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Adventures of huckleberry finn jeopardy! Feraco American literature 9 january 2008.

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1 Adventures of huckleberry finn jeopardy! Feraco American literature 9 january 2008

2 Categories  CHARACTERS  Events  Philosophies  3 Questions worth $100  3 Questions Worth $200  1 Question Worth $100  Keep Track of your score! The points you earn will be added up in a running Total as we continue to do these (we won’t do them for every chapter, but this isn’t our last session).

3 Characters for $100  Who is Miss Watson’s main slave?  Jim.

4 Characters for $100  Who is huck’s best Friend?  Tom Sawyer.

5 Characters for $100  Which characters take care of HucK?  Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas.

6 Characters for $200  What do we know about Huck from the way he talks?  We know he is uneducated, Young, and Southern.

7 Characters for $200  Why is Pap Considered unfit to be Huck’s father?  Because he’s usually drunk, and he’s violent even when he’s Sober

8 Characters for $200  Why is Pap Angry that Huck is going to school?  Huck’s education makes him “better” than Pap, who can’t stand to be “threatened” in such a way.

9 Characters for $300  Why is Judge Thatcher Important in Huck’s Life?  He has been guarding the Six- Thousand Dollar Fortune that Huck Found with Tom.

10 Events for $100  How does Jim react to the trick Tom Sawyer plays on him?  He tells stories that impress the other slaves.

11 Events for $100  How does Ben rogers react when Tom outlines the gang’s plan for ransoming people?  He reacts skeptically, because Tom clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

12 Events for $100  Why is Huck going to school by the time we get to Chapter 6?  He’s doing it to spite Pap.

13 Events for $200  How does Huck react when a spider lands in a candle?  He’s terrified – he accidentally committed a wrong, and feels that it’s going to bring him bad luck.

14 Events for $200  Why does the new Judge Prevent the Widow Douglas from claiming custody of Huck?  The New Judge is naïve and foolish, and refuses to separate a son from a father simply because they’re related – regardless of how bad the father is at parenting!

15 Events for $200  Why does Huck resign from the gang?  Because it doesn’t do anything – it’s all words and no action. In that way, He sees it the same way he sees the bible – and says it felt like a Sunday school.

16 Events for $300  How does the new judge find out how Pap really is?  He and his wife take him in, listen to his reformation speech, and start weeping for Joy. Then Pap goes back on his word, and they feel betrayed.

17 Philosophies for $100  What differences can you spot between Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn?  Huck is decent, if misguided, while Tom Enjoys making a nuisance of himself; Huck also values experience over the words in books, whereas Tom prizes rituals and words over reality.

18 Philosophies for $100  Why does Huck prefer the “bad” place to the “good” place?  Not only does he feel like it’s not possible to become totally “sivilized,” but he wants to go where Tom goes – Prizing friendship above all else.

19 Philosophies for $100  How did the boys in Tom Sawyer’s gang show their loyalty to the cause?  They signed their names in blood.

20 Philosophies for $200  What is ironic about Tom’s solution to the situation with the crying boy?  After going on and on about lofty ideals and loyalty, tom simply bribes the kid into keeping quiet.

21 Philosophies for $200  What does Huck think about praying?  He doesn’t see the point; he wishes for concrete things, and when they don’t appear, he simply assumes his prayers aren’t working. (It’s another example of something that civilization prizes simply failing huck.)

22 Philosophies for $200  How does Pap feel about the “govment” and “educated n*****s”?  He feels wronged by the government on a personal level, and is horrified that any non- white individual could be regarded as equal to himself – let alone better!

23 Philosophies for $300  Why does Huck decide that there must be two Providences, and what differentiates the two?  Huck believes that the heavens that the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson believe in are separate realms. Miss Watson’s is stricter, whereas the Widow’s Heaven is based more on compassion.

24 That’s All for today!  Keep track of your scores!  See you on Thursday – We’ll be doing the literary Analysis Essay for the next two days.  Don’t forget to keep up with your reading!  Turn in your current discussion Questions, and get started on your new ones!

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