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#IBMz José Castaño Director: z Software Technical sales IBM z Systems: Empowering Digital Business Innovation through Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Security.

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1 #IBMz José Castaño Director: z Software Technical sales IBM z Systems: Empowering Digital Business Innovation through Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Security

2 © 2015 IBM Corporation 2 #IBMz The market is moving, forcing businesses to transform Explosion in transaction growth driven by mobility and the Internet of Things Analytics is moving to real time to capture new opportunities at the point of impact Hybrid cloud is the new standard for delivering service, agility, trust and efficiency

3 © 2015 IBM Corporation 3 #IBMz The new imperatives for digital business 24x7x365 application availability Users expect < 1 second app utility 70% lack confidence in data security 35% mobile transaction growth annually 91% of new customer-facing apps access mainframe IntegrationScaleTrust AvailabilityResponse Time Personalization 80% of Marketers send the same content to all subscribers

4 © 2015 IBM Corporation 4 #IBMz IBM z Systems enable clients to create new possibilities to drive progress through CAMSS Offers personalized services to support 10M new customers through mobile. 2 Delivers trusts and confidence 56,5820 transactions per second Exploits social analytics to ensure service continuity for delivery of $1B in value every six minutes Analyze and process 3M medical claims per week saving $65M for patients and their health plans Creating a cloud for Africa’s offline 85% to bring burgeoning markets online.. Social Security Analytics Mobile

5 © 2015 IBM Corporation 5 #IBMz Banking and Financial Services Deposit a check, move money, check balances instantaneously, track portfolio, get alerts, receive quotes, execute trades Travel and Transportation Insurers RetailersAutomotive Check flights, book reservations, choose seat assignments, check-in and streamline car rental process, hotel reservations File claims, provide quotes, compare prices, enroll, view policies, capture data to develop new offerings Enable mobile sensors for diagnostics and safety Deliver personalized offers for cross sell, up-sell and establishing customer loyalty through mobile Mobile is unleashing the 24x7 consumer, and opening up new markets

6 © 2015 IBM Corporation 6 #IBMz IBM z13 – The premier data and transaction server for the mobile generation *Compared to zEC12 2.5B transactions per day 36% faster response time 17 to 37% lower cost per transaction Performance, scale, intelligent I/O, and security enhancements to support transaction growth in the mobile world z/OS Connect provides consolidated REST APIs for all z/OS transactions Seamlessly channel z/OS transactions to mobile devices with MobileFirst Platform IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS specifically for iOS mobile apps Enable end to end security from mobile device to mainframe with z/OS, RACF ® and MobileFirst products *Compared to zEC12 141 cores and 40%* more capacity in a single system 2X* performance improvement with crypto coprocessors for more secure transactions 10 TB* memory plus 2X increase in cache size 320 separate channels dedicated just to driving I/O throughput 16 Gbps FICON links for faster throughput

7 © 2015 IBM Corporation 7 #IBMz IBM z Systems bridge Systems of Record with Systems of Engagement for optimized service delivery Analytics run on SoR system for optimal performance and security CICS IMS WebSphere DB2 Analytics MobileFirst Platforms run either on-prem (using Linux on z Systems) or in the cloud (via Bluemix) MobileFirst Platform (on-prem) MobileFirst Platform (cloud) Serving mobile data directly from z/OS is 40% less expensive than exporting to a system of engagement z/OS Connect

8 © 2015 IBM Corporation 8 #IBMz Speeding transportation with a mobile ticket application Processing a surging tide of mobile payments quickly and securely Providing the highest level of protection for classified communications #IBMz

9 Register now at and submit your app by April 12th Mobilize your mainframe in our fun app-building contest for z Systems clients & business partners! The Mainframe Mobile App Throwdown is back for 2015! FUN Learn and get tips from our epic IBM zMobile experts FAST Prototype an app in days or weeks, not months – try something new! FREEBIES Prizes include passes to Edge 2015 & mobile design help

10 © 2015 IBM Corporation 10 #IBMz As mobile becomes more pervasive, analytics can drive true differentiation in engagement One-off custom queries - response in hours / days based on historical analysis Product association - response in near real time based on historical analysis Personalized offer based on situational awareness - response and analysis in real time “Thank you for your request, please find below your account balance as at close of business…” “Other customers who purchased this product also purchased…” “Here is a voucher for a new product we think you will like which is located in the next aisle in the store…” MobileWebPostal 80s / 90s2000s2015 Analytics provides new opportunities to extract the most value out of every interaction and transaction

11 © 2015 IBM Corporation 11 #IBMz Data is the newest resource for competitive advantage 7.6% boost $13 for every dollar spent to customer lifetime value for firms using engagement analytics nucleus estimate of analytics payback; 1.2 X more than 3 years ago $226 billion estimated fraud loss to healthcare every year Source: Aberdeen Group

12 © 2015 IBM Corporation 12 #IBMz Analytics implementations have grown in complexity Significant complexity Separated data warehouses Analytics latency Transactional data is not readily available Lack of synchronization Data is not easily aggregated and fresh Data duplication Multiple copies of the same data Excessive costs Of moving data around

13 © 2015 IBM Corporation 13 #IBMz … So a new deployment strategy is needed say greatest value will come from analyzing transactional data Bring the analytics to where the data and transactions originate for greatest value Deliver real-time insights at the point of impact Manage data lifecycle and governance Eliminate redundancy and avoid ETL Transactions Analytics 72% of enterprise applications need mainframe to complete transactions 55%

