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Strength, Tolerance, Responsibility, Integrity and Knowledge.

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1 Strength, Tolerance, Responsibility, Integrity and Knowledge

2 The staff at Depoali feels that the students will have the Strength and Responsibility to dress appropriately. The goal at KDMS is to create an environment conducive to learning and appropriate for an educational setting. Please refer to the dress code in your planner.

3 Shoulders must be covered, no tank tops or open back shirts Shirts with sleeves are appropriate

4 Students may wear shorts and skirts, however length must be appropriate. Shorts and skirts need to be below mid-thigh

5 Pants must be pulled up to the waist and cover under garments




9 Clothing which displays obscene words, pictures or designs, any article which conveys a sexually suggestive, vulgar, demeaning or inflammatory remark, an alcohol message, a tobacco and /or drug related message, or is symbolic of gangs or disruptive groups. Dog collars, chains, wallet chains, safety pins, spike jewelry, or fishhooks worn as jewelry, accessories or ornamentation. No hats or backpacks once in building.

10 All Students will enter the office through the counseling door and check in with the student aide who will direct them to the appropriate area. At the end of the day students will exit doors off of main street, not the grey doors by office.

11 Backpacks put away by 7:30 and remain in locker until 2:00 Use the bike lane and wear a helmet on the way to and from school. Lock your bikes and place them in the bike rack. Walk bikes when using the crosswalks. Please use the integrity to enter the building for breakfast only if you are eating or have a self manager badge. Use the strength to get to class on time, prepared and in your advisory before 7:30

12 Be to school on time and in your seat by 7:30. Between classes please use the 4 minutes to get all materials and to class on time. After lunch you have 7 minutes to get to your class on time. Food needs to remain in the cafeteria. Lunchboxes ONLY are to be dropped off and picked up each day on your way back in from lunch on the shelves by gym. Take responsibility to clean up after yourself, clean up near your locker area. Clean out your locker once per quarter.

13 If you have earned detention you must attend detention first then go to the cafeteria to purchase your lunch. 6 th grade eat first then go to room 134 Walk in the hallways and on main street. Be safe in the crowded halls. Use the gate to retrieve any balls that go over the fence. Play safe, without any physical aggression or behavior.

14 Strength: Give your best effort and seek assistance from an adult to STRIKE out ALL failing grades school wide. Tolerance: Be positive with all people including yourself, give your best effort when attempting things that are new or difficult. Responsibility: Complete all homework and class work, have planner out to earn signatures, show parents nightly. Integrity: Complete your own work, honor the efforts others have done to complete their work, cite your sources, and always do your best and take pride in your work. Knowledge: Be an active participant in your learning, check your IC grades weekly. Empathy: Stop and consider your actions and how they may effect others in the learning environment. Make sure all students are able to learn.

15 Integrity: Do the right thing STOP, WALK, and TALK. Please tell others to STOP when you see them bothering another student. WALK away to ensure it stops. Then TALK and report any concerning situations (bullying, arguments, possible fights, or any other unsafe situation), dont be a bystander, stand up for yourself and others! If you are having a conflict with another student, please find an adult and request a mediation. Empathy: Always seek to understand the feelings of others and how your actions and words towards others would have made you feel.

16 ALL STUDENTS WHO HAVE PERFECT ATTENDANCE WILL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAWING PROVIDED BY LEADERSHIP FOR A HUGE PRIZE!! By law all students must attend school for 90% of the school year. This means you may only miss 18 days in a year or you will be retained. When absent you are responsible for completing all make-up work or absences may be considered unexcused. Please make sure your parents call in or write you a note for any absences. Attendance is the first step in getting a quality education, if you are here your teachers are prepared to teach you so you are successful! We would love to see you everyday by 7:23!

17 Not only do our Depoali students walk on the right, they do the right thing even when no one else is watching. We are proud of the way our Depoali students take care of each other and show their tolerance of differences by treating each other with respect and empathy.

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