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INFORMATION PRESENTATION “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever.

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1 INFORMATION PRESENTATION “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

2 ABOUT MANNERS4MINORS A word from our founder: Daleen Taylor OUR MISSION: SIMPLY put; Manners4Minors exists purely to help create a foundation for more socially successful children. OUR VISION: TO be a global thought leader and teacher of the real world values and principals which make up socially successful society. MANNERS4MINORS is not a cultural program but rather a fun, interactive way of introducing young children to the benefits of behaving and using manners that are universally accepted. MISS MANNERS, as the teacher of the program is known, will demonstrate that behaving a particular way will ensure that you are liked by your teachers, accepted by your friends and you will have a better chance in life – a well mannered child that becomes a well mannered adult has an enormous advantage over his peers.

3 HOW IT ALL STARTED There exists a gap in the social skills development of our children. Research suggested that there are a few contributing factors, but basically, due to pressurized living, our lifestyles have changed… this has resulted in the platform for learning these essential skills being overlooked and not being fully attended to. This platform occurred naturally in the “old days”. Both parents working full time: Survival and Providing in today’s demanding economy. Single parent families: A growing trend and a demanding role which requires support. Isolation socialisation: Technological socialisation requires NO social skill! Cultural Diversity: Understanding universally acceptable behaviour in our diverse world is imperative. Parent/child relationships have changed: Child-pleasing parents versus Parent-pleasing children

4 WHAT IS MANNERS4MINORS MANNERS4MINORS is a specialised program designed for children in the foundation phase (pre school, Reception, Year 1 and 2) and is aimed at introducing them to the benefits of having good manners and displaying universally acceptable social skills. Through the use of interactive role play, props, puppets and interesting environments – together with positive reinforcement, peer encouragement and a carefully designed curriculum, it stimulates interest in manners that will extend beyond the school walls, and which will have a positive impact on every aspect of their lives. Predominantly through demonstrating emotional responses towards well-mannered children, we have succeeded in enriching the lives of children who participate in the program. Manners4Minors has a proven technique to impact on children’s social development. The program is currently being offered to numerous schools around South Africa (government and private). The response from parents, teachers and more importantly children has been phenomenal!

5 THE CURRICULUM Manners4Minors program includes important lessons about bullying, playground manners, ‘the magic words’, the importance of telling the truth, good sportsmanship, whining and nagging, bossiness, ‘we cannot afford it’, I am proud of my school and much more. Each lesson is developed to introduce the child to a new concept or manner and is accompanied by worksheets, songs, stories and/or games. Role play is used to demonstrate to children the consequence of using good manners, what they can expect in response to good manners or acceptable behaviour, and conversely what they can expect if they don’t. The lessons are presented on an emotional level, and the children leave the class with a clear understanding of the life skill, the consequences of the choice they make, and also – most importantly – with a conscience. Lessons Include, but not limited to: Party Etiquette, Whining & Nagging, Table manners, Bathroom behaviour, Grandparents are great, Restaurant behaviour, Bossiness, Personal safety. Bullying, “We cant afford it”, Good Sportsmanship, “Thank you for having me”, Playground Etiquette and much more…

6 THE PUPPETS “I am very bossy and I have to be in charge of all the games in the play ground. I brag a lot! My name is BOASTFUL BETTY!” “I am well-mannered and kind. I have many good friends. My name is PRINCESS PENNY!” “I'm a very kind and caring friend. I like to make my friends feel special and I get invited to play at my friend's house often. My name is CARING KURT!” “I'm a bully and very bad mannered. I think it's cool to be rude! I do not have any good friends! My name is RODNEY RUDE!”

7 THE RESULT Manners4Minors emphasizes appropriate behaviour and shows children that words and actions are better received when delivered with kindness and consideration. When we treat others well, we feel better about ourselves, our lives, and those around us. Most importantly, we contribute to the happiness of those around us. Polite behaviour allows us to make and keep friends more easily. In fact, good manners make all relationships better including those with family members, teachers and friends. Ultimately this gives the children we teach the knowledge and understanding needed to have a better chance in life. Willingness to please Self-esteem Consideration Confidence Empathy Compassion Respect Conscience A Core Value System is being developed, including:

8 WHERE & WHEN 30 MINUTE lessons are offered by Miss Manners at: Pre-schools and Nursery schools. Primary Schools – both as an extramural and, in some schools, as part of the curriculum. Private venues such as libraries & estate club houses as well as some (child friendly franchised) restaurants. OPTIONS for implementation include: extra-mural (for parent’s own account), or co-curricular (included in the school’s curriculum at a discounted rate).

9 BULLY WORKSHOPS Part of our vision is to help create a foundation for more socially successful children. We have thus developed a Bully Workshop which we offer to schools FREE of charge. Bullying is all too prevalent in our schools, and has many negative social impacts. Left unchecked, it can become the greatest stumbling block to the proper and full development of children into productive, happy adults In the Bully Workshops we help children to understand: What a bully is, and what bullies do How being bullied makes you feel How to recognize a bully What the different types of bullies are What to do if you’re bullied How not to be a bully

10 AND MORE BESIDES LESSONS ARE interactive, fun and are accompanied by Worksheets, Poems and/or Songs, Activities and Crafts. WEEKLY EMAILS are sent to parents informing them of the lesson of the week so that they may have all the tools necessary to participate in this essential preparation process of their child. This, and the Home Star Chart System, encourages parent participation and improves communication between the parent and the child.

11 Manners4Minors Brag Board Letter of Acknowledgment from the DBE “Jack really love’s your lessons and asks everyday when is it Manners for Minors – today??? He even sings your theme song, I am so grateful that he attends your classes each week. Well done and thank you for making a difference in our lives.” - Taryn and Jack Manners4Minors has had a positive impact on the children at our school. On the playground and in the classroom the children are able to identify each other positive and negative behaviour by relating it to the puppets. The children are going home and telling their parents what they have learnt. This in turn helps parents at home, as well as the teachers at our school, as the Manners4Minors lessons are impacting on our children. “The school will be foolish not to encourage the kids and parents to attend. Manners4Minors, as it is in their own interest, just makes teaching a lot more manageable. The other thing I find a lesson or two on diversity is important for them (boys, girls, dark, fair, different hair, colour, food choices, etc. and how to respect all this) BUT I leave in your very capable hands.” - Teacher What are parents saying? What are Schools saying? What are Teachers saying?

12 MANNERS4MINORS Please let me know if I can assist you in any way,: Name: Area: Cell Number: Email Address: *** (Note to Miss Manners: Staple “School Proposal Sheet hereafter) if proposing going co-curricular.

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