14 © 2015 IBM Corporation 14 #IBMz IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS and DB2 BLU for Linux further accelerates queries for faster insight SIMD delivers accelerated analytics processing for mathematical optimization zEDC reduces data transfer time and storage cost by up to 75% 16 Gbps FICON links reduce latency for workloads such as DB2 zIIPs help to lower the cost of ownership helping to help connect, manage, extend, and protect data IBM z13 – An integrated transaction and analytics system for right time insights at the point of impact Reduce cost, move Oracle workloads to DB2 in-memory computing Optimize decisions, solve complex problems faster Garner new insight, use Hadoop analytics on TX and log data Act faster, analyze and score transactions as they happen

15 © 2015 IBM Corporation 15 #IBMz Moving data off of z Systems is costly z13 x86 Analytical Data To move 1TB of data daily off z Systems can cost over $10M over 4 years Assuming 4 cores on z13 running at 85% utilization and 12 cores on x86 servers run at 15% utilization, transfer will burn 519 MIPS and use 30 x86 cores per day ETL System costs = $9,864,412 Labor costs = $393,927 Total = $10,258,339 Estimated 4 year cost summary

16 © 2015 IBM Corporation 16 #IBMz IBM z13 beats the competition head to head in analytic performance z13 IBM z Systems Analytics 9700 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (N3001-010) Standalone Pre-Integrated Competitor V4 Eight Unit Workload Time1,810 mins Reports per Hour (RpH)5,343 Competitor Eight Unit (HW + SW + Storage) $ 2,745,041 Workload Time105 mins Reports per Hour (RpH)92,095 z13 (1 GP + 3 zIIP + HW + SW + Storage) + Accelerator V4.1 $ 3,652,131 $40 Per Report per Hour (3yr TCA at no discount) $514 Per Report per Hour (3yr TCA at no discount) 17x performance 13x price performance DB2 v11 z/OS

17 © 2015 IBM Corporation 17 #IBMz Increased retail sales revenue through point-of-sale suggest-sell insight Delivers most timely, accurate data for improved customer satisfaction Reduced time from months to weeks to develop and release new marketing campaigns #IBMz

18 © 2015 IBM Corporation 18 #IBMz Cloud is becoming pervasive as the engine of new service delivery for the digital era Source: 1 “Raising the game, The IBM Business Tech Trends Study,” 2 “Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud is Next,” Gartner G00255302, Sept 6, 2013 Customers with a clearly defined Cloud strategy enjoy almost 2x the revenue growth and nearly 2.5x higher gross profit than peers 5 57% of companies are using cloud to drive competitive and cost advantage 3 85% of new SW is being built for the Cloud 4 3, 4, 5 IBM Global Cloud Study “Under Cloud Cover” Cloud deployment has grown 92% since 2012 1 Approximately 70% of enterprises will pursue hybrid cloud by 2015 2

19 © 2015 IBM Corporation 19 #IBMz IBM z Systems provide the infrastructure to support all dimensions of cloud service delivery Hybrid Cloud Leveraging BlueMix and interoperability with SoftLayer, AWS and other public cloud offerings Private Cloud z/OS and Linux on System z as the foundation of the most secure, scalable private cloud infrastructure Public Cloud Enabling MSPs/CSPs to deliver differentiated mainframe-based service offerings Elastic, virtually limitless expansion Shared everything design for extreme utilization Secure isolation of Virtual Servers Built on open industry standards

20 © 2015 IBM Corporation 20 #IBMz IBM z13 – The most efficient and trusted cloud system, transforming the economics and agility of IT Open support extended with OpenStack ®, PostgreSQL, Node.JS, and KVM* Enterprise-grade Linux provides the foundation for public, private, and hybrid cloud Patterns for Linux on z Systems to quickly build out complex cloud workload instances Improved overall system performance leads to a lower TCO compared to public cloud deployments and deployments on x86 architectures Enabling next generation cloud applications with IBM Bluemix™ on z Systems Intelligent Print Manager on ELS by Ubiquitech Up to 8,000 virtual servers per system, more than 50 per core Open virtualization with new KVM support * z13 brings faster processing and higher throughput of secure transactions ( 2X more throughput on crypto coprocessor) Business continuity and IT analytics with enterprise grade Linux solution * All statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.

21 © 2015 IBM Corporation 21 #IBMz z13 Delivers Cloud Economics Without the Risk 32 and 60 Superior cloud services at up to 32% lower cost than x86 and up to 60% less than public cloud alternatives Public Cloud x86 CloudCloud on z13 Labor, power & space 18,000,000 10,000,000 8,000,000 0 32% and 60% lower cost Middleware Infrastructure #IBMz

22 © 2015 IBM Corporation 22 #IBMz In the complex world of digital business, Security and Availability are now a board level discussion Build a vault around your crown jewels with System z The indirect cost of security breaches and downtime can far outweigh the direct costs Data Transactions Users 70% Of security executives have cloud and mobile concerns 1 614% Mobile malware growth in just one year 2 $5.65M Average cost of a security breach in the US 3 $7.9K Average cost of one minute of downtime 4 Source: 1 2013 IBM CISO Survey 2 2012-2013 Juniper Mobile Threat Report 3 IBM client examples 4

23 © 2015 IBM Corporation 23 #IBMz Mitigating business risk in today’s digital world Security and resiliency built into every level of System z Processor Memory Hypervisor Operating System Communications Storage Database Middleware Applications Highest levelof security for isolation of cloud workloads with EAL5+ Encryptionof data at rest, in flight, and in use Enterprise Key Management across mainframe and distributed IT Analyticsto spot potential failures and capacity needs before they occur 99.999%design point for application availability Zero secondrecovery point objective across thousands of miles

24 © 2015 IBM Corporation 24 #IBMz z13: a new system designed for mobile, analytics and trusted cloudand trusted cloud With the highest speeds, the most diverse workloads, and simply the best security on the planet #IBMz

25 Thank You

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