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© 2013 IBM Corporation October 4, 2013 IT Analytics and Big Data IBM Solutions Paul Smith (Smitty) Service Management Architect.

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1 © 2013 IBM Corporation October 4, 2013 IT Analytics and Big Data IBM Solutions Paul Smith (Smitty) Service Management Architect

2 © 2013 IBM Corporation IBM focused on managing end-to-end analytics for Big Data Faster problem detection and resolution Plan and optimize Insight & Care Failure Risk Estimation and Avoidance Business value Breadth of Analytics Search Advanced search technology SmartCloud Analytics – Log Analysis Predict Predict anomalies based on log and performance data OMEGAMON and NetView with IBM zAware SmartCloud Analytics – Predictive Insights Optimize Track applications & provide options on how to improve performance Capacity Management Analytics (CMA) 2

3 © 2013 IBM Corporation 09/19/13 SmartCloud Analytics: IBM’s solution for IT Operational Analytics PredictiveInsightsLogAnalysis Performance DataUnstructured Data Identify problems quicker with insight to large unstructured repositories Isolate problems quicker by bringing relevant unstructured data into problem investigations Repair problems quicker with the right details quickly to hand. Avoid Outages and service degradation through early detection of abnormalities Improve insight though the analytical discover of metric relationships and trends Reduce root cause analysis by reducing time to isolate faulty components in complex infrastructure “by 2016, 20% of global 2000 enterprises will have IT operations analytics architectures in place...”- Gartner

4 © 2013 IBM Corporation 44  New next-generation behavioural learning and predictive analytic solution.  Discovers how your IT & Network infrastructure is related from a holistic viewpoint.  Maximizes early detection of problems manifest in performance and monitoring data before service or business is disrupted (enabling prevention)  Identifies problems before you know to look for them, catching them the first time they happen. Highlights Overview: SmartCloud Analytics – Predictive Insights  Learns normal operational behaviour, including how metrics behave together.  Accurately identifies problems, and reduces expensive and time consuming false alerts.  Provides maximum warning of service impact, deterioration or outage.  Detects service impacts that are not identifiable by standard adaptive & seasonal thresholds.  Leverages state-of-the art IBM InfoSphere Streams real-time analytic engine for unsurpassed performance and scalability. Enabling Outage Avoidance & Operational Insight PredictiveInsights

5 © 2013 IBM Corporation 55  Advanced search and text analytics across large volumes of data  Index, search and analyze application, middleware, and infrastructure data  Quickly search and visualize application errors across thousands of log records  Cross index search across logs and documentation  Pre-packaged domain insights Highlights Overview: SmartCloud Analytics – Log Analysis  Advanced search and text analytics.  Leverages IBM big data InfoSphere Big Insights platform  Search logs using configured and discovered patterns to quickly identify issues  Quickly search and visualize application errors across thousands of log records  Fast download, installation and setup Accelerate problem isolation, identification and repair LogAnalysis

6 © 2013 IBM Corporation Collects large volumes of obscure unstructured data and transforms it through analytics into actionable intelligence. IBM SmartCloud Analytics – Log Analysis GBs of Obscure Log Files Single Actionable Dashboard Insight Packs

7 © 2013 IBM Corporation IBM SmartCloud Analytics – Log Analysis helps IT Generalists and Application Specialists accelerate problem resolution through rapid analysis of unstructured data Client Value Faster Problem Repair By linking expert knowledge to log error/warning messages Improved Service Availability and Maintainability of Custom Apps Provide users with advanced insights into custom applications quickly Collection and Annotation of data Generic Logs Support Federation of Data Faster Problem Identification and Isolation Quickly search structured and unstructured data Perform cross domain analysis on this data Value Highlights Advanced Text Analytics Downloadable insight packs in ISM Library (starting with WebSphere and DB2) Tools to create custom insight packs for your own applications

8 © 2013 IBM Corporation Manage the complete time horizons System Management Problem Identification and Resolution Capacity Forecasting & Real-time Analysis Historical reporting of past performance Forecasting future requirements Real-time transaction monitoring Jumpstart your time to value & eases the path to implementation. Built on IBM’s easy of use analytics Includes prepackaged, interactive reports Optional services and education A single, integrated cost effective solution Everything necessary for the cost effective analysis of zEnterprise usage, service objectives, resource utilization, system tuning, accounting, cost recovery, and more….. IBM Capacity Management Analytics 8

9 © 2013 IBM Corporation Understand how current system is running System Management Complete reporting and dashboards capabilities so all system managers & executives can view, interact with and personalize it in ways that support the unique way they analyze performance and make decisions IBM Capacity Management Analytics Problem Identification and Resolution Delivers a top down view of zEnterprise workloads with the ability to drill into further detail, perform simple adhoc analysis to get to the "why", create system alerts or monitor performance in near real-time to predict potential issues before they impact the business. 9

10 © 2013 IBM Corporation Build a plan and track against it Capacity Forecasting & Real- time Analysis Forecast future capacity to ensure the capacity is available that the business needs, when they need it. Real-time scoring of transactions as they flow through the system enabling you to compare with forecast. IBM Capacity Management Analytics 10

11 © 2013 IBM Corporation Built on IBM’s ease of use analytics solution Pixel perfect reporting A workspace with greater power, intuitive navigation & cleaner look Seamlessly shift to more advanced analysis interaction Communicate your analysis using Microsoft Office Analytics on the go with Mobile devices and disconnected interaction Advanced Filtering IBM Capacity Management Analytics 11

12 © 2013 IBM Corporation Thank You! 12

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