announced at ArLA Distribute lists state-wide by October Promotional material will be available for download at

8 T HE P ROCESS - Y EARS 2 & 3 Year 2 Teens READ – October to October Teens Vote during Teen Read Week (in October) Winners announced in December Year 3 In April – Honor 1 winner at the AAIM Conference In September or October – Honor 1 winner at the ArLA Conference

9 A RKANSAS T EEN B OOK A WARD T IMELINES 2009 (2008 © books) 10/24/09 Meet with Readers Decide on wild cards Finalize list & announce at ARLA 10/31/09 Distribute Reading Lists Statewide 12/1/10 Announce Winners 4/20/11 Honor 1 winner at AAIM 10/24/11 Honor 1 winner at ArLA 2010 (2009 © books) 10/24/09 Start soliciting readers & Book titles for next year’s list 4/15/10 Decide on Reading Groups Distribute Reading lists READ!!! 9/25/10 Meet with Readers Decide on Wild cards Finalize list & announce at ARLA 10/31/10 Distribute Reading List Statewide 12/1/11 Announce Winners

10 S TATISTICS FROM Y EAR O NE Total number of Readers: 66 School Library Affiliation: 27 Public Library Affiliation: 26 University Library Affiliation: 11 Individual Reader: 1 Total number of Titles: Adrenaline (Fiction): 31 Graphic Novels/Manga: 38 Non-Fiction: 36 Realistic Fiction: 67

11 2009-2010 T EEN R EADING L IST Airman Eoin Colfer Audrey Wait! Robin Benway Black Box Julie Schumacher Bog Child Siobhan Dowd Chains Laurie Halse Anderson Curse as Dark as Gold Elizabeth C. Bunce Disreputable History of Frankie Landau- Banks E. Lockhart The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman Hunger Games Suzanne Collins Impossible Nancy Werlin Into the Volcano Don A. Wood Life Sucks Jessica Abel, G. Soria, W. Pleece No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row Susan Kuklin The Savage David Almond, Dave McKean Sun & Moon, Ice & Snow Jessica Day George Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom Margarita Engle Trouble Gary D. Schmidt Trouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild, Wild West Sid Feleishman Waiting For Normal Leslie Connor What the World Eats Peter Menzel, Faith D'Aluisio Level 1 – Grades 7-9


13 Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called, "The Hunger Games." The terrain, rules, and level of audience participation may change but one thing is constant: kill or be killed. When Kat's sister is chosen by lottery, Kat steps up to go in her place. T HE H UNGER G AMES BY S UZANNE C OLLINS

14 Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy-an ancient Indigo Man beneath the hill, a gateway to a desert leading to an abandoned city of ghouls, the strange and terrible menace of the Sleer. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack--who has already killed Bod's family.... Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns with a luminous new novel for the audience that embraced his "New York Times" bestselling modern classic coraline. Magical, terrifying, and filled with breathtaking adventures, the graveyard book is sure to enthrall readers of all ages. T HE G RAVEYARD B OOK BY N EIL G AIMAN

15 Conor Broekhart was born to fly. In fact, legend has it that he was born flying, in a hot air balloon at the Paris World's Fair. In the 1890s Conor and his family live on the sovereign Saltee Islands, off the Irish coast. Conor spends his days studying the science of flight with his tutor and exploring the castle with the king's daughter, Princess Isabella. But the boy's idyllic life changes forever the day he discovers a deadly conspiracy against the king. When Conor tries to intervene, he is branded a traitor and thrown into jail on the prison island of Little Saltee. There, he has to fight for his life, as he and the other prisoners are forced to mine for diamonds in inhumane conditions. There is only one way to escape Little Saltee, and that is to fly. So Conor passes the solitary months by scratching drawings of flying machines on the prison walls. The months turn into years; but eventually the day comes when Conor must find the courage to trust his revolutionary designs and take to the skies. A IRMAN BY E OIN C OLFER

16 I MPOSSIBLE BY NANCY WERLIN Lucy Scarborough is seventeen when she discovers that the women of her family have been cursed through the generations, forced to attempt three seemingly impossible tasks or to fall into madness upon their child’s birth. How can Lucy succeed when all of her ancestors have tried and failed? But Lucy is the first girl who won’t be alone as she tackles the list. She has her fiercely protective foster parents beside her. And she has Zach, whose strength amazes her more each day. Do they have enough love and resolve to overcome an age-old evil?

