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Hebrews, Phoenicians, and Lydians

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1 Hebrews, Phoenicians, and Lydians
Chapter 2 Lesson 4

2 The Hebrews Abraham According to Hebrew Bible, God spoke to Abraham
Leave homeland and settle in a new land Canaan God agreed to look after Abraham and his decedents if they would worship only one God (covenant) Monotheism

3 Abraham is believed to have been the founder of the Jewish faith
Judaism One of the first monotheistic religions, before all other religions called polytheism The Hebrews lived in Canaan until moving to Egypt What happened while living in Egypt?

4 The Egyptians forced the Hebrews into slavery
The practice of one person owning another person

5 God chose Moses to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt
He gave Moses the Ten Commandments

6 The Hebrew Bible God gave Moses five books when He gave him the Ten Commandments Torah The first five books of the Hebrew Bible Provided guidance and laws for the Jewish people

7 Israel and Judah The Hebrews lived in tribes and fought against the Canaanites Deborah, a judge chosen by God, predicted a woman would win the war against Canaan Women had little power at this time and Deborah became an important leader of the Hebrew Nation

8 c. 1000 B.C., King David united all the Hebrew tribes
New kingdom: Israel Solomon, David’s son, built a temple to store the Torah and as a house of worship Solomon took over the kingdom, he was a wise ruler and reigned during a peaceful time Israel was successful

9 After Solomon’s death, the kingdom split
North: Israel South: Judah Assyrians and Babylonians conquered Israel and Judah The people of Judah continued to practice their faith

10 Judaism Today Judaism is practiced by millions of people
They worship in synagogues Celebrate Passover Holiday that honors the escape of the Hebrews from Egypt Religious Jewish leaders are called rabbis

11 Phoenicians and Lydians
When Solomon was ruling he set up trading partnerships with neighbors The Phoenicians were one group that traded with Solomon Trading port of Carthage Expert sailors Trading linked the world allowing goods and ideas to be shared

12 Important Phoenician contribution:
Modern alphabet Most of the world used cuneiform and had around 700 symbols Phoenician alphabet only had 22 characters Consonants The Greeks later added the vowels


14 Phoenician traders had trouble with payments
Every group had different ways to pay Bartering Bars of silver The Lydians are believed to have invented the first coins The value of the coin was guaranteed by the king

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