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Amelia Earhart Middle School Binder Reminder/ Discipline Assembly 2009-2010.

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1 Amelia Earhart Middle School Binder Reminder/ Discipline Assembly 2009-2010

2 Names to Know Principal – Mr. Kells Assistant Principal – Mrs. Brown Counselors – – Mrs. Emett – A – LEE – Mrs. Orsbun – LEF - Z Plant Manager – Mr. Jimenez Campus Supervisors – – Ms. Rubi – Mrs. Huckabee – Mr. Castro – Mrs. Burns

3 Attendance School starts at 7:30- This means in the classroom by 7:30!!! When you are absent you must either have you parent call to report your absence or bring a note to the office. This MUST be done within 3 days or it becomes a truancy! Truancy Not in class or at school when you should be. Consequence Saturday School STOP Our first bell rings at 7:25am. You should be plan to be on campus by 7:15am!! Being Tardy excessively can lead to Tuesday School, Saturday School and even suspension!!! Strategies Routines, cross-campus short cuts, walk and talk

4 Attendance Perfect Attendance: Donut Delivery Hawk Tickets/ Monthly Drawings Trimester rewards. Singh Chevrolet.

5 Lunch and Breakfast No food or drink past red lines Use Trash Cans Good citizenship and behavior expected You must have pass to cross red lines during lunch

6 Transportation Bus Behave on bus or you will lose privilege of riding. Consequences may be issued at school for poor behavior on the bus Bike (Need a Permit)-Permit Available in the office Must ride with a Helmet-State law Parents Student Safety – Drop off loops only – No U turns Feet Use crosswalks Transportation NOT allowed Scooters Skateboards Roller blades

7 Library Hours – 7:10am to 3:00pm Printers available to print homework – must be in Rich Text Computers for internet Searches Magazines, books, and newspapers Outstanding Book fines keep you from – Dances – 8 th Grade Trip – Receiving Your Promotion Certificate – Receiving your Yearbook Book Fines for late books and damaged books – Water damage – Torn Pages – Written or highlighted – Corner Damage – Pet Damage

8 Counselors Request an appointment – Mrs. Hoffman Two Counselors – – Mrs. Emett Last Names A – Lee – Mrs. Orsbun last names Lef- Z Conflict Resolution – Binder Reminder

9 General Rules Items prohibited from school: – TV’s, electronic games or cartridges, IPods, CD Players, MP3 Player, cameras, video cameras, pagers, PSP, – Cell Phones ( Must be in backpack and turned off until end of 7 th period) 1 st Offense – Referral – Detention 2 nd Offense – Referral – Saturday School 3 rd offense and subsequent Offenses – STOP, In school suspension, Suspension from School. – Markers (permanent, Sharpie)- When taken they will only be returned to a parent – Laser Pens – Party Flyers- Must be individual invitations only

10 Additional Items prohibited from school: Marbles Water balloons Guns, knives or any type of weapon Poppers Stink bombs Lighters/matches “Any other object that is determined to detract from the educational process.”

11 Gum!!!!! Not allowed, EVER! Consequences immediately!

12 Public Displays of Affection No Kissing No arms around shoulders No Squeezing

13 Fighting Self Defense Mutual combat Consequences Riverside Police Department

14 Dress Code It is important students dress in a safe, modest fashion. Decisions regarding student appearance are made in the best interest of students.

15 This is School – Not a party

16 No low cut shirts or showing undergarments or Pajamas

17 No Spaghetti Strap Tops- no exposed under garments

18 No midriff- No tummies No off the Shoulder Sleeves

19 Rule of thumb … Shorts and skirts must reach the thumb – Clothing with holes must also be below the thumb (the holes)!!

20 No emblems, printing, lettering or pictures related to: Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, Profanity, Sex or Gangs on anything at school #$#%&*@%

21 No jewelry/accessory that creates a safety hazard.- Anything with spikes is not allowed!

22 No Flip Flops

23 Hats must be worn with Brim forward and not while inside

24 No “ Do ” Rags and Bandanas Beanies may only be worn during inclement weather

25 No Sagging - Pants must stay up without a belt. This is also inclusive of PE – no sagging allowed there either!!!

26 Students may not wear clothing of the same type or color in order to intimidate other students, to represent a gang, or give the impression that their group represents a gang. You may only wear PE clothes during your PE class period.

27 Dress Code Consequences 1 st – verbal warning /change clothes 2 nd – lunch detention/change clothes 3 rd – 3 lunch detentions/change clothes/parent contact Subsequent – Tuesday School, Saturday School, Suspension/change clothes/parent contact 1 st – verbal warning /change clothes 2 nd – lunch detention/change clothes 3 rd – 3 lunch detentions/change clothes/parent contact Subsequent – Tuesday School, Saturday School, Suspension/change clothes/parent contact

28 Zero Tolerance Sexual Harassment Defiance Fighting Possession of Illegal substances Possession of weapons

29 Incentive Programs at Earhart Hawk Tickets Monthly Super Hawk Awards Team Recognition Perfect Attendance Hawk Gold Cards Lunch with Administration A Awards

30 LOSS OF PRIVILEGES Yearbook Signing Dances World’s Fair 8 th Grade Picnic Promotion

31 Sexual Harassment If it makes another person feel uncomfortable, then it is inappropriate: – Verbal – Written – Physical Important to report immediately to: (as opposed to two or three months later) – Teacher – Administrator – Counselor – Other adult on campus

32 BULLYING- NO TOLERANCE  Bullying occurs when one or more students threaten, harass or intimidates another student through words, or actions including:  Direct contact such as hitting or shoving  Verbal assaults such as teasing or name calling  Socially isolating or manipulating a student  Writing/posting threats or harassment on the internet or through cellular telephone text messages. STUDENTS WHO VIOLATE THIS POLICY MAY BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINE UP TO AND INCLUDING EXPLUSION Refer to student handbook for bully reporting form

33 Standing up for your rights: Difference between tattling and telling Important issues that threaten your safety, or your ability to come to school and not be harassed, must be reported. – Report these violations to the counselor, an Assistant Principal, teacher, or another adult on campus. – Continue to report violations to an adult until someone responds to your concerns.

34 Other Binder Reminder Resources Cornell Notes Pages Internet Resources Subject Area Resources PASS record… must be with you when you are out of class!!!! If called out of class with a green pass – Bring Binder Reminder with you!!!

35 Questions ????

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