17 S UN & M OON, I CE & S NOW BY J ESSICA D AY G EORGE When a great white bear promises untold riches to her family, the Lass agrees to go away with him. But the bear is not what he seems, nor is his castle. To unravel the mystery, the Lass sets out on a windswept journey beyond the edge of the world. Based on the Nordic legend East of the Sun, West of the Moon, with romantic echoes of Beauty and the Beast, this re- imagined story will leave fans of fantasy and fairy tale enchanted by Jessica Day George.

18 R EALISTIC F ICTION Level 1 Grades 7-9

19 T HE A DORATION OF J ENNA F OX BY M ARY P EARSON  From Publisher:  Who is Jenna Fox? Seventeen-year-old Jenna has been told that is her name. She has just awoken from a coma, they tell her, and she is still recovering from a terrible accident in which she was involved a year ago. But what happened before that? Jenna doesn't remember her life. Or does she? And are the memories really hers? This fascinating novel represents a stunning new direction for acclaimed author Mary Pearson. Set in a near future America, it takes readers on an unforgettable journey through questions of bio-medical ethics and the nature of humanity. Mary Pearson's vividly drawn characters and masterful writing soar to a new level of sophistication.

20 D ISREPUTABLE H ISTORY OF F RANKIE L ANDAU -B ANKS BY E. L OCKHART From the Publisher Frankie Landau-Banks at age 14: Debate Club. Her father's "bunny rabbit." A mildly geeky girl attending a highly competitive boarding school. Frankie Landau-Banks at age 15: A knockout figure. A sharp tongue. A chip on her shoulder. And a gorgeous new senior boyfriend: the supremely goofy, word-obsessed Matthew Livingston. Frankie Landau-Banks. No longer the kind of girl to take "no" for an answer. Especially when "no" means she's excluded from her boyfriend's all-male secret society. Not when her ex-boyfriend shows up in the strangest of places. Not when she knows she's smarter than any of them. When she knows Matthew's lying to her. And when there are so many, many pranks to be done. Frankie Landau-Banks, at age 16: Possibly a criminal mastermind. This is the story of how she got that way. Book cover -

21 C HAINS BY L AURIE H ALSE A NDERSON Review by Laura Downing An historical fiction novel based during the revolutionary war set in New York city. It chronicles the life of a 13-year old slave, Isabel, and her younger sister Ruth (who is "simple" and has what seem to be epileptic "fits" at times), both of whom should have been freed when their owner died but were sold again back into slavery to a couple where the mistress of the house is cruel and demanding. When Ruth is "sold", or so Isabel is led to believe, the story revolves around everything Isabel does to find her and regain freedom for them both, including actions which result in her being branded with the letter "I" on her cheek for being Insolent. Unfortunately you have to wait for the sequel to find out if Isabel finds Ruth and if she gains her freedom after escaping New York. Book cover –

22 W AITING F OR N ORMAL BY L ESLIE C ONNOR From the Publisher Addie is waiting for normal. But Addie's mom has an all-or-nothing approach to life: a food fiesta or an empty pantry, jubilation or gloom, her way or no way. All or nothing never adds up to normal. All or nothing can't bring you all to home, which is exactly where Addie longs to be, with her half sisters, every day. In spite of life's twists and turns, Addie remains optimistic. Someday, maybe, she'll find normal. Leslie Connor has created an inspiring novel about one girl's giant spirit. waiting for normal is a heartwarming gem. Book cover –

23 B LACK B OX BY J ULIE S CHUMACHER Review by Laura Downing A very dark book about depression and how it affects the depressed person and their entire family. Brings about feelings of empathy for the younger sister, Elena, who feels she has to take care of Dora (her older sister who had depression)and keep Dora's secrets. It will resonate with many teens today. It was a "heavy" read but would appeal to both boys and girls.

24 B OG C HILD BY S IOBHAN D OWD From the Publisher One inch from the wall of brown turf, he froze. 'There's something here. In the earth. A hand.' Digging for peat in the mountain with his Uncle Tally, Fergus finds something that makes his heart stop. Curled up deep in the bog is the body of a child. And it looks like she's been murdered. As Fergus tries to make sense of the mad world around him - his brother on hunger-strike in prison, his growing feelings for Cora, his mam and da arguing over the Troubles, and him in it up to the neck - a little voice comes to him in his dreams, and the mystery of the bog child unfurls. Set in Ireland in the 1980s, Bog Child is a powerful novel that explores the sacrifices made in the name of peace, and the unflinching strength of the human spirit.

