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1 Copyrights EMC Are You Ready for e-Government? Transactional Content Management Yaser Abusamrah. Manager, Nesma Information Services Emad Sarhan. Products.

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1 1 Copyrights EMC Are You Ready for e-Government? Transactional Content Management Yaser Abusamrah. Manager, Nesma Information Services Emad Sarhan. Products Manager, Nesma Information Services

2 2 E-Government  Do you have DSL at home or office ?  Have you ever used a local services ?  Have you ever used a governmental services?  Is it a good service? Simply e-Government is better service to citizens through automated Improved processes and all government agencies must be ready for that

3 3 Paper, and/or manual processes are slow, expensive and error-prone Paper is difficult to store, access and manage Information silos create compliance risk Do you have one of these problems?? 2 3 1 You can not deliver the content and services 4

4 4 Transactional Content Management Input Content Repository Compliance Delivery Process Paper Forms And emails Application output Electronic documents Document management Portal Search Dynamic Publishing Records Security Storage Service-Oriented Architecture To be ready for e-Government, you need both ECM and BPM as a one unified solution to implement and run 5 transactional content management components in one platform

5 5 Value: ECM + BPM = ROI Business Process Lifecycle Management (as part of Business Process Management Suite, or BPMS)  Continuous process improvement  Composite applications/service-oriented architecture  Actionable visibility with business activity monitoring Process Automation (as part of business process management)  Integration  Efficiency  Visibility through reports Document/Content Workflow (as part of enterprise content management, or ECM)  Distributed document routing  Automated approvals  Controlled access Enterprise Content Management (ECM)  Secured and managed content  Repurpose and reuse information  Capture and/or eliminate paper Increasing return on investment potential

6 6 The Heart of Transactional Content Management—Process  Business process management (BPM) is a technology-based approach for understanding, automating, and optimizing your processes… –Understand: Complete view of processes across the organization –Automate: Execute and automate processes in a production environment –Optimize: Continuous process performance improvement  Technologies –Business process analysis –Process execution –Business activity monitoring –Systems-based integration Process

7 7  Business Process Builder  e-Forms Builder  Process Integration Services  Business Process Monitor  Process Engine  Easy to use interface  Business Process Analyzer  Business Process Simulator Business Process Management Tools One unified Solution

8 8 What is SOA? Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Is a computer systems architectural style for creating and using business processes, packaged as services, throughout their lifecycle. SOA also defines and provisions the IT infrastructure to allow different applications to exchange data and participate in business processes. These functions are loosely coupled with the operating systems and programming languages underlying the applications. Source:

9 9 The Way We Were  Hard wired  Redundant  Brittle  Complex  Difficult to support  Challenging to change  Almost impossible to secure Loan Processing Check credit Review and approval Publish Retain Documents Purchasing Verify PO Check credit Post Order Update Payables

10 10 Interactive Services Customer Request Check Credit Review & Approve New Approval Process Retain  Loosely coupled components –Not dependant, changing one will not have a direct affect on any others –Not dedicated to each other, not “hard wired” together and find each other when needed through a registry –Link dynamically - many on the network accessing each other when needed –SOA uses as software building blocks –Each component offers a small range of simple services to other components

11 11 Transactional Content Management—Input  Enterprise input management transforms any type of input into usable data for the enterprise –High-speed centralized data as well as ad hoc distributed data –The magic is in the intelligent recognition and classification of a mixed set of documents –High return on investment and cost-saving impact as well as compliance risk reduction and greatly improved processes  Technologies: –Capturing –Documents Classification –Enterprise Report management –Electronic forms Input Scanners and faxes Application output Paper and e-forms

12 12 Content Capture Input Management  Captures digital and paper content  Captures structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content  Delivers to ECM or ERP systems StoreExtract Metadata Author Date From Subject Customer Capture Identify Validate Semi-Structured Unstructured Structured Input Types

13 13 Report Management Capture All line of business system output – as print streams Migrates previously archived reports, enabling legacy system retirement – huge competitive advantage Input agnostic – think “virtual printer” Normalize Converts all input to PDF PDF/A-compliant archiving – ISO standard for digital preservation Data Extraction Enables classification and application assignment Store to ECM Assign relevant ECM functions (foldering, security, workflows, lifecycle) based on pre- configured rules Content becomes transparently available to users via existing clients

