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Genetics: Traits Label a Page in your SN Add it to your TOC.

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1 Genetics: Traits Label a Page in your SN Add it to your TOC

2 What is a Trait? Can you define it? Can you think of any examples?

3 Definition: (write it down) Trait: A genetically determined characteristic (anything about you that is determined by your DNA/genes)

4 Copy the following “Trait Table” into your science notebook. TraitMy Phenotype 1234567812345678

5 As we go through the presentation, fill out the table by listing each trait and then describing yourself. TraitMy Phenotype Ex. DimplesNo dimples

6 Trait = Dimples Dimples or No dimples? Indentations in your cheek when you smile are called dimples, and these are affected by your genes.

7 Trait = Thumb Dominance Right-thumbed or Left thumbed? Left-thumbed Right-thumbed When you clasp your hands together and interlock your fingers, genetics decide which position is most natural for you. Look for the thumb that is on top.

8 Trait = Tongue rolling Tongue rolling is a genetic trait certain people have that allows them to curl their tongue. Can roll tongue or Can’t roll tongue?

9 Trait = Hitchhiker’s thumb These two images show the difference between a regular thumb and a "Hitchhiker’s thumb,” which, because of a genetic difference, can bend further backwards. Hitchhiker’s Thumb Regular Thumb Hitchhiker’s thumb or Regular thumb?

10 Trait = Widow’s Peak The gene that controls the shape of our hairline comes in two versions. The dominant version gives you a widow's peak. The recessive version gives a straight hairline. Widow’s Peak or No Widow’s Peak?

11 Trait = Earlobes Some people have earlobes that hang more freely (A). Others have lobes that are attached directly to the face (B). Detached or Attached?

12 Trait = Freckles Freckles vary in severity, but some people have them and others do not. Freckles or No freckles?

13 Trait = Eye Color Eye color is an inherited trait influenced by more than one gene. What color are your eyes? (Brown, Blue, Green, Hazel, etc.)

14 Check to make sure you have each of the following filled out: TraitMr. Hill’s Phenotype Dimples(Yes) Thumb dominance(Right) Tongue rolling(Yes) Hitchhiker’s thumb(Yes) Widow’s Peak(No) Earlobes(Attached) Freckles(No) Eye Color(Blue)

15 Now try to find your “Trait Twin” Using your t-chart, you will walk around the room and try to find someone with the exact same list of traits as you. If you find someone, sit down next to each other. If you can’t find a match, don’t worry!

16 Trait Twin Reflection Answer questions 1-4 1. Were you able to find a perfect match? Yes or No If Yes: 2. What other traits do you have in common? 3. What are some traits that you do not share? 4. Why do you think you are not exactly the same as this person? If No: 2. What was the closest you got to finding a partner (how many traits did you share out of 8)? 3. What traits were the most difficult to match? 4. Where might you look to find someone who shares all of these traits?


18 Computer lab

19 Genetics Tour Start a page titled “Tour of the Basics” This is where you will attach the worksheet once it is completed. (Click above for link)

20 Start a page titled Genetics Concept Map. Add it to your TOC.

21 We will begin with Vocabulary. Prepare to write

22 Vocabulary - Cell: the smallest unit of life - Chromosome: a bundle of coiled DNA containing many genes - DNA: an instruction manual for our bodies - Gene: one individual instruction - Trait: a genetically determined characteristic - Allele: an alternate form of a gene

23 Cell Inside the nucleus of each cell, you can find… Chromosome Chromosomes are bundles of… DNA This twisted ladder can be broken into segments called… Gene This piece of DNA has the code for specific traits.

24 Traits are determined by our genes. - A trait is a genetically determined characteristic.

25 Genes are determined by our DNA. - DNA is an instruction manual for our bodies. - A gene is one individual instruction. - Alleles are different forms of a gene.

26 DNA is contained in our chromosomes. - Chromosomes are the package that contains the instructions.

27 Chromosomes are contained in our cells. - Cells are the smallest unit of life.


29 Karyotype - A “blueprint” of our chromosomes

30 Female Karyotype

31 Male Karyotype

32 If there’s a “Y”, it’s a GUY XX = Female XY = Male (Boys are weird!)

33 Karyotype with Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21)

34 Review The Encyclopedia Metaphor

35 Cell Like a library, everything is housed within a cell. Not just information is found here, but also structures.

36 Chromosome Like a single book. Chromosomes are the package for one group of information. It CONTAINS the material.

37 DNA Basketba ll Like the words in the book. Our DNA has all of the information needed to define the characteristics of something.

38 Gene How to Shoot a Basketball Like a paragraph for a specific skill (shooting a basketball). A gene specifies how to do a task.

39 Allele How to Shoot a Basketball Like a different version of a paragraph about a specific skill. An allele is an alternative form of a gene.

40 Basketball How to Shoot a Basketball Chromosome DNA Gene Allele Cell

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