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March 2011 Green Exhibitor Workshop Techniques to Make the Most of Event Participation.

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1 March 2011 Green Exhibitor Workshop Techniques to Make the Most of Event Participation

2 March 2011 Background Questions Last Year’s Participation More than 5 Green Events Products vs. Services

3 3 Topics to Cover Event Strategy »Set goals and create a plan »Consider the event attendees »Establish the best messaging strategy Display Details »Impression of your display »Giveaways and promotional materials »Sweepstakes and contests »Market Research Opportunity Before, During and After »Before - Promote your participation »During – Enjoy, Educate and Engage »After – Follow up and follow through

4 March 2011 Event Strategy Setting Goals, Green Consumers and Messaging

5 5 Set Goals – No Right Answer…. Awareness Lead Generation Sales Relationship Building Market Research

6 6 Consider the Attendees The Green Lifestyle is quite broad and covers two main areas: 1.Reduce Greenhouse Gasses Reducing your “carbon footprint” (CO2) Conserve energy Reduce / Reuse / Recycle 2.Reduce toxins in your life Improve air quality in your home/office Remove pesticides from the food you eat Understand ingredients in personal care products This broader definition is sometimes referred to as LOHAS or “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” Approximately 60% of the US Population sees one or both of these issues as a priority

7 7 New Standard of Living = Living with Less

8 8 Green Segments – Assess Your Visitors Create messages that will resonate with each group Smart Greens Looking for cost- effective ideas to save money and be greener at the same time Healthy Greens Environmentally responsible, actively involved in making lifestyle changes Advocate Greens Political and socio-economic motivations drive this group Hip Greens Enjoy the image and idea of being eco-conscious Tech Greens Interested in the technologies that will advance the sustainability movement

9 9 The Headline for Green Messaging….

10 March 2011 Display Details

11 11 Everything Communicates… Business Identity Print Materials Signs Clothing What is your display saying? Table Coverings Giveaways Product or Service Language; Word Choice Accessories

12 12 Print Materials – Things to Consider What to Include »Just the basics – they will go to your website to learn more »Web Address »Contact Information »Event specials if applicable Consider size and quantity »Doesn’t need to be elaborate – smaller can be better »Print only what you need »Ensure the end product doesn’t look “wasteful” Paper and Printing »Many options available – Recycled content, non-paper (banana, poo, etc.) »Note – Photo paper is not recyclable »Soy or vegetable based inks »Processor-less printer plates

13 13 Giveaways

14 14 Other Considerations Sweepstakes »Ensure you have a goal for collecting names »Don’t push visitors to enter information »Commit to follow through with post-event communication Market Research »Shift the focus of the event »Learn from visitors »Ask the questions you wish you knew the answers to

15 March 2011 Before, During, and After

16 16 Before the Event - Promote Your Participation! Your Marketing Materials »Place a festival web logo, link, announcement or story on your website »Send an announcement to your email to your list »Include details in your newsletters »Leverage social media. Connect through Facebook and invite your friends to join our Facebook page: »Hand out postcards to your customers and post posters at your store, office or other prominent locations. Media and Press »Prepare and send a press release describing your event participation »With Earth Day coming up, position your company for a story »Submit a listing to media calendars

17 17 During the Event – Enjoy, Engage, and Educate Enjoy »Relax and have fun »Demonstrate your passion for your business and your product Engage »Say “hello” and learn a bit about your visitors »Demonstrate your product/service in a way that is relevant to their needs »Get some input and insights on your offerings Educate »Teach visitors about your product and services »Promote green, healthy living »Let them know of other great vendors at the show they might want to visit

18 18 After the Event – Evaluate and Follow Up Evaluate »Assess performance to your goals »What went well? What could have gone better? »Most Important – How will you adjust for the next event? Follow up »Connect with all contacts that were made »Thank customers for visiting »Remind them of a special offer if applicable »Ask for input on how you could improve next time

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