25 T ROUBLEBY G ARY D. S CHMIDT From the Publisher “Henry Smith’s father told him that if you build your house far enough away from Trouble, then Trouble will never find you.” But Trouble comes careening down the road one night in the form of a pickup truck that strikes Henry’s older brother, Franklin. In the truck is Chay Chouan, a young Cambodian from Franklin’s preparatory school, and the accident sparks racial tensions in the school—and in the well-established town where Henry’s family has lived for generations. Caught between anger and grief, Henry sets out to do the only thing he can think of: climb Mt. Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine, which he and Franklin were going to climb together. Along with Black Dog, whom Henry has rescued from drowning, and a friend, Henry leaves without his parents’ knowledge. The journey, both exhilarating and dangerous, turns into an odyssey of discovery about himself, his older sister, Louisa, his ancestry, and why one can never escape from Trouble.

26 G RAPHIC N OVELS & M ANGA Level 1 Grades 7-9

27 S AVAGE BY D AVID A LMOND When Blue Baker wrote his magically wild and gruesome story about a boy savage, he was dealing with the death of his father and the town bully. Now, Blue’s creation has developed a life of its own, and Blue must figure out where he ends and the savage begins. --Jonathan Nichols & Johnice Dominick

28 I NTO THE V OLCANO BY D ON W OOD Two brothers, an erupting volcano, and trusted family guides who are hiding a secret. A two-day hike becomes a perilous and dangerous excursion. Can the boys solve the mystery and escape the volcano before it unleashes its fury? --Jonathan Nichols & Johnice Dominick

29 L IFE S UCKS BY J ESSICA A BEL, G ABRIEL S ORIA, & W ARREN P LEECE Being a vampire isn’t all glitz and glamour. You don’t always get the girl or live in a mansion. Dave works at a gas station and loves a girl who’s in love with another vampire... life sucks! --Jonathan Nichols & Johnice Dominick


31 W HAT THE W ORLD E ATS B Y : P ETER M ENZEL & F AITH D’A LUISIO Every day, millions of families around the world gather--at the table or on the floor, in a house or outdoors--to eat together. Ever wondered what a typical meal is like on the other side of the world? Or next door? Cultural geographers visited twenty-five families in twenty-one countries to create this fascinating look at what people around the world eat in a week. What the World Eats includes photo galleries and illustrated charts about fast food, safe water, life expectancy, literacy rates, and more! This enthralling glimpse into cultural similarities and differences is at once a striking photographic essay and an essential study in nutrition and the global marketplace.

32 T ROUBLE B EGINS AT 8: A L IFE OF M ARK T WAIN IN THE W ILD, W ILD W EST B Y : S ID F ELEISHMAN This biography covers enough of Samuel Clemens's youth for readers to appreciate how autobiographical Twain's later novels were, but the seven years that the writer spent meandering the Wild West are at the heart of the book. Fleischman chronicles Clemens's various bouts of gold fever and get-rich-quick schemes in the Nevada Territory and the San Francisco area, but shows that it was always his newspaper writing that provided stability. At age 30, Clemens was reborn as Mark Twain when his short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" was accepted by a magazine and drew popular acclaim. An "Afterstory" provides brief information on Twain's subsequent marriage and the publication of the novels for which he is most famous.

33 S URRENDER T REE : P OEMS OF C UBA ’ S S TRUGGLE F OR F REEDOM B Y : M ARGARITA E NGLE The Surrender Tree transports readers to another era. Spanning the years 1850–1899, Engle's poems construct a narrative woven around Cuba’s Wars for Independence. The poems are told in alternating voices, though predominantly by Rosa, a "freed" slave and natural healer destined to a life on the lam in the island' s wild interior. A great look into Cuba's troubled past through poetry.

34 N O CHOIRBOY : MURDER, VIOLENCE, AND TEENAGERS ON DEATH ROW BY SUSAN KUKLIN No Choirboy takes readers inside America’s prisons, and allows inmates sentenced to death as teenagers to speak for themselves. In their own voices—raw and uncensored—they talk about their lives in prison, and share their thoughts and feelings about how they ended up there. Susan Kuklin also gets inside the system, exploring capital punishment itself and the intricacies and inequities of criminal justice in the United States. This is a searing, unforgettable read, and one that could change the way we think about crime and punishment.

