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Bachelor’s Program Course 121 Elective club president.

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1 Bachelor’s Program Course 121 Elective club president

2 Bachelor’s Program
Required Courses: 101 Lions History 102 Lions Club Structure 103 Club Success 104 Effective Club Meetings 105 Dynamic Community Service Projects 106 Club Governance 107 Building Club Membership 108 Member Motivation 109 Conflict Resolution 110 Public Relations Electives (at least 5) 121 Club President 122 Club Secretary 123 Club Finances 124 Membership Committee 125 Your Board, Your Team 126 Mentoring and Orienting New Members 127 Tail-Twisting 128 Club Fun 129 Lions Clubs International Foundation 130 Beyond Your Club

3 Objectives To know and understand: The duties of your position
How to plan for your year The leadership expectations Where to find resources How to enjoy your year

4 Role & Duties of the President
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Call and preside at Club, Board of Directors and special meetings Appoint Committee Chairs, members Ensure regular elections are called and held Attend Cabinet, Zone & Region meetings Report at Zone Meetings

5 Role of the President (continued)
As Chief Executive Officer, authority in the club is not absolute! Authority comes from: Club as a whole Club Constitution and By-laws International Constitution and By-Laws Club Board of Directors

6 What is the Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors consists of: President Immediate Past President Vice Presidents Secretary Treasurer 2 Year & 1 Year Directors Membership Chairperson Tail Twister (optional) Lion Tamer (optional) Club Branch Coordinator (if applicable)

7 Role of Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the Club’s Management Committee

8 Duties of Board of Directors
Review and refer all new business appropriately; shape new policy Approve expenditures; arrange for audit Approve financial institution; Bonding Maintain two separate accounts –Administrative (Lions) money and Activity (Public) money Modify, overrule or rescind Officer actions Support Board of Directors decisions

9 Duties of Vice Presidents
Understand President’s role and duties Oversee committees as assigned Help committee chairs set goals Develop job descriptions for committees

10 Duties of Vice Presidents (continued)
Help Chairs learn meeting management Act as a resource for Chairs Ex-officio member of assigned committees May report on behalf of committees

11 Planning Before your term begins you should:
Understand member motivation and needs Review Club Officers Team Manual Participate in District or Multiple District events, conventions, meetings, etc. Participate in Club Officer training

12 Planning (continued) Be familiar with:
Your Club or (Standard Form) Lions Club Constitution and By-Laws (LA-2) District Constitution and By-Laws International Constitution and By-Laws (LA-1)

13 Start Early. . . Right After Election
Permission from current club President Meet with incoming Officers Appoint Chairs and committee members Everyone ready to start July 1 If replacing someone, talk to them

14 Secretary and Treasurer Duties
Meet to discuss: Record keeping Financial, Member, Minutes, Committees, etc. Reporting Board of Directors, Club, District, LCI Signing authority Bonding

15 Treasurer Duties Establish two accounts
Administration – “Lions’ money” – dues, fines, 50/50 etc. Activity - public money – all funds raised from public and NEVER used for Lions’ benefit Budget – Finance Committee

16 Resources Working with Officers and Committees:
Lions Learning Center – Delegation Lions Learning Center – Coaching Finances: Lions University Course 123 – Club Finances

17 Meetings

18 The President Issues call for all meetings
Prepares the Agenda with Secretary Presides over meetings Reviews Minutes pre-distribution

19 Why an Agenda? Meetings begin and end on time Meetings are productive
Meetings are orderly Members are informed Issues are not overlooked

20 Preparing the Agenda Work with Secretary, Vice Presidents, Committee Chairs Review past meeting minutes Send out agenda prior to meeting (Secretary) Have copies at meeting (Secretary) This is your blueprint for productive and effective meetings

21 Effective Meetings LCI Resources Lions University
Meeting Management course in the Lions Learning Center Download and review the document Time Management Techniques Lions University Course 104 – Effective Club Meetings

