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Made by the pupils of 9 “A” form Suleymanova Irada and Sanfirova Veronica.

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1 Made by the pupils of 9 “A” form Suleymanova Irada and Sanfirova Veronica

2 A civilization is a complex society or culture group characterized by dependence upon agriculture, long-distance trade, state form of government, occupational specialization, urbanism, and class stratification.

3 Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization of eastern North Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt.

4 Dynasties of Ancient Egypt: Predynastic Egypt Protodynastic Period Early Dynastic Period Old Kingdom First Intermediate Period Middle Kingdom Second Intermediate Period New Kingdom Third Intermediate Period First Persian Period Late Period Second Persian Period Ptolemaic Dynasty. This dynasty was until 30 year B.C., then became a province in structure of Roman empire.

5 The Comparison Ancient EgyptEgypt (Arab Republic of Egypt) Elements of Egyptian Clothing In Ancient Egypt, was linen by far the most common textile. Wool was known, but considered impure. Only the wealthy wore animal fibers that were the object of taboos. They were used on occasion for overcoats, but were forbidden in temples and sanctuaries. Peasants, workers and other people of modest condition often wore nothing but a loincloth, but the shenti (made of flax) was worn by people of all walks of life. Elements of Egyptian Clothing Men's traditional clothing, preserved mainly in the villages - a long top is usually white or blue woolen shirt (galabeya), which are put under great shorts and a white cotton shirt, vest are also on his feet - shoes without backs, on the head -- brown felt hat (lebda), Which on solemn occasions is wound a white turban.

6 Footwear was the same for both genders. It consisted of sandals of leatherwork, or for the priestly class called papyrus. The most common headdress was the klaft or nemes, a striped cloth worn by men. Women wear the traditional black, rarely colored dress with wide sleeves, girded under the breast, wide pants, head scarf, gold.

7 Ancient Egyptian religion Egyptian religion is regarded as polytheistic. Religions were Animism, zoolatry, Ancestor worship, Magic, Polidoksiya, Tengrianism, Totemism, Fetishism, Shamanism Egyptian religion Most of the population in the country is Muslim. However, the history of Christianity in Egypt, too rich.

8 Writing The ancient Egyptians used a formal writing system, Egyptian hieroglyphs. Writing The official language in Egypt is Arabic.

9 Architecture Egyptian pyramids greatest architectural monuments of ancient Egypt, among which one of the seven wonders of the world "- the pyramid of Cheops. Pyramids are huge stone structures of pyramidal shape. Some of them were used as tombs for pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Total in Egypt found 118 pyramids. Architecture Nowadays there is no anything like pyramids or sphinxes because all bildings are built on one principle.

10 Since the time of the ancient world ruins of the ancient city of Memphis and its cemetery, south of Cairo, next to the pyramids of Giza, the city and burial at Thebes in Upper Egypt, the village of Karnak and Luxor, and several other ancient monuments of Egypt. The old city of Cairo is often called the "Islamic Cairo" - he is full of mosques, Islamic schools, baths and fountains.

11 Ancient Rome was a civilization that grew out of a small agricultural community founded on the Italian Peninsula as early as the 10th century BC. Located along the Mediterranean Sea, it became one of the largest empires in the ancient world.

12 The periods of the history of Ancient Rome: Ancient Rome Period of kings Republican Rome Disintegration of the West-Roman empire. On September, 4th 476 years the Western Roman empire has stopped the existence. Eastern Roman Empire has existed 10 more centuries till 1453 when the empire has undergone to an attack the Turk and has broken up.

13 The Comparison Ancient RomeModern Rome Elements of Roman Clothing Italians haven’t a certain style of clothing. They wear European clothes. Official clothes in Ancient Rome made a toga, a tunic – at men, a table, a palla – at women. Men and women both wore sandals.

14 Ancient Rome religion: Polytheism, Mythology Imperial cult, Animism Modern Rome religion: The religion in Rome is Christianity.

15 Writing Ancient Romans wrote in the Latin language. Writing Romans write in the Italian language. За гр уз ка... Н е уд ал ос ь за гр уз ит ь из о б ра ж е н и е. П ос м от ре ть н а са йт е | О тк р ы ть в по л н о м ра з м ер е П ос м от ре ть н а са йт е О тк р ы ть в по л н о м ра з м ер е talian.php Итальянский язык. Также вашему вниманию предлагаются услуги нашего бюро по Информация об изображении: Ра зр е ш е н и е: 481 x 369 Ра з м ер ф а й ла : 13KB Ф ор м ат ф а й ла : gifЕще картинки:«Предыдущие 4 Следующие 4»

16 Architecture Historical and architectural monuments of Rome: Baths of Diocletian Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore Piazza di Spagna Architecture Nowadays ancient building are still historical monuments. They are built in European style.

17 Trevi Fountain Villa Borghese Via Veneto Republic Square Palantinsky hill

18 Pantheon Capitol Hill Colosseum Piazza Venezia St. Maria in Kosmedin, the Mouth of Truth Trastevere

19 Tiberina Island Castle of St. Angela Vatican Museums St. Peter's Square

20 Economical and political situations in the empire led to its crises and failure. We have to analyze their experience and prevent our civilization from failure. So we demonstrated two ancient civilizations: Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt. It’s too difficult to rule so vast territories and people.

21 The sites:  k=view&id=459&Itemid=47    

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