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A look back in time Farming and Tools The ancient Egyptians were one of the groups through out history that have tools to farm and actually farm their.

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2 A look back in time

3 Farming and Tools The ancient Egyptians were one of the groups through out history that have tools to farm and actually farm their own crops. Themselves, like the Mesopotamians had names for the seasons and when to harvest their crops. During July, water from the Nile will begin to rises and flood the land This was called Inundation. By the time the flood was over the people had lots of work to do. Most of the people from the village had to work on the Pharaoh’s projects. November comes along and the water is down so now farmers can go out and plough their fields better. Sowers soon later scatter seeds and take their animals out to the field and stomp on the soil. Causing it to be damp and rich. Some of their crops were…emmer,barley,(used for baking bread and brewing beer, wheat) pekha, (an unidentified sort of corn, flax), and much more. You can check it out on the links that I have.breadbeerflax This is a picture of two people that are working on the crops. They are using Wooden ploughs, Sickles and hoes made of wood.

4 The ancient Egyptian’s wore clothes, jewels and cosmetics just as we do today. Of course they were different then ours but they were manly used for the same importance. Clothes:Because of the hot climate in Egypt most clothes were made of plant fibers or linen. Men wore kilts and women wore straight dresses on a daily basis. Rich and wealthy people wore more stylish clothes which usually had embroidery made of beads on them. Cosmetics: Cosmetics were worn on both men and women.On hot sunny days Egyptians wore special oils to stop their skin from drying up. Some other important cosmetics included kohl that they used to paint the eyes with (or use as eyeliner) and perfumes. Jewels and accessories: In the Egyptian days men, women and children no matter what their age wore jewellery. On their heads they wore circlets. They also wore many kinds of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Jewellery was made of many things such as gold, stones, silver, shells and beads.

5 Music and Dancing Music and dance was a very important part of being in a culture. Egyptians had a lot of the wood instruments that we have today. Flutes, harps,percussion, like drums, and other cool instruments that we play. Oboes, one of the first instruments to actually have been made by the Egyptians, were found in the year of 2800 BCE. More and more people loved the music they began to dance and sing to it. Dancing and singing was a religious thing that the Egyptians did to thank the gods for their good will. Dancers with weights fastened to their hair, dancing to clapping!! Types of instruments that they had harps, lyres, lutes, percussion instruments like drums, rattles, tambourines, bells (first used during the Late Period) and cymbals (Roman Period), wind instruments like flutes, clarinets, double pipes, trumpets, and oboes. I found this out by searching on the web. I have this site so I am not plagiarizing.

6 Means of transportation Egyptians had many ways of using transportation. One way was by walking. Walking was for the people that had long distances and other important things. Older men had to use walking sticks for some had a hard time walking. Another way were the ferries. Racing up the Nile rivers, trying to deliver their goods and supplies. People from the south had some difficulty reaching the north of Egypt because of the cataracts. In litters people, like the royal family’s, would sit in a royal chair and other people like the slaves would carry their Queen or King. Chariots were used by the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Horses were discovered in the 17 th century, so yeah. Crafts, boats and ships are also like the the Ferries. There are many more was but these are the transportations that I thought were pretty interesting. This is a picture of two people and a chariot.

7 The houses in Egypt are made with the same materials that the pyramids were made from…sun dried bricks. Mud and sand were laid out to dry in the sun and be used to build the Egyptians houses. They built with the same materials as the dwellings of the commoners. Metjen, a third dynasty official, received from his king among other gifts. Find out where I got this by clicking on the picture. For the second time…I’m not plagiarizing. Any way…Gateways were generally made of stone, even in poorer households. The wooden doors and leaves of double doors could be barred from the inside. Keys have been found dating from 1550 BCE onwards, but not the bars they locked. The floors in houses were made of packed earth, which wouldn't do for a bathroom. There, a slab of stone was placed in a corner. Often the adobe walls near-by were coated with stone as well. The water could run off into a bowl which was either emptied by hand, or had holes at its bottom, thus draining slowly into the ground. Gardens were very popular in Egypt. From an enclosed yard with a few fruit trees to botanical and zoological gardens with exotic trees, ponds, often stocked with fish, and caged animals and birds, gardens are depicted in many tombs.zoological gardens Housing This is a picture of a modern garden With a fig tree and a basin in 2000 BCE.

8 Arts and Crafts Egyptian craftsmen are the people that make the masks like the mask if of Tutankhamun. This was made with pure gold and is inlaid with semi- precious stones and colored glass. This was placed over the face of the dead king. I found this out in a book. So if you want to check out the bibliography at the back of this presentation. Most of the craftsmen's were employed by the king, by the temples, or by noblemen who had workshops on their estates. Sons of the craftsmen's were expected to follow the same profession as their fathers and to be trained by them.The boy has to gain skills such as tools,which were of copper, bronze, or stone and made with wooden handles. He also had to learn many of the rules of his craft. This is a picture of king Tuts statue

9 Theatre-Religious Beliefs This theatre was important for many important beliefs and religions. Theatre were used for plays and past time pleasure. The murder of Osiris by Seth, his dismemberment and resuscitation made for excellent theatre and was frequently shown, with the main roles played by professional actors and the extras often members of the public. Abydos and Busiris were important centers for these activities. The festivities were divided into three parts: the defense of Osiris by his son Upuaut, the fight of Osiris himself and his demise, and lastly the triumph of Osiris when his enemies are defeated.OsirisSeth This is the outside of one of the theatre in the Egyptian period.

10 Ancient Egypt Much of what happened during the earlier periods of Egyptian history is speculative. It seems that the southern king Narmer (perhaps Aha or the legendary Menes) won a victory over a northern king which has been immortalized by the Narmer Palette. What may have been another southern victory over the inhabitants of the Delta is depicted on the Bull Palette.Narmer Palette.Bull Palette. I got this research from the site that you can see if you click on the links.

11 In ancient Egypt slaves were considered people with not as many rights as other people. Some people believe that slaves were the ones who built the great pyramids of Giza and others prefer to believe that all Egyptians built them. People aren’t even exactly sure there was slavery in Egypt because how could they control so many slaves?

12 In ancient Egypt people believed that when they past away they would enter the kingdom of god Osiris. They believed that when they did enter the kingdom of god Osiris they would have to face a trial to find out if they had led a good life or a bad one. This trial worked like this….. The heart of the dead man would be weighed against a feather. If the feather went up and the heart went down the man had sinned in his life but if the feather and heart weighed the same he had been truthful and good during his life. (The judgment of the dead)….

13 Bibliography These are all of the people’s resources that we found most of our stuff on. Thank you for looking at our presentation and we hope that you enjoy the rest of the Expo. This is the site were we found the most of our pictures and research. The Egyptians Millard Anne. London (© Macdonald Educational Limited,) 1975. This is the book that my partner and I found some information that we found. g+&hl=en g+&hl=en. This site is where we found one of our pictures. This is the best site for that.

14 Mrs. Dawson for helping us on our projects when needed and for being a great teacher! The majority of our class for showing us helpful tips on making our project better. Also we would like to thank all the helpful sites we used to find information!! And Thank You for looking at our project to see how hard we worked!!


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