22 Parliamentary Procedure
“A body of rules followed by an assembly.” Call to order; kinds of motions; debate; voting; table, rescind, reconsider motions; recognize speakers, etc. An example of Parliamentary Procedure is Robert's Rules of Order click on FAQ’s

23 Never Go to a Meeting Without:
Minutes of all previous meetings Agenda Officer and Committee lists Constitution & By-laws Robert’s Rules of Order District Directory Being prepared to handle the issues After the meeting, use a follow up check list AND start working on the next Agenda

24 Group Interaction As the President or VP presides over meetings, there may be times when conflict arises. Remember: The President or VP is the standing authority and must understand how to manage these types of situations.

25 Resources Learn how to manage group interaction
The Lions Learning Center course Conflict Resolution Lions University Course # 109 Conflict Resolution Be familiar with the LCI’s Dispute Resolution Guidelines for conflicts requiring mediation.

26 Committees

27 Committees Appoint Standing (permanent) and Special (single issue/limited time period) Committee Chairs and members Work with Vice Presidents to select Chairs/Members Assign Vice Presidents to oversee; assist; mentor; report - but not take over

28 Committees (continued)
Match members’ interests, skills and knowledge to assignments Bring in some “New Blood” Provide job description/old records Regular reporting

29 Committees (continued)
Communicate regularly with Committee Chairs via Vice Presidents Keeps you in the loop Aware of progress/problems/achievements Keeps committee focused Don’t overlook follow-up Ex-officio, so attend at least one meeting

30 Resources Review the Committee list (should be in Club records)
Review the members’ applications for interests Lions Learning Center courses Effective Teams, Valuing Member Diversity Lions University Course # 108 Member Motivation

31 Officer Elections Ensure elections comply with Constitution and By-Laws Oversee elections – or delegate Ensure the process is open and meets deadlines Review (Standard) Club C&BL’s (LA2) By-laws Article lll Sections 1 - 8

32 Officer Elections (continued)
Appoint Nominating Committee They submit slate of candidates Nominations from the floor are permissible Hold election – announce results after election Secretary submits Lions Club Officer Report on MyLCI by May 15th

33 Communication Within your Club: Club bulletin/e-mail
District activities/newsletters Multiple District, LCI/LCIF activities Ensure Committees report to Board of Directors/Club Publish Club and Board of Directors Minutes

34 Communication (continued)
Outside your Club: Establish who will respond to what Secretary? Committee Chair/Vice President? President? Be sure you are made aware of all requests for assistance, etc. Follow-up with responder

35 Communication (continued)
Appoint a good Public Relations Chair Resources: LCI website for sample press releases, public service announcements, etc. Lions University Course #110 Public Relations Send articles/pictures to local news media Create a website or Facebook page; use E-clubhouse, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

36 Leadership Members look to the President for leadership. This includes guidance, motivation and help solving problems.

37 Leadership (continued)
Build a shared vision among Club members Guide/encourage members toward reaching Club goals and personal goals Provide leadership opportunities Be aware of leadership training Encourage attendance at training

38 Leadership (continued)
Develop a Mentoring Program Every member has an important role to fill Lead by example

39 Resources People : Lions Learning Center course Developing Leaders
Past Presidents, Officers, experienced Lions Global Membership Team, Global Leadership Team, Zone/Region Chairs, District Governor, Vice District Governors, Past District Governors Lions Learning Center course Developing Leaders

40 Ending the Year Transition to the next leadership team
Organize records (review with Board) Meet and transfer (meet with new Officers) Discuss transitional projects Ensure proper communication for ongoing projects

41 Recognition Recognize your Lions and others for their hard work and dedication: Melvin Jones Fellowship/Progressive MJF LCIF Contributing Member Pin District Awards Club Awards

42 Review of Objectives The duties of your position
How to plan for your year The leadership expectations Where to find resources How to enjoy your year

43 To receive credit, Register or Login to http://www. LionsUniversity
To receive credit, Register or Login to and Take the QUIZ

44 Discussion Board:

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