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Academic Advising For Summer O Training Date: April 2015 Online Training developed by Barbara Cobb, Coordinator for Academic Advising and the Advising.

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1 Academic Advising For Summer O Training Date: April 2015 Online Training developed by Barbara Cobb, Coordinator for Academic Advising and the Advising Committee Emre Bahadir, Lori Ballard, Gina Claywell, Renae Duncan, Linda Johnsonius, Felecia Jones, Ryan Morrow, Frank Pleban, Olympia Stewart, Ed Thome, Janice Vaughn, Carolyn Weber, Peggy Whaley All Summer O Advisors: please see the Summer O website and complete the following Academic Advising training.Summer O

2 Purpose of this Training: to familiarize Summer O Academic Advisors with Summer O ItineraryItinerary to review the purpose of and policies and procedures for Summer O Advising to train new and experienced advisors to ensure effective Summer O Advising to provide Academic Advising information for use at all Summer O sessions

3 Summer O Dates: 17 AprilHonors Summer O 18 AprilSession 1 04 JuneSession 2 06 JuneSession 3 24 JuneSession 4 15 JulySession 5 07 AugustSession 6 Transfer Orientations are scheduled for 17 April, 06 June, 24 June, 15 July, 07 August. Departments will be contacted in advance to arrange for Transfer Advising (early afternoon). Additional Advisors may be needed. After Advising, send to Library.

4 VZ Access Information Make sure that you have access to VZ for student scores, placement information, etc. Have your Program Coordinator, Chair, or Dean contact for VZ access. Two days before Summer O session, VZ will close – Advisors should use this information to pre-plan.

5 Summer O Itinerary: 7:30–8:45 AM Check In; Placement Testing; Browsing Session 9:00-9:30 AMOpening Session 9:30-9:50 AMHousing and Dining Services Session 9:50-10:30 AMIntro to Academic Life Session 10:45 12:30 PMAcademic Advising Sessions 12:30-1:15 PMLunch 1:30-3:00 PMSummer O Counselor Session 3:15-4:30 PMStudent Resources Session 4:30 PMCheck Out

6 Academic Life Session Content: Provost’s Welcome University Studies Requirements Area, Major, Minor RACR Degree Audit The Role of the Academic Advisor Dual Credit/AP Courses and Advising/SchedulingAPAdvisingScheduling Summer O Advising Logistics Consent to Release Consent to Release Form The Academic Life session should help to prepare students and families for advising and scheduling during the Academic Advising sessions that follow immediately afterward. Advisors are welcome to attend the Academic Life session.

7 Student Summer O Booklet: What’s In It for Advisors Change of Area/Major Form List of Areas/Majors/Minors How to Register for Classes Testing and Placement Information Scheduling Worksheet AP/Dual-Credit Worksheet

8 Students will have FORMS with scores and placement information. Most scores and placement information also available on myGate Teaching/Advising tab. Be sure that students are enrolled in ALL required developmental courses. Students who do not complete developmental courses in first semesters of enrollment are at high-risk for low retention. RACR provides general information on Specially Required University Studies courses and pre- and co-requisites for specific areas/majors/minors.

9 Summer O is a Recruitment as well as an Orientation/Registration Event: We need to ensure that every student at Summer O is a Racer in August. A good experience at Summer O, especially with Academic Advising and Scheduling, will help to achieve this goal.

10 Strategies for Summer O Advising: Know your program. Be positive and supportive. If you don’t have answers, connect advisees to those who do have answers. Be prepared. Prepare for as many challenges as you can anticipate. Be sure that every student has a schedule.

11 Summer O Advising 10:45-12:30 Every program must be represented. All students meet with Academic Advisors, get or make schedules, inc. CRN #s for each class, as well as alternative classes, and register. Each advising unit should set its own policies. Some advisors forbid cell phone use; others have students with smart phones register using their phones. Family members will NOT be with advisees for Academic Advising.

12 What you need BEFORE Summer O Advising: RACR / Academic Plans / Sample Schedules Schedule of Classes / Classes Available Student Test Scores and Placement Info 2015-16 Univ Studies and Area/Major requirements, inc. prerequisites Use VZ; pre-plan as much as possible

13 What your Students Need During Advising/Scheduling: Academic Plans for Area/Major or RACR Classes, with CRN #s Alternatives, with CRN #s Be sure that representatives of all programs are available until all advisees have registered. Coordinate within your college/department to provide the needed coverage. Students will go to Lunch after they have registered for classes.

