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The Origins Of Judaism Chapter 2 Section 6.

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1 The Origins Of Judaism Chapter 2 Section 6

2 The Hebrews Canaan: Hebrew Homeland Abraham: founder
Lead his people to Canaan Jacob (Israel): grandson Jacob’s sons: establish Twelve Tribes of Israel 12 sons=12 tribes

3 Canaan  Egypt Left Canaan: drought/famine
Fled to Egypt Lived in Peace until the Hyksos were expelled 1200 B.C. – Hebrews enslaved 400 years of slavery

4 Exodus Moses: Led Hebrews from Egypt
Fled to Mount Sinai Exodus = Escape Bible: story found in Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

5 Ten Commandments Moses: to the top of Mount Sinai Yahweh: Hebrew God
Given 10 Commandments: Moral Law Yahweh: Hebrew God Covenant (Agreement): Hebrews and God Hebrews: followed 10 Commandments Yahweh: gave the Hebrews the Promised Land = Canaan

6 Back in Canaan Tribes: loose confederation
Tied to the Ark of the Covenant Where tablets were located Leaders: Judges Prophets

7 Founding Of Israel War with Canaanites and Philistines
Saul: United Hebrew under one King Created Israel David: Made Jerusalem capital Center of religion Solomon: wealth and power Trade flourished Built temple: symbol



10 Downfall of Israel 900 B.C. 10 northern tribes revolt North: Israel
split Israel North: Israel South: Judah

11 Divided Israel Israel–Lavender Judah– Pink

12 Downfall of Israel Israel divided: Easily conquered
Israel –Assyrians Judah –Chaldeans Jerusalem destroyed Persians allowed Jerusalem to be rebuilt by Hebrews

13 Judaism Torah: Hebrew scriptures Old Testament of Bible
History, prophecy and religious instruction Code of ethics (Mosaic Law)

14 Laws & Ethics Mosaic Law: Eye for an eye Prophets: Will of Yahweh
Value human life Kind to poor/slaves Prophets: Will of Yahweh ethics and morals

15 Religion Yahweh: only God Free will: Good vs. Evil
Only Yahweh was divine Free will: Good vs. Evil Ethical Monotheism: All people deserve kindness and respect. Judeo-Christian ethics

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