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Foreign affairs trouble the nation

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1 Foreign affairs trouble the nation
Chapter 6.2 Day One

2 MAIN IDEA: Events in Europe sharply divided the American public opinion in the late 18th century.
WHY IT MATTERS NOW: Foreign policy remains a key element of every presidential administration.

3 Background The French Revolution peaked when a group of French citizens stormed the Bastille in protest to the French monarchy (July 14, 1789) America was just beginning to explore how to deal for foreign affairs and many Americans remained Divided on the issue.

4 U.S. and French Bond Alliance created by the treaty of 1778
Agree on ideas of rebellion against a tyrannical monarchy The question grew as to whether or not the U.S. should support the French in this revolution

5 The French Revolution Evolves
The Jacobins took control during the revolution Beheaded the French king Louis XVL Declared war on other monarchs such as Great Britain Americans had mixed reactions to this revolution and the French excepted American support

6 U.S. Reactions Democratic Republicans wanted to honor the treaty of and support France Federalist wanted to support the British Washington would declare neutrality or support neither side in the conflict Edmond Ghent was a French diplomat sent to the U.S. to try and persuade American’s to support the revolution; he would be come an American Citizen when is poltical supports in France loose power

7 The U.S. and Spain Thomas Pinckney would meet with Spanish politicians to agree upon the treaty of San Lorenzo-- Spain agreed to: Allow American access to New Orleans as a shipping port Allow American travel on the Mississippi Gave all land eat of Mississippi and North of Florida to U.S. Declares the 31st parallel as the southern U.S. boundary

8 Your task: Based on any material cover in class list any conflicts you can think of that have divided American opinions from the start of the American Revolution through the French Revolution. List them in your notebook.

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