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FACULTY OF ARTS TRANSITION TO WORK Faculty of Arts Co-operative Education Program.

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1 FACULTY OF ARTS TRANSITION TO WORK Faculty of Arts Co-operative Education Program

2 CONGRATULATIONS! Forward Copy of Letter of Offer to Coordinator CreateWork Term Sequence in CareerLink CareerLink NEXT STEPS – COOP OFFICE Send Welcome Letter to Employer Register you in Co-op Course NEXT STEPS - STUDENT

3 Once Registered in a Co-op Course the University Considers you a Full Time Student You will be Assessed One Half Course Fee You are Allowed to Register into one Academic Courses - although this must not interfere with your work schedule STUDENT STATUS

4 Necessary for every placement To be completed within 2 weeks of start date Guidelines and submission through Blackboard Should follow SMART format Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Relevant/ Time Bound LEARNING GOALS

5 SITE VISIT A meeting with Coordinator, Student, Employer, usually separately, to ensure success of placement and address any concerns To be scheduled by student mid-way through each four month placement Appointment times will be available through CareerLink and should be at convenience of supervisor

6 STUDENT WORK TERM ASSIGNMENTS Reflective Analysis Report Post Work Term Skills Assessment Part A&B – Optional PowerPoint Slides (2-3) (for Integrative Session) Updated Resume All Assignment Guidelines on Blackboard Due last day semester of work term (Dec 31, Apr 30, Aug 31)

7 EMPLOYER REQUIREMENTS Completion of online evaluation - link to be sent by Co-op Coordinator Evaluation due last day of semester- April 30, August 31, December 31 Student must receive a minimum of satisfactory to receive Credit grade for term

8 INTEGRATIVE SESSION Mandatory Component of Work Term Scheduled, in CareerLink, within 2 weeks of end of each semester This is an opportunity for all Co-op students to share experiences and NETWORK Event is scheduled in early evening and pizza and pop are provided

9 OUT OF TOWN PLACEMENTS Determine accommodations needs and make travel arrangements asap Review and arrange any necessary travel/visa/work permits Maintain existing support network via Skype, phone, email Develop new network with co-workers, new contacts

10 FINICIAL CONSIDERATIONS Student Loans – if on a placement of over 4 months contact (Finance and Awards) to advise of Work Placement and confirm student status Scholarships and Awards - confirm any changes as a result of Co-op Placement Parking – reserve your spot if necessary Opt- in –complete these options as per each regular academic semester

11 ON THE JOB Transition from school to work can be uncomfortable and stressful The first days/weeks are a huge change from student to employee Everyone takes time to adjust Although everything is new at first you will adjust and start to know your role Use a notebook to take notes to help limit asking the same questions!

12 FIRST DAYS Bring ID/SIN#, banking information Confirm hours of work, dress code Determine how appointments, sick days to be handled If flex-time offered be sure to be available when supervisor or team works Read, sign and follow any confidentiality agreements Make a good impression – smile, eye contact, shake hands and try to remember names!

13 Communicate with supervisor, in person or via email Ask for and respond to feedback If work not challenging use initiative to suggest additional tasks If workload overwhelming let supervisor know you are challenged with meeting deadlines Accept projects and challenges but be sure to meet commitments and keep supervisor up to date with any setbacks SUCCESS AT WORK

14 Always read before hitting send, and include any attachments Use clear and descriptive subject lines Sign off formally following format used by organization Keep content brief and organized in paragraphs Organize Inbox by utilizing folder system No emoticons or slang Reply and acknowledge emails asap EMAIL ETIQUETTE

15 NEW ENVIRONMENT Observe and follow office business etiquette No personal communication, facebook, etc during work hours Ensure adherence to all FOIP rules and regulations

16 Take advantage of opportunity to meet new people – clients, co-workers in other departments If invited, attend any social, volunteer or training events to get to know your team When appropriate, ask about other areas and departments of interest and any potential professional activities NETWORKING

17 Managing Working Receiving Feedback Handling Conflict If you have any concerns contact your Coordinator – don’t wait till the site visit Co-op Coordinators are your support for a successful placement COMMOM CHALLENGES

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