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Home2School Aeries Gradebook

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1 Home2School Aeries Gradebook
Travis Education Center Home2School Aeries Gradebook

2 Home2School This program will allow students and parents to access:
Attendance Class Schedule Fees and Fines Test Scores Grades: Teacher’s gradebooks, assignments with due dates and credits earned.

3 What you will need to access your student’s information:
Internet-connected computer Valid telephone number with area code Your student’s permanent ID number Verification Code

4 Instructions for Accessing Home2School:
From our school website or you may log on directly through the following link: Click on “Create New Account” at the bottom left of the blue box

5 Instructions for Accessing Home2School:
On the next page, choose appropriate account (parent or student) Click next… On the next page, type you address and choose your password. Click next… You will receive an from: that will ask you to confirm your by clicking on the link. Click on the link that allows you to continue.

6 Instructions for Accessing Home2School:
Enter your student’s permanent ID, your phone number and the verification code. The verification code is case sensitive. The next step displays the contact information for your student. Choose the appropriate contact. This step will store your address in the district records and will overwrite any previously listed. Click link to return to login page and login using your address and password.

7 Looking at your student’s grades and credits in Aeries:
Please note that TEC uses VARIABLE credits! When looking at your child’s grades, look for credits earned, then for the grade. Teacher’s post grades two different ways: 20% for each credit: 5 credits = 100% 1 gradebook for each credit: (5 grades = 5 credits)

8 Credits aligned to CA state standards:
For example: Credits aligned to CA state standards: A B F B F Drop F’s…these specific credits will need to be redone. Student earned three credits with a “B”

9 Another Example: “D” with four credits earned! A F F F F D B D F D
“A” with 1 credit not as good as... “D” with four credits earned! A F F F F D B D F D

10 Looking at your student’s information in Home2School:
Home2School will show everything! Attendance/tardies Missing assignments (shows a red box) All scores/grades for assignments Comments from teachers!

11 For your information: Please contact Travis Information Services for technical questions at: For specific questions about your student’s records or to update your telephone number, please contact Ms. Rude or Mrs. Tepley. Need/Want help tonight: See Mrs. Stralla in T01.

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