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College of the Desert. » Fill out the survey at the end of this Orientation in order to receive credit for it. » Keep your syllabus handy throughout Orientation.

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1 College of the Desert

2 » Fill out the survey at the end of this Orientation in order to receive credit for it. » Keep your syllabus handy throughout Orientation and semester

3 » Michelle Richards Coordinator » Sandi Lydeen Administrative Assistant » John Jaramillo Dean » 760-862-1344 » Business Building, Room 1K » » (click: Programs, Work Experience) » Best time to reach us is Mon-Fri, 8-1, while school is in session (office closed during breaks)

4 » The purpose of Work Experience is to enable students to integrate their classroom learning with the real world of work… » Earn transferrable units » Gain hands-on experience » Discover interests and abilities » Become more marketable » Become a better employee » Create a more powerful resume » Increase chances for promotion, raises & positive references to future opportunities

5 » Jobs, internships and resume templates at:

6 » Occupational Work Experience (i.e. ACR, AGEH, AUTO, BUMA, NR) *Your declared COD major MUST align with your job field in order to register in Occupation WE 1-8 units/semester(permission needed for 5+) » General Work Experience (WEG) Your major can be unrelated to your job 1- 6 units/semester(permission needed for 4+) » Maximum of 16 units in Occupational &/or General combined » Units count toward general electives &/or within certain academic programs as a requirement &/or an elective » Units are transferrable to the CSU system but not the UC » May only take one Work Experience class/semester » Registration changes must be done according to Add/Drop deadlines » Students may repeat the class in future semesters but objectives need to be different &/or expanded

7 » Turn in Application & Directions/Availability pages to receive an add code… then register right away

8 » Application required in the WE Office to receive an add code » Login to Web Advisor » Click: Express Registration & Add Codes » Fill in the following as listed: Synonym = Section Number (4 numbers) Subject = leave blank Course Number = 095A, 095B, 095C, 095D, 095F, etc. Section Number = same 4 numbers as synonym Term = select appropriate term Click: Submit » Check Register Add Code = type in the number given to you by the Work Experience Office » Log out and log back in to make sure you are registered


10 » Start keeping track of your hours on the first day of the session (16 week or 12 week) » You must meet the minimum number of hours in order to receive a passing grade: 75 hours/unit if in a paid position or 60 hours/unit if unpaid » Hours are tracked monthly. Each number in the grid represents a day of the month » Your last timesheet will be due before the last day of finals week. Project your last hours for the semester » Make sure you double check your addition » Explain how you are progressing at the bottom » Employer and Student signatures are required » Turn into your WE Instructor or WE Office by deadline (usually around the 7 th of the month)

11 » 1 st Counseling Session: Schedule immediately (20 min appt. on campus with your assigned Work Experience Instructor) » Think ahead as you will need to come up with 3 measurable learning objectives to make you (must be new &/or expanded duties): A better employee More marketable Learn new skills Work on a project Elevate your current level » What would your supervisor suggest you do, what did your last evaluation say, what would get you the next raise or promotion, etc. » This is the biggest part of the class so make it be something you really want to do and that will enhance your current level, skills, abilities and knowledge

12 » 1 st Job Site Visit: schedule immediately (At your job site with you, your supervisor & your WE Instructor) » Takes about 20 minutes » Talk to your supervisor about your learning objectives ahead of time and make sure he/she is aware of the meeting » Give your supervisor the memo on COD letterhead ahead of time » Officially decide on your learning objectives and sign an Agreement

13 » 2 nd Counseling Session is a form of checking in with your WE Instructor on campus (about 20 min) » You will discuss: Your progress on your learning objectives How much time you need before completing them How many hours you need Troubleshoot if needed Deadline reminders

14 » Arrange 2 nd Job Site Visit with you, your supervisor & your WE Instructor (takes about 20 minutes) » Be ready to be graded on your 3 learning objectives » Provide hard copies of your learning objectives to your supervisor ahead of time (if applicable) » Schedule as early as possible

15 » Choose ONE of the options listed in your syllabus » Typical options: 1. True Colors Personality Assessment Workshop (Reserve your seat with the WE Office) 2. Soft Skills Assessment & Improvement Plan (Typed 1-2 page summary and plan) 3. Professional Resume (template available at

16 » Reflection paper is where you pull everything together and summarize your accomplishments » Typed, 1-2 pages, 1” margins, double spaced, 12 point font » Restate your learning objectives and describe how you progressed, what you accomplished, how you grew, whether they were good objectives, etc. » State why this class was of benefit and why

17 » Grades are issued as letter grades (90, 80, 70% just like most other college classes) » Total Points possible = 415 » A 415-373 pts (90%) » B 372-332 pts (80%) » C 331-290 pts (70%) » D 289-249 pts (60%) » F 248 pts & below (50%) » You must account for the minimum number of paid/unpaid hours as required by the course you signed up for to receive a passing grade » A minimum of 2 points/day are subtracted for late assignments (number of points varies between requirements) » Students are responsible for completing all assignments and arranging/attending all meetings

18 » Notify your WE Instructor if your job status/location or personal information changes » Instructor may not drop students so be sure to drop if that is your intention » Talk to Michelle if you need an approved accommodation » Email directs to your account. Check it regularly or have if forwarded to another account » Refer to your syllabus often » Complete the survey on the next slide>

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