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Einstein’s Dreams and Sound and Fury Erin Powder, Reagan Munson, JP Jennings, and Kierstyn Suda.

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1 Einstein’s Dreams and Sound and Fury Erin Powder, Reagan Munson, JP Jennings, and Kierstyn Suda

2 8 May 1905 - Summary End of the world is approaching, and everyone knows it 26 September, 1907: The End of the World Berne, Switzerland: All is a state of leisure and fraternity. “One Year before the end, schools close their doors. Why learn for the future, with so brief a future? … [Children’s] parents let them do what they wish.” The closer the end comes, the closer people grow towards each other.

3 8 May 1905 - Analysis As the end of the world approaches, material possessions lose value and people come to appreciate everything more. The world becomes more equal because people realize that classes don’t matter when they are all going to die.

4 8 May 1905 - Question If you knew the world was going to end, the cause and exact time, how do you think the people of this time would react? Do you think it would make the world a better place as it somewhat did in the book?

5 8 May 1905 Connection to The Sound and the Fury People: Quentin Quentin feels much like the people who know they are going to die towards the end of his life. Reckless abandon Rather than making everyone around him unhappy he begins to relate to all people more closely He loses his sense of superiority and sees all people as equal Approaching his end made him a better person Time: Also Quentin Quentin is his own end, as is symbolically shown through the presence of his shadow

6 10 May 1905 - Summary People get stuck in random times Portions of towns become stuck in some time in history, and people sometimes find themselves stuck in their own lives Gives the message that one cannot let one instance in time define who they are Time is sticky in this world Universe of loneliness

7 10 May 1905 - Analysis “Everyone who gets stuck in time, gets stuck alone”. Senses - smells, sights, noises, personification Each piece of the town is at a different time period Done to show that people can live in the same place but be “emotionally” somewhere else

8 10 May 1905 - Question The book states that this universe is one of loneliness and sorrow whether you are stuck in a time of tragedy or joy. Why do you think it would be a bad thing to get stuck in a time of joy?

9 10 May 1905 Relation to The Sound and the Fury “individual people become stuck in some point of their lives and do not get free” (47). “The tragedy of the world is that no one is happy, whether stuck in a time of pain or of joy... For a life in the past cannot be shared with the present.” (49). People: Quentin is unhappy because he cannot free himself from his past. Everyone has moved on but he is stuck thinking about Caddy. Because of this he feels alone. Time: the Compson home is where Quentin is stuck, he cannot get past his experiences and life at the Compson home

10 11 May 1905 - Summary Time brings order Time Cleans and fixes everything Nothing is out of place because time always fixes it The people rebel annually and break as much as they can

11 11 May 1905 - Analysis “the future is order… the past, randomness” (51). The passing of time brings order to the disorder of the past The people feel trapped in the order that time brings so they rebel occasionally People are never truly satisfied with the way of the world Too much order brings insanity People don’t have as much pride in their property because they don’t need to keep it clean themselves Opposite of our world

12 11 May 1905 - Question “the future is order… the past, randomness” (51) Do you believe this quote applies to our own world, or do you think it is the other way around for us? Does the future bring order or destruction?

13 11 May 1905 Connection to Sound and Fury People: Jason Jason lives his life expecting everything to fall into place for him. He makes mistakes and destroys his relationships with people and expects them to just fix themselves. Time: Dilsey can be synonymous with time in this universe because she brings order to the Compson family whenever Jason destroys something

14 14 May 1905 - Summary There is a place in which time freezes At the center of time, time is completely frozen As one approaches the center of time, time moves more and more slowly People try to hold on to their relationships as long as possible by freezing themselves in a moment of happiness Once they leave, centuries have passed in “real time”

15 14 May 1905 - Analysis “without time, there is no life” (56). Without the passing of time, we would never truly experience life We have to let ourselves move on from both good and bad things to have a fulfilling life “will never” (54) is repeated They will never let go of an embrace They will never age They will never move on Trying to freeze themselves leads to loneliness once they leave the center Three Types of People: Those who choose to be frozen in a moment Those who choose to live out the entirety of their lives Those who go from the center of time to outer concentric circles

16 14 May 1905 - Quote “Some say it is best not to go near the center of time. Life is a vessel of sadness, but it is noble to live life, and without time there is no life. Others disagree. They would rather have an eternity of contentment, even if that eternity were fixed and frozen, like a butterfly mounted in a case.” (56).

17 14 May 1905 - Question Do you think it would be a good or bad thing to have the option of freezing yourself in a moment?

18 14 May 1905 Connection to Sound and Fury Time: Compson household is the center of time People: Benjy is the most affected by this as he is in many ways stuck there Nothing really ever changes for the Compsons until they leave the house because though time is passing, none of them are changing at all. They get stuck in their roles until they leave.

19 15 May 1905 - Summary Time passes in moments Only significant events really happen, everything else (how you arrive at the significant event) does not exist Only the important things happen at all

20 15 May 1905 - Analysis ““Imagine a world in which there is no time, only images” (57). The idea of the journey does not exist Time can only be put together by placing the moments of all people together Time doesn’t truly exist, only specific moments, which may or may not be in the correct sequence

21 15 May 1905 - Question Do you think this universe is the universe of how we remember things?

22 15 May 1905 Connection to Sound and Fury Time: Benjy This universe connects to the Benjy section of Sound and Fury because the section is written in moments The moments are not in sequence and he does not tell the entire story of how he got to places, he only tells of the specific moment

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