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Survive & Thrive Check-list I Classroom & Teaching Binder Marie Rogge

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1 Survive & Thrive Check-list I Classroom & Teaching Binder Marie Rogge

2 The scene … Three new EAL instructors who trained together for their TESOL meet at their first P.D. conference. “Hi, how are you guys?” “Great. I love my students, but when I look at their portfolios, I worry that I’m not as good as their last instructor. I’m always questioning if I know what I’m doing.” “Hey, I know what you mean. My colleagues are super. They give me stuff all the time, or I find something from evening class or in the photocopier. I don’t know how many times I’ve tossed my lesson plan.” “Yeah, and then they tell you all these great websites, and I spend more hours prepping than teaching. I love this job, but I don’t have a life.”

3 EAL instructors should “have a life” too, but the truth is that it is not so simple. With continuous intake, multi-level classes, no set curriculum and a flooded teacher market, the pressure to perform can creep in. Performing at the expense of one’s health, however, will end in no contract. Prepping until your salary works out to less than minimal wage will not earn you brownie points with family or friends. And if you are stressed in the class, your students will start to complain. What to do? I go down my Survive & Thrive check-list, put things in place for the coming year, teach my best and file everything else that comes along for next time. This is my way to “have a life” at my real home. I hope you have one too and feel free to make contact … you are on my list now. My scene …

4 Self-image Believe in yourself – you got the job! Act the part – even when you’re shaky! Give yourself time – don’t compare!

5 Classroom Management Use a plan vs. have a plan – keep it simple, but keep it. Authority vs. Authoritarian – there’s always one in the bunch. Empathize vs. Sympathize – transparent only to a point.

6 Staff Relations Take your breaks – students will wait. Find a mentor – show vs. tell. Share perspective – yours is a fresh one.

7 Keeping Fit Sleep well Eat healthy Keep smiling Walk/work it out Teach vs. Perform Balance all your priorities

8 You Deserve a Life Too …

9 Organize Your Classroom Bulletin boards/walls Prep table Student desks Coffee corner Cupboards Trays Student binder model Portfolio/portfolio case Equipment Whiteboard Teacher desk Files Office Supplies Resources

10 “ Welcome Home” Bulletin Board (special emphasis, calendar, newcomer maps, class wordles)

11 Prep Table (copies for the day/week, supplies needed) Teaching Notes Bulletin (writers’ workshop, mechanics, vocabulary, pronunciation, numeracy, etc.) World & Canada map, Essential Skills & CLB posters

12 T- tables (pair & small group) (Longmans Active Study, Oxford Picture Dictionary, Ventures student book, independent readers)

13 Reading Reference Material – Family, Health, Winnipeg Events Coffee Corner

14 Tourism Material – Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Prairies, Canada Hole punch, stapler, lost & found pencils, pencil sharpener

15 Cupboards (extra copies, texts, readers, coffee time, pens, scissors)

16 In/Out trays, Forms tray, Portfolio box, Student model binder

17 Student Binder Model/ Portfolio Folder

18 Portfolio Table of Contents #* PD LSRWTITLEDATE CLB * PD = Personal Data NAME: ____________________________ TERM START DATE: ____________________

19 Daily Schedule Homework Calendar/Announcements

20 Today’s Vocabulary

21 Organize material from left (morning) to right (afternoon) for each class

22 Portable Files: admin. & class to-do, day plan files, marking

23 Office supplies: baby shower, holidays, games, media, baking

24 Resources Teacher’s guide Answer keys Accompanying audio CD’s Photocopiable Class sets

25 Organize a Teaching Binder Yearly calendar Term calendar Monthly calendar Weekly schedule Day plan Attendance sheet Needs assessment Theme plan Assessment record Portfolio rubrics

26 Teaching Binder

27 Day Plan DATE:ADMINISTRATION:CLASS BUSINESS:HOMEWORK: 9:00 – 10:30 Talking Circles/Journal/Writers ’ Workshop/Portfolio/Theme: 10:30 – 10:45 Coffee Break 10:45 – 12:00 Theme: 12:00 – 12:30 Lunch Break 12:30 – 1:45 Readers ’ Theatre/Listeners ’ & Speakers ’ Corner/Computer: 1:45- 2:00 Coffee Break 2:00 – 3:00 Pronunciation/ Listeners ’ & Speakers ’ Corner/Computer: DAY PLAN

28 Yearly Calendar Holidays P.D. days Field trips Special events Staff meetings Administrative due dates Assessment due dates Team teaching dates Student birthdays

29 Term Calendar Yearly calendar dates Weekly schedule outline Tentative themes & timing Framework but flexible

30 Monthly Calendar Student copy Yearly calendar dates Weekly schedule outline Teach students to add weekly details

31 Weekly Schedule MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 1515 T.C. Journal W.W. Portfolio Theme Reading Pronunciation T.C./Journal Theme Reading Pronunciation T.C./Journal Theme Listeners’/ Speakers’ Corner T.C. Journal W.W. Portfolio Theme Computer Canada Day MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 1515 T.C. Journal W.W. Portfolio Theme Reading Pronunciation T.C./Journal Theme Reading Pronunciation T.C./Journal Theme Listeners’/ Speakers’ Corner T.C. Journal W.W. Portfolio Theme Computer Canada Day

32 Needs Assessment Theme needs - 3-4 two-three week themes = 10 week term Daily life needs - “real world” tasks CLB level needs - Level 3B is not 4B Settlement phase needs - culture shock or citizenship Class character needs - ethnicity, education, economics, energy, etc.

33 Theme Plan What themes? class needs assessment; stage/team planning What skills? Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary What 9 essential skills? What “real world" tasks? What resources, guests, field trips? What portfolio assessment? (i.e. 5 assessments/skill/10 weeks = 2/week min.)


35 Rubrics Name, Date CLB Level & Skill Task title Theme/module Task type/competency focus Preparation Task Follow-up Outcome on task: Beginning, Developing, Completing, Exceeding

36 Simple Portfolio Rubrics

37 Tailored Portfolio Rubric

38 Survive & Thrive Checklist Part II: Teaching Ideas A-Z, Canada Day Fridays

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