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BRUSH and BULK COLLECTION MODIFICATIONS SOLID WASTE SERVICES Department of Public Works City of Temple September 2006.

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2 BRUSH and BULK COLLECTION MODIFICATIONS SOLID WASTE SERVICES Department of Public Works City of Temple September 2006

3 Brush and Bulk Program  What we were experiencing… Growth in the city No restrictions on volume or amount of brush or bulk set out Inconsistent service delivery

4 Brush and Bulk Program  Modifications are being made to the program in order to: have a cleaner and safer City minimize the time that brush, bulk and debris piles are at the curb reduce the number of mixed brush and bulk piles maintain current level of investment save landfill space

5 Program Modifications  Designated collection day for all areas Twice per month collections Collection within a 2 day window  The following map denotes 8 specific areas and collection days associated with those areas.


7 Program Modifications  Items should be put at the curb on the day before or by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day.  Up to 6 cubic yards of brush and/or bulky items may be set out without a charge  Brush and bulk items must be placed into separate piles as they are serviced by different vehicles  Commercial tree trimmers are encouraged to register with the City

8 Program Modifications  Request for Service – placing items within eight feet of the curb on any day other than during your scheduled pick-up window is considered a “request for service”.  Any pick-ups made as a “request for service” will be considered out-of-cycle and charged for in 6 cubic yard increments. This fee will be placed on the customer’s water utility bill.

9 What can I set at the curb?  Brush & tree trimmings  Bagged grass clippings, leaves, junk  Furniture, bulky items  Appliances  General non-hazardous cleanup items  Up to 6 cubic yards of brush and/or bulk collectively without a fee assessed to your utility bill.

10 Brush and Tree Trimmings – approximately 6 cubic yards

11 Brush and Tree Trimmings – more than 6 cubic yards

12 Bagged Items

13 Bulky Items

14 Bulky Items – More than 6 cubic yards

15 Fees Implemented For:  Excessive amounts – over 6 cubic yards $65.00 per 6 cubic yards  Mixed brush pile with bulky items, bags, boxes $65.00 per 6 cubic yards  Out-of-cycle placement $65.00 per 6 cubic yards  Tires $10 / $15 / $35 depending on rim size  Remodeling, demolition, building, roofing materials $300 per 20 cubic yards

16 Current Education Program  Education Program Collection Schedule Tagging System Fee Schedule  Advertising Website Newspaper Channel 10 – Government Access Channel Utility Stuffers – August and September Civic Groups and organizations Home Owner’s Associations


18 My brush/bulk collection service has always been good. Why is this new program necessary?  These modifications will minimize the time that brush, bulk and debris piles are at the curb and reduce the number of mixed brush and bulk piles, resulting in a cleaner and safer City, maintaining current level of investment and saving landfill space.

19 When will my brush and bulk items be collected?  Your items will be collected two times per month and always on the same days (i.e. first and third Monday, second and fourth Friday, etc.) Your brush/bulk collection day will always coincide with one of your garbage collection days.

20 How do I know my two pick-up days per month?  In August or September you will receive a multi- colored map with your utility bill. You can find your location on the map and go to the number and color-coded key to determine your pickup days. The map will also appear in the Temple Daily Telegram, on the City of Temple website and periodically on cable channel 10. Solid Waste Services at 298-5725 is always happy to assist you with any question.

21 When should I put my brush/bulk items at the curb?  Items should be put at the curb on the day before or by 7:00 AM the day of your scheduled collection day.

22 Where should I put my brush/bulk items at the curb?  Your brush pile, separate bulk pile and your garbage container should all be at least 6 feet apart. There are three different automated collection vehicles involved in your collection and each requires 6 feet of space around the container or pile.

23 These items are placed too close together. There should be at least 6 feet between each pile, garbage container, and mailbox.

24 What if my items are not picked up on my scheduled collection day?  On extremely heavy collection days, it is possible that the collection crew might not complete the route. In this case, your items will be collected the following morning.

25 How much “stuff” can I put at the curb on my collection day?  There is no limit on what you can put out, however, only the first 6 cubic yards collectively will be picked up without a charge (six cubic yards is approximately a heaping pickup load). You will be charged a fee of $65 per each 6 cubic yards in excess of the first 6 cubic yards. The charge will appear on your monthly utility bill.

26 This picture shows approximately 24 cubic yards.

27 What if I have a small amount to set out – a bag of leaves and small cuttings?  Small amounts of brush/bulk items should be put in your roll-out garbage can, as space allows.

28 What if I have items to put out at a time other than my collection day?  You should keep the items away from the curb (in your backyard or garage) until the day before your collection day.

29 Can I get a “special pickup” at a time other than my scheduled collection day?  Yes. You can call 298-5725 to schedule a special pickup. There is a charge of $65 per 6 cubic yards.

30 What if I put items out at a time other than the day before or early the day of my scheduled collection day?  Any brush/bulk item placed within 8 feet of the curb is considered to be a “request for service”. These items will be picked up as an “out-of-cycle” collection and you will be charged a fee of $65 per 6 cubic yards.

31 What if I have professional tree trimmers coming to do tree cutting at my home?  You should specify in your early negotiations with tree trimmers that they are responsible for removing the limbs and brush at the conclusion of the job. If you time the completion of the work to coincide with your scheduled collection day and the brush is left at the curb, you will get 6 cubic yards free and pay for the remainder at $65 per 6 cubic yards. If the brush is left at the curb at any other time requiring an “out-of-cycle” collection, you will be charged $65 per 6 cubic yards for the entire pile.

32 Why do I have to separate brush from bulky items such as old furniture and appliances?  Clean brush can be taken to the BRA Wastewater Treatment Plant for composting. Brush mixed with bulky items has to go to the landfill resulting in a substantial cost in disposal fees and consuming valuable landfill space.

33 This picture shows a mixed brush and bulky item pile.

34 I understand that my brush and bulk items should be separated and at least 6 feet apart. What goes in the brush pile and what goes in the bulk pile?  Brush pile – brush, trimmings and limbs less than 8 inches in diameter ---  Bulk pile - old furniture, appliances, general clean up items and limbs and stumps over 8 inches in diameter.

35 Why do limbs and stumps in excess of 8 inches in diameter have to go to the landfill?  These large items are difficult to chip and can’t be included in the compost material.

36 What if I am physically unable to get my brush/bulk items to the curb?  You should contact your Church or other support group with which you are connected. If you are still unable to get help, call Solid Waste Services at 298- 5725 and we will work with you to solve the problem.

37 What if I have construction debris from remodeling or enlarging my home?  Make sure that your contractor is aware that he/she is responsible for the removal of all construction debris. If you are doing the repairs yourself, you should make arrangements with the City for a temporary construction container. Construction materials are not allowed in your residential container. Construction materials placed at the curb will be collected for a fee of $300 per 20 cubic yards.

38 Construction Debris – Fee $300/20cyds.

39 What if there is a storm that leaves broken limbs and brush in my yard?  If there is a documented storm or other event resulting in broken limbs and heavy brush debris, the City brush crews will be diverted to collect these items at no cost to you. When collection of the debris from the event is completed, the regular brush collection schedule, and charges, will be resumed.

40 Why should commercial tree trimmers register with the City?  Opens the door to communication between the professional, the City and the Resident;  Options for disposal of trimmings;  Help City crews to stay on schedule

41 Contact us  Please visit the City’s website at:  Call Solid Waste Services at: 254-298-5725

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