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Welcome to (enter school name)’s SchoolMax Family Portal Information Session.

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1 Welcome to (enter school name)’s SchoolMax Family Portal Information Session

2 Please make sure: You have signed in You have taken one handout per family You select all cell phones to silence/vibrate You hold all questions until the end

3 Tonight’s Agenda Family Portal System Access Logging in Main system navigation Main system tabs –Attendance –Schedule –Gradebook –Progress Reports –Discipline –My Profile Updating Account Information Requesting access

4 SchoolMax Family Portal System Access

5 Accessible from PGCPS Home Page (top) Hover your mouse over the “Parents” tab. When “SchoolMAX” Family Portal appears, click on that link.

6 Accessible from PGCPS Home Page (bottom)

7 SchoolMax Family Portal Logging In

8 Currently two options: English Spanish Enter username and password here Main account assistance

9 1 2 1.Enter Parent Access Key from letter given in the dialogue box. 2.Click on Submit. “I need to register” links here:

10 1.Create a Username and Password. 2.Choose three security questions and their appropriate answers. 3.Click Create Account.

11 1.Click on “I forgot my password” link 2.Enter District Number: “16” 3.Enter username established when you registered 4.Click Continue “I forgot my password” links here:

12 1.You must answer the three secret questions set up when you registered for your account. 2.Click Reset Password. 1 2

13 School of Student’s enrollment User Name Home Link Logout and Auto Logout Feature Main system navigation: tab based Student name General account information SchoolMAX Main Screen

14 SchoolMAX Family Portal Attendance Tab

15 Attendance Tab Information (top) This information can be sorted.

16 Attendance Tab Information (bottom) This information can be sorted. PGCPS does not use nor display this information.

17 SchoolMAX Family Portal Schedule Tab

18 This is what will been seen after clicking on the Schedule Tab. This is a Middle School Schedule. (MS & HS) To see all of your student’s classes, click on the drop down arrow and choose “All”. Then click “Go”

19 A DayB Day Middle School/High School Schedule

20 What’s shown for each class: Course number Course name Location of class Primary educator Educator’s email address

21 SchoolMAX Family Portal Gradebook Tab

22 Two ways to view student’s grades This is what is seen on the Gradebook Tab


24 A BCDE A – Category & Assignments B – Due Date of Assignments C – Whether the assignment has been graded D – Scoring information (maximum, student’s score, percentage) E – Any notes on the assignment from the teacher Additional Course Grade Information

25 Two ways to view student’s grades Remember, there are two ways to view grades. Let’s explore the Assignment’s link.

26 All assignments for the course appear in chronological order. Same information displayed as Grades link (Due Date, Maximum Points, Score, Comments) This information can be sorted by Assignment, Due Date, Max Points or Comments

27 Clicking on an individual assignment link gives you more information about that particular assignment

28 SchoolMAX Family Portal Progress Report Tab

29 Provides information from the last published grade

30 SchoolMAX Family Portal Discipline Tab

31 Displays all Discipline Referrals entered by an Administrator

32 SchoolMAX Family Portal My Profile Tab

33 This tab allows you to view and request an update on account information

34 Clicking on Change Password Link will allow you to change your pass to your account. Please note there are restrictions on creating your password.

35 Clicking on Edit Phone/Address button will allow you to submit a request to change your address pending verification. 1 2 To request: 1.Enter corrected information 2.Click on Update Phone/Address button

36 Clicking on Change Profile button will allow you to change your email address.

37 SchoolMAX Family Portal Frequently Asked Questions

38 Family Portal FAQs 1.How do I receive my letter with my access key? 2.What do I do if I forget my password? 3.Who can I call for assistance? 1.(Enter your school’s procedures here) 2.Use the “I forgot my password” link 3.(Enter the names of your Parent Liaisons or other staff members assisting with the Portal)

39 SchoolMAX Family Portal Where to find information

40 PGCPS Home Page >

41 Shows information regarding report cards Will take you to a link for the manual on how to navigate the Family Portal

42 SchoolMax Family Portal Any questions?

43 Thank you for coming!

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