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Mr. Woodward’s Class Welcome all students back to school! 1 See this presentation at http//

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2 Mr. Woodward’s Class Welcome all students back to school! 1 See this presentation at http//

3 2 Presentation Guidelines  This is an important year for you!  I will give you an introduction to our classroom. Please listen carefully!

4 3 Welcome back to school!

5 4 We hope you had a great vacation!

6 5 All About Mr. Woodward  My Background  I grew up on Owensboro, KY.  I went to school on Apollo H.S.  I Graduated Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, KY.  Master’s Degree from Western KY University.  My Experience  I’ve been teaching for many years.  I love teaching middle school!

7 6 My Family  Wife: Molly  Two Children: Brittany 7 th Grade & Breanna 2 nd Grade  Pet: Patty

8 7 Goals for the 2010-2011 School Year  To give you the academic tools you need to progress in the middle school.  To provide a supportive learning environment.  To have fun while we learn.  To make new friends and discover new interests.

9 8 Questions to think about…  Why am I assigned to this class?  What will we be doing in this class?  What will I learn from this class?  What tools will we be using in this class?  What are my requirements for this class?  How will I be evaluated ?  How will I be treated in this class?  What are the class procedures?

10 9 Why am I assigned to this class?  To learn how to apply the history of American culture to your own life.  To help you make better decisions in your life based on the lessons we learn in American History.  Has history has been shaped by self-indulgence, prejudice, and racism? “Everybody has their own account on history from their own personal experience and culture. What is your opinion based on American History and your own experience? Everyone would love to hear about it!”  To prepare you for the 8 th grade Kentucky State Examination in May, 2011.

11 10 School Procedures PP ledge of Allegiance PP eriod by period attendance DD o Now WW ord of the Day SS chool Wide Agenda Format

12 11 What materials will I need for class?

13 12 A 3-ring Binder and Folder Make sure your pocket folder can fit a 3-ring binder

14 13 Pens and Pencils A pen and pencil are required each day for class. A pen will be available at the teacher’s discretion using a collateral payment.

15 14 Highlighter 1 wide yellow highlighter

16 What tools will I be using? The United State History Textbook. Computer Web quests assignments Power Point presentations Movies- (from Computer research Guided reading questions on United States History textbook. Lab investigations 15

17 16 History  In Social Studies we will learn about geography and American History and World History.  We will examine pictures, places, movies and historical documents on United States History. Learning about American, Kentucky, and World History is fun!

18 What else will I learn from this Social Studies class? How American History has effected the life of many cultures. For example, “The struggle of imperialism and repression.” How can we use the knowledge from American history to make the world a better place for all cultures. How can learning about American History can prepare you for your future. 17

19 18 8 th Grade Students  Will learn about American history from geography to the Civil War.

20 What will I be doing in this class? Learning about U.S. History by answering essential questions. What is an essential question? It is a question that has no right or wrong answer. It is a question that provides a true understanding about a topic. It is a question that applies curriculum knowledge in everyday decisions and problem solving. 19

21 Here are some examples of essential questions: Who were the first Americans? Why explore the Earth? Why go to war? Has technology changed history? What role does natural resources play in history? Is global warming changing history? 20

22 21  We will be using the internet for school web projects!  Strict rules must be followed in using the internet. The Internet

23 22 Other Subjects  You will learn about math, science and language arts in another class.  You will learn about health, technology and art and music in another class.

24 23 Why do we need procedures in school?

25 How will I be treated in this class?  You will be treated with respect.  Remember respect is a “two way street!” 24


27 26 Guidance and Nurse Pass Procedure All nurse and guidance passes will be given at the teacher’s discretion. You must have you own agenda book to receive a pass

28 27 Bathroom Procedures  You must ask appropriately and politely to use the bathroom.  You must have an appropriate bathroom pass issued from an adult to gain access to the bathroom.  No bathroom passes are to be issued the first and last ten minutes of every period. You will be allowed to use the bathroom only one time during the week in class.

29 28 What is a reward?

30 29 Rewards Tickets Certificates Letters to parents

31 30 1 ticket will be rewarded for the appropriate completion of daily work. 1 ticket will be rewarded for appropriate class behavior. 1 ticket will be rewarded for coming to class prepared with a pen and class assignments. Tickets Earned for Each Class Period

32 31 Tickets can be traded in for Fantastic Fridays!

33 32 Certificates will be awarded for test grades and projects scoring above 85%

34 33 What is a consequence?

35 34 Consequences Ticket loss Loss of privileges Letters home to parents

36 35 You will be fined 1-2 tickets for each of the following unacceptable behaviors! Getting out of your seat without permission. (2 tickets) Using inappropriate language in class. (2 tickets) Calling out during a class activity. (1 ticket) Being unprepared for class. (1 ticket) If do not have a ticket to pay off a fine you will be assigned after school detention in my classroom. You will stay until your bus/ride is here.

37 36 No cell phones or communication devices in class! If discovered they will be taken and given to a school administrator!

38 37 Video games from home are not permitted in class! If discovered they will be removed and handed over to an administrator!

39 38 How will I be graded for Social Studies?

40 39 Grading for Social Studies! Your grading will be determined in the following manner: 80% Achievement Work. 20% Daily Work. Late Work Points will be deducted from grade for each day it is late according to the following scale: 1 day- 5 points, 2 days-10 points, 3 days-15 points, 4 days-20 points, 5 days-25 points, 6 days-30 points. Total: 100% of your grade

41 40

42 41 What is a mission statement? Hint: What do we do on a mission to Mars?

43 42 Our Class Mission Statement We are here to improve our academic skills by working together, maintaining a positive attitude, and always trying on each assignment or activity.

44 43 What is a pledge?

45 44 Why is a pledge so important?

46 45 Our Class Pledge I Pledge to: 1. Come prepared to learn with a pen. 2. Respect others, their personal space, belongings, feelings and opinions. 3. Listen to others when they are speaking, and to raise my hand to add to the discussion. 4. Participate in all the activities to the best of my ability. 5. I promise to follow the school rules and classroom procedures published in the OKH student agenda book

47 46 Let’s have a great year by improving our academics and making new friends!

48 47 Lets have a great school year!

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