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 Topic sentence  Supporting sentences  Concluding sentence.

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2  Topic sentence  Supporting sentences  Concluding sentence

3 A university professor has many duties. In the classroom, he or she lectures to the students and answers questions. If the professor is a science instructor, he or she also conducts laboratory experiments. During office hours, students are free to visit the professor to get help on difficult material or problems. In addition, a professor may often work for many hours in laboratory doing a research project. Another professor might spend time writing a book. In conclusion, a professor is always a very busy person.

4 1. Topic sentence A topic sentence is very necessary for a paragraph. It tells the major idea of a paragraph. The key words will be in the topic sentence. So the topic sentence decides the development of the whole paragraph. It governs all the other sentences in the paragraph. In all, a paragraph can not do without a topic sentence.

5 1. Topic sentence The location of a sentence in the paragraph can be flexible. It can be at the beginning or in the end of the paragraph, sometimes it’s even seen in the middle. The location of the topic sentence depends on the need of the organization of the paragraph.

6  Namely, supporting sentences are those sentences that support the main idea of the topic sentence. They analyze the reasons for some phenomenon; they describe the process of some matter; they might also illustrate some opinion of the writer in details. In some writing, the summary of a chart also needs a lot of supporting sentences to tell the readers all kinds of data so that the readers can understand the chart better. 2. Supporting sentences

7 There has been a change in the relationship between doctors and their patients. ① In the past, most people accepted their doctor’s advice with the child-like obedience. when they went for a physical examination, they told the doctor where it hurt, and just sat there in timid silence while he was writing out an unreadable prescription. ② Nowadays, however, many people want to know as much as possible about their medical problems. They want to know all about the prescribed drugs and their side effects. They inquire about alternatives to the treatment that the doctor recommends and ask whether or not there is ay difference in the cost of the carious procedures. ③ Though some doctors are still quite annoyed by these questions, a growing number of them respond willingly. Such doctors hear not only the questions, but also the fears behind the questions, and their careful answers give their patients peace of mind. These responsive physicians have found that patients who are allowed to ask questions feel less stress, have more confidence in their doctors, and on the whole seem to get well faster.

8 My cousin Kay is very rude. ① When she comes to town to visit our relatives, she doesn't speak a word to me. ② When I am around her, Kay ignores me completely, although when I am not around her, her big mouth is always talking about me behind my back. ③ She probably acts like this because she dislikes me, and she does to want to have anything to do with me. Kay is not an easy person to get along with because she is rude and immature.

9 The inner structure indicates the logical relationship and the development of of a paragraph. It demonstrates how the writer thinks and develops what he is trying to express. Most frequently used structures are deductive organization, inductive organization as well as the combination of the two.

10  When the opinion is given before the writer illustrates and explains, the deductive organization is adopted in the writing. Many Chinese students are writing their passage in this way. Example:

11 Stamp Collection Stamp collection has become a very popular hobby for several reasons. Collection gain pleasure from the varied colors and designs of the stamps, while they enjoy the fun of watching their collections grow. In addition, stamp collection had educational value. Stamps often tell the collector learn to find out the exact location of a country. Often they are interested enough to find out other important facts about that country.

12  Inductive organization is somewhat opposite to the previous one. The characteristic of it is that the reasons and facts are given first, then a summery or a conclusion is come to.

13  Nowadays may men and women work in law, accounting, real estate, and business. These people are serious about becoming successful; they work long hours during the week and even on weekends, so they are called “workaholics”. In addition, workaholics may not spend enough time in leisure activities. Therefore, workaholics’ lifestyle can affect their families, social lives and health.

14  Computer industry had been growing very rapidly in the world because computers can be used in many different ways. Business and banks use computers to keep financial records. In may industries computers are used to control other machines that make products. Governments, hospitals, schools, and communication companies work with computers. Special computers have been developed for rockets, airplanes, ships and automobile. More and more people have their home computers connected with internet. Because computers have so may uses, the com-puter industry had become one of the largest industries in the world.

15 Unity Coherence Transitions

16 1. Computer industry has been growing rapidly in the world. 2. The pollution in Ningbo city has become lessened now. 3. All great men in the history of mankind loved books. 4. The energy from the sun is the most import energy for us. 5. Almost everyone loves sports. 6. I have benefited a lot by living in an American family.

17  That’s all for today!  Thank you for your attention!

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