35 2009-2010 T EEN R EADING L IST The Adoration of Jenna Fox Mary E. Pearson The Astounding Wolf-Man (vol.1) Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard Atomic Robo: Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne Brian Clevinger City of Thieves: a Novel David Benioff Echo: Moon Lake Terry Moore Eat This, Not That! David Zinczeko Farts: A Spotter's Guide Crais Bower, Travis Millard Gadget Nation: A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention Steve Greenberg Graceling Kristin Cashore Green Arrow: Year One Andy Diggle and Jock Jellicoe Road Melina Marchetta Knife of Never Letting Go Patrick Ness Little Brother Cory Doctorow Mudbound Hillary Jordan Over and Under Tod Tucker Pitch Black: Don't Be Skerd Youme Landowne, Anthony Horton Playing With Matches Brian Katcher The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez Alan Lawrence Sitomer Silver Surfer: Requiem J. Michael Straczynski, Esad Ribic Venomous Christopher Krovatin Level 2 – Grades 10-12


37 G RACELING BY K RISTIN S HORE  From publisher: Katsa has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight--she's a Graceling, one of the rare people in her land born with an extreme skill. As niece of the king, she should be able to live a life of privilege, but Graced as she is with killing, she is forced to work as the king's thug. When she first meets Prince Po, Graced with combat skills, Katsa has no hint of how her life is about to change. She never expects to become Po's friend. She never expects to learn a new truth about her own Grace--or about a terrible secret that lies hidden far away... a secret that could destroy all seven kingdoms with words alone."

38 T HE K NIFE OF N EVER L ETTING G O BY P ATRICK N ESS  From the publisher:  A dystopian thriller follows a boy and girl on the run from a town where all thoughts can be heard -- and the passage to manhood embodies a horrible secret. Todd Hewitt is the only boy in a town of men. Ever since the settlers were infected with the Noise germ, Todd can hear everything the men think, and they hear everything he thinks. Todd is just a month away from becoming a man, but in the midst of the cacophony, he knows that the town is hiding something from him -- something so awful Todd is forced to flee with only his dog, whose simple, loyal voice he hears too. With hostile men from the town in pursuit, the two stumble upon a strange and eerily silent creature: a girl. Who is she? Why wasn't she killed by the germ like all the females on New World? Propelled by Todd's gritty narration, readers are in for a white-knuckle journey in which a boy on the cusp of manhood must unlearn everything he knows in order to figure out who he truly is.

39 V ENOMOUS BY C HRISTOPHER K ROVATIN  From the publisher:  Locke Vinetti is a high school junior, disenchanted and more than a little hostile. In fact, for years he's had a lousy social life because of a problem he has with his anger--a force he calls "the venom." Ever since he was eight years old and bit off a piece of a classmate's nose, he's been something of a loner. But all that is about to change when he goes out with his one friend, Randall, to meet some of Randall's crew hanging out at Riverside Park. Because in addition to meeting his kindred spirit, Casey--who has his own problems with his own kind of venom-- Locke meets the spikey blue fairy-haircut Goth girl of his dreams. And if their relationship is going to work, he knows he has to rid himself of the venom once and for all. Interspersed with comic book adventures of the fantasy anti-hero alter-ego Locke has invented for himself, "Venomous" is a fast-paced, funny, and ferocious read about one teenage boy's struggle with his inner demons.

40 R EALISTIC F ICTION Level 2 Grades 10-12

41 O VER AND U NDER BY : T ODD T UCKER “S et during the summer of 1979, Alex and Tom are best friends, they do everything together, whether it's exploring caves, shooting rifles, or sneaking out at night. Meanwhile, a labor strike is slowly ripping the small Indiana town apart, and while the two boys' fathers are on opposite sides, the two try to remain blissfully ignorant, but must accept the changes around them. Alex and Tom find themselves growing up during their last summer of innocence..” –Marisa Frantz

42 City of Thieves By: David Benioff “A writer visits his grandfather in Florida to record his account of the siege of Leningrad during WWII. His grandfather's story is much more than mere facts, it covers a boy's journey to manhood, love, war, and an unlikely friendship. Lev Beniov is a young Jew who finds a dead German paratrooper in the middle of Leningrad. He is immediately arrested by Russian soliders and thrown into jail. His cellmate, Koyla, is a charismatic soldier arrested for desertion. Instead of facing a death squad, the two are given a task to find a dozen eggs for a general. Faced with the impossible, the two men are forced to go looking in the most unlikely of places, even enemy territory.” – Marisa Frantz

