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SUBMITTED BY 11/9/2012 Intellectual property of EventNext.

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1 SUBMITTED BY 11/9/2012 Intellectual property of EventNext

2 Art festivals: The perfect canvas to showcase the design and craftsmanship of the stunning and distinctive Chrysler 200 and 300. Upscale shopping malls: The perfect setting to showcase the features, benefits and convenience of the ultimate family vehicle, the Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Bring the two together and what you get is a 30-city “hybrid tour” that showcases the full Chrysler line-up to a broad but affluent audience, an audience that values great design and contemporary style. Then there’s one additional element that will attract, surprise and entertain audiences at both art festivals and upscale malls alike, the performance artist group DAVID GARIBALDI AND THE CMYKs. The group, which is rocketing to stardom and has been all over television this year, epitomizes “art in motion” and provides the ideal link between art and the elegant Chrysler nameplates which, of course, exemplify “art in motion” in their own right. OVERVIEW Intellectual property of EventNext

3 Painting. Sculpture. Music. Dance. Your upscale target audient appreciates the finer things in life. Meeting them on their turf, be it at an art festival or upscale shopping mall, makes good strategic sense. But add another element, a live performance, and you have the ability to captivate your audience for an extended period of time. All the better to communicate the Chrysler Brand message. What’s more, when that performance enhances the Chrysler Brand by “translating” the design language and showcasing design elements…well, you get the picture. Literally. We’re talking about Garibaldi and the CMYKs creating paintings right before the eyes of the audience in real time. It’s certain to draw crowds (pun intended). And once you captivate their eyes, it’s time to capture their minds and imaginations by inviting them to take the Chrysler 200, 300 and Town & Country for a drive. RELEVANCY Intellectual property of EventNext

4 Who Are David Garibaldi and the CMYKs? David Garibaldi and the CMYKs are a “performance artist” group who has toured with the Blue Man Group, has performed internationally and were recently voted into the finals of NBCs hit show, America’s Got Talent. Watch David Garibaldi’s Performance Here Like Chrysler’s advertising, Garibaldi is gritty and contemporary. In fact, the urban phenomenon of graffiti “art” - the ubiquitous tags that have been elevated to an art form – served as inspiration early in his career. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Sacramento, he first learned to enjoy using his hands and body on a large and somewhat illegal scale in the form of graffiti. His passion for music and color or “rhythm and hue” drives his artwork and that passion inspires others. Consequently, he now takes his art to the public stage as a performance painter. Here, he creates images through his body movements as well as with traditional brushes, all to the beat of mesmerizing and captivating music. Onlookers are truly amazed by his charisma and the images he creates. Inspiration serves Garibaldi in his art and his life. Living with passion and purpose drives him every day to transcend what he does as an artist into a philanthropist. To date, he has raised over $1,000,000 for non-profits and charities across the U.S. For Garibaldi, every performance is an opportunity to give back through teaching youth or providing resources to the community. RELEVANCY continued… Intellectual property of EventNext

5 Art festivals create the perfect captive environment and are an ideal event to reach affluent Chrysler prospects. Unlike music festivals and sporting events where fans rush to their seats before the event and again rush out to beat the traffic, an art festival is a leisurely, relaxed affair. In this setting, attendees arrive in a frame of mind that is open to new experiences, sights and sounds. They are also prepared to spend a considerable amount of time exploring and appreciating what they encounter. Given this setting, Chrysler has a significant opportunity to engage consumers in a meaningful manner, capture names and get them to interact with the Chrysler product line-up at test drive locations. Staged adjacent to art festivals. Integrating upscale malls into the “Art in Motion” Tour is a critical part of this experiential strategy. The malls will allow the tour schedule to be booked on 30 consecutive weeks. For example, if there is an available art festival to visit in Detroit the first week of August and an available art festival to visit in Minneapolis the third week of August but none available in Chicago the second week, EventNext would secure a mall in Chicago to host the tour during the second week to keep every week active. The second and possibly most important reason for integrating malls into the schedule is that malls can deliver significantly higher numbers of test drives which is critical since Chrysler’s test drive objective for this campaign is aggressively 20,000. STRATEGY Intellectual property of EventNext

