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How to Answer Extended Response Questions

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1 How to Answer Extended Response Questions
Extended Response Introduction and Practice Score a 4

2 What is a Constructed Response?
Two types: Short Answer Extended Response Try to answer your ERQ in about minutes

3 How to Score Well on an Extended Response
To understand and answer the extended response question, the easiest way is to memorize the acronym "RACE" - this stands for restate, answer, cite and explain. If you are able to restate a question, provide an answer using evidence cited from the text(s) given, and then explain how that evidence supports the answer, you will probably score well on the extended response question. This is usually an answer that is more than one paragraph.

4 Cite evidence from the text
“R.A.C.E.” Restate the question Answer the question Cite evidence from the text Explain how the evidence supports your answer

5 Restate the Question (the "R" in "RACE")
Restate the question means that you are to put the question into a statement as a part of the answer you provide. What color is the sky? The sky is blue. Where did you go for vacation this year? I went to Disney World for vacation this year. How many states have you visited? I have visited 12 states. Who is your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher is Mrs. Sheehy!

6 Answer the Question (the "A" in "RACE")
What is the question asking? MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION! STAY FOCUSED ON THE QUESTION! The answer, as in the previous example, may come in the first sentence as you restate the question into a statement, but in an extended response question you will then need to show how/why you arrived at your answer.

7 Cite the Evidence (the "C" in "RACE")
Most extended response questions will require you to support your answers with details from the reading passage. You can do this in a few ways: with a direct quotation – The passage states, “………” with a paraphrase – As the passage says, ……. (in your own words)

8 Citing Evidence with Direct Quotations
When you give a direct quotation from the passage to back up your ideas, you must place the text in quotation marks. Example: The narrator says, “As men busied themselves about their various concerns. . .” Other phrases to set up your direct quotations include: “According to the text,……..” “The author states,…….” and “According to the passage……”

9 Citing Evidence with Paraphrases
You may paraphrase or put a few lines from the passage into your own words, as long as you make it clear that you are doing so. Be careful not to pass off another writer’s ideas as your own. Example: The narrator says that people were going about their usual lives at the time of the attack.

10 Explain how the Evidence Supports your Answer (the "E" in "RACE")
In addition to the evidence you've cited from the text, you will need to supply your own reasoning for why you think your answer is correct and how your evidence supports your answer. I think this shows that…

11 Example – Describe the main character from the passage
Example – Describe the main character from the passage. Tell about the character traits that make her a special person. Tracey is the main character in the passage. Tracey has character traits that make her a good person! Tracey is a good friend, a caring mother, and an intelligent business woman. The author explains that Tracey is a good friend she is always there when her best friend needs someone to talk to. Having this quality makes you a good friend because it shows that Tracey listens and tries to help her friend through difficult times. The passage states that, “Tracey will do anything to keep her children safe and happy.” This shows that Tracey is a caring mother. In the story she took her children to the doctor when they were sick and she also makes sure they have the chance to laugh a lot. Tracey works hard to help her company be successful and has creative ideas, according to the passage. Tracey works many extra hours to complete projects and help her customers. The passage explains that she is creative and is always creating new products to help her company keep growing. These things show that Tracey is an intelligent, hard-working business woman. Tracey has at least three character traits that make her a special person. She is a good friend, a caring mother, and an intelligent business woman. 3.8 paragraph Point out RACE (restating), Answering the question, citing, and explaining Yellow is evidence Blue is explaining the evidence

12 1. Read together 2. You respond Score a 4!!
Let’s Practice 1. Read together 2. You respond Score a 4!! The Nest of Memories

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