43 Mudbound By: Hillary Jordan “ Winner of the Bellwether Prize, Mudbound is set at the end of World War II in the tormented Mississippi Delta. It depicts the story of forbidden love and betrayal situated in a time when the brutality of the Jim Crow South was still raging. Hillary Jordan's use of lyrical language to weave together the voices of the characters allows the reader to fully understand the impact the setting and social issues are having on each of the characters and encourages the reader to embrace each character's individual concerns.” –Karen Wells

44 Jellicoe Road By: Melina Marchetta “After what some would see as a slow, confusing start, this complex story of friendship and love mesmerizes the reader with its characterizations of teens living at a state-run boarding school in Australia. Marchetta's heroine, Taylor Markham searches for answers in the mystery of her past and finds hope and joy as she unravels the threads of her present relationships.” –Sandra Bailey

45 Secret Story of Sonja Rodriquez By: Alan Lawrence Sitomer “Torn between immigrant stereotypes and who she wants to be, fifteen-year-old Sonia Rodriguez struggles with the burden of taking care of her demanding family while trying to graduate high school and still be a regular teenager. When her worlds collide because of her secret boyfriend and predator uncle, Sonia and her whole family are at a crossroads that will change their family's path.” –Laura Opper Hodo

46 G RAPHIC N OVELS & M ANGA Level 2 Grades 10 - 12

47 S ILVER S URFER : R EQUIEM BY J. M ICHAEL S TRACZYNSKI & E SAD R IBIC Journeying to his home planet to die, Norrin Radd tries to make a difference in the worlds through which he passes. --Anna Bates

48 G REEN A RROW : Y EAR O NE BY A NDY & J OCK D IGGLE Queen is a frivolous playboy with little care for anyone or anything-- apparently even himself. But when he's double- crossed and marooned on a jungle island, he finds that he does care about something: justice!

49 A TOMIC R OBO : A TOMIC R OBO AND THE F IGHTIN ’ S CIENTISTS OF T ESLADYNE BY B RIAN C LEVINGER & S TEVE W EGENER "Atomic Robo is a self-aware, wise-cracking... robot created by Nikola Tesla who's now in the employ of the US government and tasked with battling supernatural and unexplained threats to the planet's safety.” --Atomic Robo

50 P ITCH B LACK : D ON ’ T B E S KERD BY Y OUME L ANDOWNE & A NTHONY H ORTON The true story of one artist who introduces another to his world as a homeless man living in the subway tunnels. --Anna Bates


52 F ARTS : A S POTTER ’ S G UIDE B Y : C RAI B OWER & T RAVIS M ILLARD This hilarious book identifies the habitat, range, voice, and 'field marks' of ten common wind breakers, from the gentle hiss of the Silent-but-Deadly to the rip-roaring flatulation of the Seismic Blast. The attached battery powered fart machine reproduces each emanation in accurate sound. Grossly hip illustrations by the Fudge Factory's yes, you read that right Travis Millard depict the offenders and offendees in brilliant detail. Printed on durable card stock, this is pure, unbridled entertainment for the giggling child in all of us.

53 G ADGET N ATION : A J OURNEY THROUGH THE E CCENTRIC W ORLD OF I NVENTION BY S TEVE G REENBERG Have you ever heard of bird diapers? Interested in a talking toilet paper dispenser? What about a motorized ice cream cone? Slippers with built-in headlights? Looking for a Kosher Lamp? These aren't fictional gag gadgets from a late night talk show skit. They are actual, real products that you can buy today. Maybe you already have?

54 E AT THIS, NOT THAT ! B Y DAVID ZINCZEKO The original and best-selling installment of EAT THIS, NOT THAT! has helped literally thousands of people improve their lives by increasing their nutritional intakes while blasting away unwanted belly fat. The secret? The revolutionary concept that the battle of the bulge is won not through deprivation and discipline, but by making a series of simple food swaps that can save you hundreds – if not thousands – of calories a day.

55 P ROMOTING THE A WARD TO T EENS Book Displays: Draw attention to the titles on the list. Have the lists available for teens to grab. Feature “teen picks” each month.

56 P ROMOTING THE A WARD TO T EENS Contests: Provide GREAT prizes. Have teens write book reviews Host your own battle of the books. Host an essay contest. Host an art contest.

57 P ROMOTING THE A WARD TO T EENS Word of Mouth: Post teen-written book blurbs around the library. Have the list handy at all times. Start a book club. Create a book crush bulletin board/sign

58 T HE F UTURE Have teens involved as initial readers Have money to bring in the winners


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