6 Chrysler’s tented exhibit within art festivals and free-standing displays inside shopping malls would be comprised of three different areas. One area within the exhibit would be reserved for a vehicle display. The back walls for these displays would feature an urban motif with graffiti on faux block walls along with the tour name. Within the space available, a Chrysler vehicle(s) would be displayed along with an oversized painting created by Garibaldi highlighting a prominent design feature associated with the Chrysler display vehicle (i.e., Chrysler 300 grill). The painting/vehicle display will reinforce Chrysler’s connection to “art in motion.” A second component of the Chrysler exhibition will be an engaging interactive experience titled “How Would Garibaldi Paint You?” Here, consumers would step into a photo booth, line their faces up with coordinates presented on a large touch screen, then take a photo of themselves and watch their image morph into a work of art reflecting how they would have been painted by David Garibaldi. Then consumers would enter their email addresses, click an icon and send the image to themselves. EventNext would work with Ignite to determine how to enable participants to circulate the images on Facebook and other social media. The last component of the on-site Chrysler footprint would be an area committed to test drive registration. Whether at an art festival or super-regional mall, a Chrysler registration counter and test drive offer signage will encourage consumers to drive the Chrysler 200, 300 or Town & Country in exchange for a gift card. CREATIVE DISPLAY Intellectual property of EventNext

7 GARIBALDI PERFORMANCE Intellectual property of EventNext

8 VEHICLE DISPLAY Intellectual property of EventNext

9 PHOTO BOOTH EXPERIENCE Intellectual property of EventNext

10 FACE MORPH PROCESS Intellectual property of EventNext

11 TEST DRIVE REGISTRATION Intellectual property of EventNext

12 In addition to the entertainment value and engaging consumer experiences afforded by Chrysler through the “Art in Motion” Tour, a number of promotional extensions can be added to the brand’s activation in both malls and art festivals. Autograph Sessions – Following each stage performance, David Garibaldi can locate within the Chrysler display and autograph poster re-prints of one of his paintings featuring Chrysler vehicles as part of the content. EventNext would capture data from consumers in exchange for the autographed piece and be placed on a Garibaldi/Chrysler mailing list for future announcements. Charity – To generate news coverage in each market visited, Chrysler could auction off one or more of the paintings that Garibaldi creates during stage performances to benefit local charities. Invitation-Only Performances – Chrysler could reward its best customers by inviting them to exclusive, intimate performances by David Garibaldi and the CMYKs. Sunday morning and/or Sunday evening performances at participating shopping malls when they’re closed to the public would be excellent times to stage private performances and meet-and-greets with the performance artist group. Garibaldi-Customized Chrysler 300c – To generate further excitement both on-site and online, Chrysler could allow David Garibaldi to customize both the interior and exterior of a Chrysler 300c. The vehicle could be displayed at each stop on the tour and then be given away at the end of the tour in a sweepstakes that could only be entered by those who test drive a Chrysler 200, 300 or Town & Country. Chrysler Town & Country Promotion – David Garibaldi and his wife have a young child and are expecting a second child very soon. There may be ways to utilize the Garibaldi family to endorse the Chrysler Town & Country as part of the tour, appear in independent print and online advertising, etc. EventNext will also negotiate with participating art festivals to persuade them to include a “Town & Country Kids Activity Area” as part of Chrysler’s placement fee. PROMOTIONAL EXTENSIONS Intellectual property of EventNext

