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© 2014 Cognizant 4 th March 2015 MBaaS: Mobile Backend as a Service Pablo Gutiérrez / Senior Mobility developer.

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1 © 2014 Cognizant 4 th March 2015 MBaaS: Mobile Backend as a Service Pablo Gutiérrez / Senior Mobility developer

2 © 2014 Cognizant 2 What is mBaaS? MBaaS is an approach for providing web and mobile app developers with a way to connect their applications to backend cloud storage and processing while also providing common features such as user management, push notifications, social networking integration, and other features that mobile users demand from their apps these days.

3 © 2014 Cognizant 3 Why Mbaas is needed? When you are thinking to develop a new app, you have lot of steps like server setup, database creation, routing, social integration, UI binding, file management etc. that need to be solved: Just imagine, you just focus only on your frontend code and the rest will bind together provided as a service as follows:

4 © 2014 Cognizant Efficiency gains: reducing the development cost, development time and maintenance cost. Faster Time To Market: reduce obstacles from idea to production and operations overhead. Optimized for Mobile and Tablets: optimization of data and network for mobile apps, and lower fragmentation problems across multiple platforms and devices. Secure & Scalable: bundled infrastructure that deals with scalability, security, performance and other operational headaches. Handle App growth & maintenance: brings common and essential 3rd party API resources into a single stack, preventing developers from having to go gather them separately. 4 Main advantages for developers

5 © 2014 Cognizant 5 Cognizant’s MBaaS solution, TruJunction belongs to the TruMobi ecosystem, our complete enterprise mobility solution. TruJunction ’s key features are: MBaaS providers We have a wide variety of MBaas providers available in market. Main players are shown in the figure below. Major acquisitions MBaaS-focused expected to rule the mobile technology in the next years, like in these past examples: facebook-parse, google-kinvey, intel-feedhenry Data Synchronization Connectors Storage Caching DAR Encryption Notification Security Context Rules Offline Rule engine Orchestration

6 © 2014 Cognizant 6 TruMobi – Our Complete Enterprise Mobility Solution Customer context TruMobi Mobile Enterprise TruApps Industry & Enterprise Apps TruBox Security Immediate productivity gains through ready apps Mobilizing workflows, compliance, productivity gains Distribute apps & content effectively BYOD with security & control and no dependencies TruJunction App Integration End-to-end enterprise mobility solution addressing prominent concerns such as security, control, network dependency, enterprise adoption, performance, cost, productivity, provider limitations and compliance in becoming a mobile enterprise and offers more. SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS PRODUCTIVITY GAINS FASTER TIME TO MARKET FREEDOM TO INNOVATE INCREASED REVENUES NO DEPENDENCIES Screenshots Advantages TruHub App Lifecycle mgmt.

7 © 2014 Cognizant Case Study: Automotive Finance Major Leverages Trumobi App Integration Platform To Expand Their Digital Outreach SITUATION Moving from existing Nokia based sales and collections app to tablet format Drive a smarter sales model for effective distribution Create engaging collections app that leverages engaging MBaaS features Facilitates trusted channels between backend and App resides on the tablet device TruMobi aids in creation of smart App leveraging smart mobile capabilities and improved agent productivity through features such as automated data capture. Tighter control over Agent activities through Business Rules Engine. Reduced App development time with TruMobi’s orchestration and app wrapping features. Improved security of enterprise data to support digital transformation Reduced dependency on connectivity with intelligent data caching by TruMobi. SOLUTION ------------------------------------------------------------------ Client Server Ipad

8 © 2014 Cognizant Case Study: Telecom 4G Player Leverages Trumobi Platform To Mobilize Digital Services To Retail Arm SITUATION Push sales of its 4G services through the retail outlets of its retail arm. Drive a smarter sales model to distribute mobile business apps to retail outlet employees. Facilitate secured data delivery on the mobile devices of retail outlet employees TruMobi enhances user experience with engaging MBaaS features. Facilitate ease of App distribution to retail arm. Provides world-class security measures at real time to protect data Reduces time to market by streamlining App development effort. Business Rules Engine provides complete control over app validation. Offline data access and intelligent data caching improve productivity. SOLUTION ------------------------------------------------------------------ Connectors Notifications Security Technology Context Awareness Analytics External system Integration Compliance Technology Agnostic Business Rules MBaaS

9 © 2014 Cognizant 9 TruJunction: How it works “Push Notification”

10 © 2014 Cognizant 10 Step-1 : Selecting the type of Notification in TruJunction

11 © 2014 Cognizant 11 Step-2 : Configuring “Conditions”

12 © 2014 Cognizant 12 Step- 3: Configuring “Schedule”

13 © 2014 Cognizant 13 TruJunction: How it works “Web Service Configuration ”

14 © 2014 Cognizant 14 Information Architecture

15 © 2014 Cognizant 15 Attribute Mapping

16 © 2014 Cognizant 16 Service Mapping

17 © 2014 Cognizant 17 List of all End Point Services

18 © 2014 Cognizant 18 End Point Service Creation

19 © 2014 Cognizant 19 Creating rules

20 © 2014 Cognizant 20 “The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple” (Grady Booch)

21 © 2014 Cognizant Thank you Pablo Gutiérrez Díez

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