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Meet and Greet The DGE’s English Language Department, Accounts Receivable and Club Account Services International Convention, Toronto, Canada July 2014.

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1 Meet and Greet The DGE’s English Language Department, Accounts Receivable and Club Account Services International Convention, Toronto, Canada July 2014

2 Don’t get buried by the “Stack!” The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done!

3 We Support the DG Team For both your concerns and celebrations  Manage District Cabinet and Chairpersons  Support Healthy Clubs  Guiding Lions  Maximize Budget  Earn Club and DG Team Excellence Awards  Presidential Quarterly Zone/Region Chair Awards

4 Manage Your Team in MyLCI

5  Report Cabinet Officers and Chairpersons Cabinet Secretary and Treasurer One-Year Chairpersons Zone and Region Structure Zone/Region Chairpersons  CONTACT INFORMATION of DG Team (DG, 1VDG, 2VDG) Changes – Contact Your Coordinator Filling the District Cabinet

6  VACANCIES – First and Second Vice District Governor Contact your coordinator Hold the Special meeting Send documents and Biography forms to coordinators Approved officer is entered into system  DG Team Members are recorded by LCI staff

7 Supporting Club Health  Visit clubs early to assess health of clubs Club Health Assessment Report District Governor Re-Cap Service Activity Reports from MyLCI Pre-prepare you VR reports and USE the Comments section to note any issues or concerns about a club’s health

8 Club Status Changes  What if a club is not healthy? When is Status Quo appropriate? Chapter V – Board Policy Manual – reasons for Status Quo: 1.Conduct 2.Inactive- not meeting obligation of a club 3.Non-existent or fictitious 4.Disbanding 5.Club mergers 6.Non-payment of district or multiple district dues.

9 Club Status Changes  Status Quo Policy has changed Requests must be received 90 days or more prior to the district and/or multiple district conventions.  No longer December 31 deadline Within the guideline above, a request for Status Quo may be submitted at any time of the fiscal year.

10 How to Maintain Good Standing Clubs  Welcome from Melinda Plott  Accounts Receivable and Club Account Services  Responsible for : Oversight of billing Review and application of and reconciliation of payments. Maintenance of Suspension Process.

11 Good Standing Clubs  Good Standing Amendment from July, 2013  Chapter V Clubs Paragraph B1 Good Standing is one: a. Which is not in "status quo or financial suspension"; b. Which operates in accordance with the provisions of the International Constitution and By-Laws and International Board Policy; c. Which has: 1) District (Single, Sub-and Multiple) dues and fees paid in full; and 2) No unpaid balance of International dues and fees greater than U.S.$10; and 3) No unpaid Lions Club International account balance greater than U.S.$50, outstanding ninety (90) days or more.

12 Clubs in Financial Suspension Clubs on suspension shall not: (a)Conduct service activities (b) Conduct fund raising activities; (c) Participate in district and multiple district functions or seminars; (d) Participate in any voting procedures outside of the club (e) Endorse or nominate a candidate for district, multiple district and international office; (f) Submit Monthly Membership Report and report forms; (g) Sponsor a Lions club, or organize a Leo or a Lioness club.

13 Why is Financial Suspension necessary? Why is Financial Suspension necessary?  Prior to suspension, clubs with balances over $1,000 were placed on SQ and canceled.  Many clubs were lost because they could not pay the larger balances.  Smaller clubs accumulated balances for several years before being placed on SQ and were lost.

14 OK, So how can clubs avoid Financial Suspension?  It’s easy!!! Really it is!!!  Suspension is predicable and the trend was flat over the past two years.  If it’s predictable, then it is avoidable.

15 Predictable?

16 OK, So let’s work to avoid cancellation!! How?  Great tools are available on MyLCI. Clubs can gain access, but they must register!!  You can help by encouraging clubs to register, especially the treasurer.  Online payments are easy and efficient. You can opt out of receiving paper statements too.

17 Information on MyLCI

18 What do I need to know?  Suspension is the highest in November and May.  Make sure you review the DG RECAP emailed each month, especially in September and March.  Clubs should pay their balances before month-end.  Encourage clubs to register and view MyLCI.

19 What do I need to know (continued)?  Encourage club secretaries to view membership prior to dues billing at the least in June and December.  Maintain membership regularly.  Clubs must be in Good Standing to participate in local elections.  Dues billing must not exceed US$10 or US$50 over 90 days.

20 Any changes this year?  Canadian ACH was introduced in July.  Euro ACH will be introduced as a payment option this year.  Pay Pal is coming.

21 What else?  Be prepared for stricter rules involving suspension, effective July, 2015.  Cancellation greater than two times will enable clubs to reactive.  So…

22 Let’s work together to avoid Suspension  Get clubs registered online  Review DG RECAPS Regularly  Use available tools online to review membership and payments.  Contact us if you need assistance. Thank you! Melinda Plott X6878

23 Club Status Changes  Priority Club Status Retain all rights and responsibilities Measurable progress required to remain priority Up to five clubs allowed per district CGL assigned for 2 years

24 Certified Guiding Lion Program  Certify through self study or group Renew every 3 years  Club assignments A CGL may serve only 2 clubs at a time The term of service is 2 years

25 Reimbursement Policy  “Rules of Audit” is now “Reimbursement of Expenses Policy” Board Policy Manual, Chapter IX, Paragraph C. Filing Deadline – 60 days past due date Visitation Reports required for all claimed events  Signatures requirements Not required for DG Claims (except India) Signatures are required of both officers if other than DG completes visits and expense claim Use writable “pdf “ files

26 Expense Reporting  Tips to maximize the budget: One annual visit for each club Second visits require prior written permission Priority clubs qualify for 2 additional visits without permission 3 multiple district events 4 district events

27 Club Building Awards Club Rebuilding AwardCertified Guiding Lion

28  Club Excellence and District Governor Team Award Applications Due date is September 30, 2015 Report all officers in MyLCI to ensure their eligibility to receive an award as a member of the District Team  See website for early application criteria!  Awards from the 2013-2014 fiscal year will be mailed to YOU for presentation Excellence Awards 2014-2015

29 Leadership Succession (Convention)  Report 2014/2015 Convention Date! Timely creation of certified list  Immediately after convention – REPORT Results Convention Report – DA 20 confirms the results of your election Biography Forms - Incoming DG, 1VDG, 2VDG Minutes of convention

30 We also Support  Redistricting Proposals  Single Club Transfers  Club Name Changes  Club Mergers  All of the Forms You Need are in the Member Center/Managing a District/District Resource Center

31 English Language Department Team Esther Ancira – North American Coordinator X 6776 Chandra Ramaswamy – Oceana Coordinator X 6750 Debbie Schaubel – Service Clerk X 6865 Debra Richey – Service Clerk X 6810 Vivian Oliva – Data Specialist X 6745 Ann Laube – Manager X 6889 Rochelle Jordan – Department Assistant Telephone: 630-468-6919 Fax: 630-706-9273 E-mail:

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