13 PROSPECTIVE SCHEDULE Intellectual property of EventNext EventDatesCity, State Arunel MillsMay 11-12, 2013Baltimore, MD ArtsplosureMay 18-19, 2013Raleigh, NC Concord MillsMay 25-26, 2013Charlotte, NC Edina Art FairMay 31-June 2, 2013Edina, MN Columbus Arts FestivalJune 7-9, 2013Columbus, OH Boardwalk Art ShowJune 13-16, 2013Virginia Beach, VA Manayunk Arts FestivalJune 22-23, 2013Philadelphia, PA Roosevelt Field MallJune 29-30, 2013New York, NY Boston HarborfestJuly 2-7, 2013Boston, MA Corn Hill Arts FestivalJuly 13-14, 2013Rochester, NY Ann Arbor Summer Art FairJuly 17-20, 2013Ann Arbor, MI Gurnee MillsJuly 27-28, 2013Chicago, IL Amish Acres Art FestivalAugust 1-4, 2013Nappanee, IN Sugarloaf MillsAugust 10-11, 2013Atlanta, GA Opry MillsAugust 17-18, 2013Nashville, TN ArtstreetAugust 23-25, 2013Green Bay, WI

14 PROGRAM BUDGET ESTIMATE PROGRAM MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION$245,310 Senior Account Management – CEO Senior Account Management – Group Account Director Senior Project Management – Operations Director Site Placement Logistics Management – Program Manager Site Placement Logistics Management – Program Coordinator Test Drive Logistics Management – Program Manager Design & Production Management – Design Director Design & Production Management – Production Manager Warehouse Labor Legal & Financial Management – Legal Legal & Financial Management – Finance TRAINING$20,450 Include all costs for Training labor less travel TOUR STAFF AND LABOR$499,650 Tour Manager Two (2) Tour Test Drive Facilitators Four (4) Test Drive Facilitators Five (5) Local Product Specialists Security INSURANCE$15,000 Comprehensive Umbrella Insurance RENTALS$88,075 Trailer Rental Trailer Mileage Display Fixture Lease Photo Equipment Lease Entries TOTAL$868,485 PASS THROUGH ESTIMATES Vehicle/Trailer Maintenance Vehicle fuel (RAM to pull trailer) Vehicle Washes Field Staff Communications, Materials, Supplies, Permits, Tolls & Parking Test Drive Incentive Printing 20,000 Entry Forms Travel Signs & Graphics Shipping Crew Uniforms Venue, Entertainment & Sponsorship Fees (20 events) TOTAL ESTIMATED PASS THROUGH$1,131,515 *Assumes Chrysler to provide RAM to pull small trailer, QEK to fuel, detail and transport six (6) test drive vehicles between events TOTAL PROGRAM ESTIMATE$2,000,000 Intellectual property of EventNext

15 AGENCY COVER SHEET Intellectual property of EventNext Agency EventNext Acceptance of Chrysler Guidelines - PO Terms & Conditions, Sales & Marketing Guidelines, VAM Guidelines, & DSD Guidelines (Check this box if accepted)X BrandChryslerBudget: $2,000,000.00 Creative BriefChrysler Full Line Test Drive Tour Dates8/04/13 - 09/15/13 Location(s)/Key Markets19 / 19 markets - Schedule Provided Number of Activations20 weekend events Description A national "hybrid tour" focusing on large scale art festivals, that will incorporate test drive opportunities; during down time, between festivals, the tour will stop at "up-scale" malls and provid test drive opportunities along with an interior engagement opportunity for registrants Ride & DriveYES Number of Vehicles Static (if applicable):TBD PartnershipYES Number of Vehicles Driver (if applicable):6 Target DemoConsumers over the age of 16 years old, with a valid drivers license - Chrysler Full Line Demographics (as listed in the 2013 Immersion Day creative breif) will be targeted Vehicle Focus (if applicable)Chrysler Full Vehicle Line Brand Pillar FocusActive Lifestyle Marketing Funnel FocusAwareness / Consideration / Drive & Purchase Metrics (as applicable) Measure: Definitions: Forecasted Attendance 1,250,000Total attendance at event. Registrants 24,000# of Consumers who have provided contact information Unique Test Drives 20,000 # of unique consumers driving or riding in a vehicle *Also include the following in your proposal: Staffing Positions and Head Count, Social Media/PR/Media Extension opportunities if applicable, Physical Build Specifics, Premiums/Giveaways, Data Collection Opportunities, Engagement Points, and Line Item Budget.

16 THANK YOU FROM EVENTNEXT EventNext Yvon Russell, President 1600 Parkdale Rd. Suite 201 Rochester MI 48307 P: 248.266.6361

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