14 14 Transactional Content Management—Content  Creating one Virtual repository for all content  Under your Control  Sharing  Tools used for this –Document Management –Digital Assets Management –Storage Management –Collaboration –Integration Input Document Management DAM Paper and e-forms

15 15 One Content Repository Manufacturing Supply Chain Collaboration R&D Order Fulfillment Customer Sites E-Marketing E-Marketing Image Library Video Engineering Drawings Web Pages Music eMail Video Records Employee Portals Employee Portals Sales Force Automation Employee Hard Drives Email Documents

16 16 One Content Repository

17 17 Content Management Drawings eMail Music Audio Files Movies Photographs Images Records Information stored on CD-ROM Video Documents

18 18 Collaborative Content Management Built around a project team metaphor Easy extranet access Configured by business users Pre-configured templates for rapid adoption Visibility across multiple projects Direct repository integration Files Notes Folders Links Inbox Discussions Poll Databases Project plans Calendar IM Presence Chat Real-time Dashboards

19 19 Transactional Content Management—Compliance  Protect your Content  Put your policy and fit with other compliance  Convert Electronic Documents to Legal Documents.  Handle the Archiving  Tools used –Information Protection & Security –Rights Management –Electronic Record Management –Physical Record Management –Retention policy –Email Archiving Input Records Management Rights Management Archiving

20 20 Time Corporate Control Activity Legal Rules Regulatory Compliance Business Rules Access Control Retention Author Control Document Creation Collaboration Properties Workflow Records Management Store/ Transfer Expunge Disposition Content Management and Records Management Authoring System Object Becomes A Record Documentum Records Manager Declare Classify

21 21 Record Management Records Management– What is it…? Containment Policies Naming Policies Retention Policies Security Record Declaration File Plan Management

22 22 Secure, scalable and unified archive for all types of content Rich Media Email / IM Desktop & File System SharePoint Web Paper Applications & Reports Classify Retain Migrate Discover Administer What is Information Rights Management?

23 23 Transactional Content Management: Deliver  The Right Information to the Right Place at the Right Time  Immediate and flexible access to information  Automatic information retention based on policies (documents, data and process artifacts)  Complete secure and protected access  360-degree view of customer data, documents, and business transactions  Tools Used: –Search –Web Content Management –Portals –Document generation –integrations with Line of Business Deliver Data and documents Business applications Portal

24 24 Universal Search  Integrate and find all contents  Monitor business critical information  Co-existence solution  Standards: –XML –Web Services –SOAP –JRM –FTP –HTTP –SMTP

25 25 Web Content Management .com Sites  Retail, eCommerce Sites  Intra and Extra-net Portals  Self-Service Sites  Catalog Publishing Web Content Management Multi-Channel Publishing  Web Publisher  Simplified for non-technical users  Web Site Administrator  Powerful capabilities to design and manage multiple global sites  Site Delivery Services  Seamless delivery of content to multiple channels Discovery ReportsImagesRich Media Web Documents Approve Demote Content Manager Web Teams Submit Content Owners

26 26 Email Batch Print XML SMS  Document Sciences enables highly-effective customer communications management by providing solutions that integrate content and data from varied sources, personalize it and deliver it to customers Document Output Management (DOM) Web Archive Data ECM High-Volume Batch Collateral Contracts Correspondence Statements Design Real time On- Demand Document DesignerCustomer/End UserOperations UserIT Architect Users:

27 27 ALL CONTENT TYPES RICH SET OF CONTENT SERVICES Content Capture Basic Content Services Information Rights Management Unified Desktop & Ent. Search Automatic Information Classification Document Image Management Business Process Management Web Publishing Email Ingestion Compound Document Management SAP Archiving Security & Rights Management Lifecycle Management Web Site Management Enterprise Reports Archiving Business Process Optimization One Platform MULTIPLE CLIENT ACCESS POINTS Images Flash Sound Video Rich Media Discussions IM Notes Projects Collaborative Paper Fax Images Reports Scanned Images Fixed Email Messages IM Messages Chats Messaging Documents Spreadsheets Presentations Notes Documents HTML SGML WML XML Web

28 28 Next step  Understand your needs.  Select the solution that fit with your needs, not others’ needs.  Take the future in your consideration  Start Now, do not be late.  Do a Good Planning and go step by step  Do not stop, it is a continuous process

29 29 Thank You Q & A

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