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The Ins and Outs ofInternshipsThe Ins and Outs ofInternshipsThe Ins and Outs ofInternshipsThe Ins and Outs ofInternships.

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1 The Ins and Outs ofInternshipsThe Ins and Outs ofInternshipsThe Ins and Outs ofInternshipsThe Ins and Outs ofInternships

2 Considering an Internship?


4 An intern is… A student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training. An internship is an opportunity to integrate career related experience into an undergraduate education by participating in planned, supervised work.

5 cooperative education practicum externship apprenticeship and Clinical experience, student teaching

6 Internships Vary Across the University Paid or unpaid Required or optional Credit or no credit 5 hours a week to 40 hours a week: fulltime or part-time During the Summer, Fall Winter or Spring Semesters Off campus or on


8 It's hard to land a job without having done the job. –Internships are not only a crucial way to bridge that experience gap, they've become an expectation for companies. –According to The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ recent survey, employers reported 39% of their entry-level hires from the Class of 2010 came from their own internship programs.

9 Each department determines and publishes eligibility for internship credit. –Criteria may include GPA, number of hours completed or class rank.

10 Awarded during the semester that the internship is completed. Earned in the department most clearly aligned with the experience. Get approval BEFORE you start your internship

11 An ACADEMIC INTERNSHIP IS... On-site learning experience Related to student’s major/interest Planned ahead of time Student receives credit Student has academic responsibilities too Student is supervised on-site & by faculty

12 Each department will determine the grading system used –either P/F or letter grades.

13 Cooperating Employer - University, industry or government, agency, business or organization that has agreed to participate in the internship program and whose participation has been agreed to by the department. Faculty Supervisor - faculty member who supervises the student’s internship experience. Such person should be knowledgeable in the area of work in which the student is gaining experience, and may or may not be the student’s advisor or departmental coordinator. Departmental Coordinator - department head or person designated by same, who coordinates activities of all internships in that academic department.

14 Initiate Participation - discuss their intention with your advisor at least one semester prior to the internship Prepare Resume Find Internship Complete paperwork

15 CheckCheck with your academic adviser VisitVisit Career Services ReadRead Your Internship Alerts AccessAccess websites AttendAttend job fairs ContactContact the Chamber of Commerce of the city where you would like to work. NetworkNetwork DesignDesign your own internship-find a company that interests you but that doesn't have an internship program

16 Finding an Internship

17 Each employer has its own application process –So find out that application procedure –When is the deadline? –What will the employer need from you to make your application complete? –Start early.

18 Procedures to get Signed-up Submit an application for internship participation to the faculty supervisor or Departmental Coordinator. Register and pay tuition and fees in the semester in which the internship is being completed. IF you will be away for fall or spring semester, notify the University

19 During the Internship, you will typically… Submit progress reports to the faculty supervisor Submit an evaluative final report Write/present additional assignments and/or specific on- site projects Participate in seminar(s) to exchange ideas and experiences between fellow interns and faculty

20 ResumeResume WorkshopsWorkshops Mock InterviewsMock Interviews

21 Remember, Internships make you Happy!

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