14 “15 to Finish” 15 credit hours per semester toward Area, Major/Minor, University Studies = 120 hours in 8 semester = Graduation in 4 years Most students should register for at least 15 credit hours/semester. Some exceptions apply. Know the norms for your program. Be sure that all first-year students are enrolled in the 100T (formerly 099) section for your program. If unsure whether advisee needs a 100T, check the advisee’s RACR.

15 Plan for: Students who need developmental classes If a student needs developmental coursework to achieve pre-requisites or meet admissions conditions, be sure that the student is enrolled in these classes, and have a plan to help the student to progress toward graduation. Plan for: Students who have prior credit Some students may arrive with AP or Dual Credit that places them into advanced classes; have a plan for these students so that they may take advantage of advanced standing. Placement scores are available to Chairs before Summer O; day-before and day-of scores arrive as soon as available. Know who will have this information for your program.

16 Placement and Testing Information Testing Testing Link on Summer O site Developmental Course Requirements and Placement Charts on myGate, Teaching/Advising tabPlacement Charts AP Equivalencies AP Equivalencies linked here CLEP Testing through Testing Center CLEP EquivalenciesCLEP Equivalencies linked here

17 Modern Languages Online Testing B.A. Degree: complete ONE language through 202 level (Language not offered at MSU WILL transfer in as MLA 201/202: this sequence satisfies the requirement as well) Link to Placement HERE (scroll down)HERE Fee for test (requires credit card payment) Scores available immediately Test scores valid for 1 year NOTE: some non-B.A. students are required to take Modern Language (101/102) as part of Conditional Admission.

18 Advanced Placement If student does not have AP scores “in hand” or already on file: schedule must be established based on scores “in hand”/on file Use the form included in the Summer O Booklet to provide instructions for drop/add once scores arrive (be sure to provide student with chair or advisor contact info for questions) (be sure scores are submitted to MSU) AP Equivalencies listed herehere Dual-Credit Courses With Supporting Docs, Use Override

19 Transfer Center RACR will include Transfer classes already evaluated. Look closely at the Unrestricted Electives: Additional Hours section at the bottom of the RACR for classes that might not have been evaluated appropriately. Use Course Exception form to substitute these for required courses or contact the Transfer Center if the course should be equivalent to an MSU course.Course Exception formcontact the Transfer Center

20 Transfer Center Transferring Classes resource: click HEREHERE If courses are not listed, contact the Transfer Center for evaluation. Transfer Center If Transfer Evaluation has not been completed but requirement is satisfied and needed as a pre-requisite, use Override. Chairs and Deans have Override authority. Representatives from the Registrar’s Office are available in every college/school.

21 Transfer O Sessions Departments will be contacted well in advance to arrange for Transfer Advising (1:30-2:45 or as needed). For programs that have Transfer O Advisees, additional Advisors may be needed. After Advising, send to Library. Transfer students are encouraged to contact their Academic Advisors as soon as they are admitted; they can register for classes before Transfer O. All Transfers are highly recommended to attend a Transfer O.

22 Honors Program Honors Program students MUST take AT LEAST ONE Honors Sequence course per semester until the Honors Sequence is complete. Student will be dropped from the Honors Program if this requirement is not met. Note: ENG 150 is an Honors Sequence course.Honors Sequence Honors Sequence REPLACES University Studies for students in the Honors ProgramHonors Sequence For Honors Program students, RACR Audit includes only the Honors Sequence and not University Studies. Many programs have additional requirements (inc. pre-requisites); Honors Program are not exempt from these requirements. ASK advisees to self-identify as Honors Program!

23 Summer O Academic Advisors are important in making sure that each advisee will be a Racer this August. Every moment of Summer O makes a difference. Make every moment a positive one, no matter how challenging.

24 Academic Advising Website How to Read a RACR for Students and Advisors Registration 101 for Academic Advisors QuickLinks for Academic Advising and much more! Be sure that students know that this information is available. Students should have CONTACT INFORMATION for someone in your program (someone available in summer).

25 Checklist: 1)Connection: connect student to program, area/major: make sure student has contact info for at least one person. 2)Registration: help student to create a schedule with CRN #s and to register for classes inc. any needed developmental classes. 3)Adjustments: make sure that student knows what to do when test scores and placements are complete or something else changes.

26 If you need additional content or information for Summer O Academic Advising, please e-mail Dr. Barbara Cobb Coordinator of Academic Advising Resources to supplement this training will be posted on the Academic Advising website.

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