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Huckleberry Finn Chapters 11 – 20.

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1 Huckleberry Finn Chapters 11 – 20

2 Chapter 11 Who is Sarah Williams of Hookerville?
What are the rumors going around about Huck’s disappearance? Why does the woman ask Huck to throw a lead bar at the rats and what other trick does she use to reveal his identity? Huck builds a decoy campfire far from the cave and then returns to the cave to tell Jim they must leave. They hurriedly pack their things and slowly ride out on a raft they found when the river flooded.

3 Chapter 12 What do Jim and Huck do to avoid being seen?
Why does Huck go on an “adventure” to the wrecked steamboat? What does Huck want to do to the robbers? Do you think Huck is essentially a moral and honorable person? Why or why not?

4 Chapter 13 Since their raft floated away what do Jim and Huck do?
Huck goes on the land. What does he tell the ferry watchman? Why does he think the Widow would have approved of his actions?

5 Chapter 14 What are some of the items that they find among the robbers bounty? Why does Jim dislike adventures? What biblical reference does Jim talk about? Who is the dauphin? What is the purpose of this chapter?

6 Chapter 15 What landmark (their goal) do they approach?
What is a “towhead”? How do Huck and Jim become separated? What trick does Huck play on him and what is the result of the trick? Jim does eventually realize that Huck really did disappear and Huck feels bad about tricking him.

7 Chapter 16 Why does Huck feel bad about helping Jim attain freedom?
What does Jim want to do when he becomes free? Even though Huck resolves to turn Jim in what does Jim say that convinces him to do otherwise? What does Huck tell the men to keep them off the raft? Why do they believe the canoe is gone? What happens to the raft?

8 Chapter 17 Dogs surround Huck but a man calls them off and tries to help him. What do the Grangerfords first think of Huck? Huck creates a story to explain why he is orphaned. What is the name of Buck’s family? What did their daughter Emmeline create while she was alive?

9 Chapter 18 Who does Huck admire in their family?
Why does Buck try to shoot Harney Shepherdson? Why are the families feuding? What does Sophia find in the bible? Where does Huck find Jim? What happens to Buck?

10 Chapter 19 Huck and Jim journey down the river.
What does Huck do with the 2 men he finds? Describe the men. What did they do for a living? Who do they claim to be? What is a temperance revival? Is Huck really fooled by their claims?

11 Chapter 20 What does Huck tell the Duke and Dauphin about Jim?
What do they plan on doing in the next town they pass? Why does the duke decide to change the kind of show they will put on? Why does the sign saying “Ladies and Children Not Admitted” bring in a good audience?

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