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Habit 2 begin with the end in mind

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1 Habit 2 begin with the end in mind
It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end. Ursula K. Leguin

2 Think of a puzzle…… With 1,000 pieces spread out all over the floor.
You turn the lid of the box over – and there is no picture! You don’t know where you are headed. This is what happens if you don’t have a plan, vision or goal. You don’t know where you are going. And sometimes that means someone else will make the decisions for you!

3 Not every decision We are not talking about every decision in your life, your career or whom you will marry. Just think beyond today and the direction you want to take. Believe it or not, the decisions you make today will make a difference in who you are tomorrow.

4 Let’s use your imagination
Clear your mind of everything. Don’t worry about school, friends, home, or any other stressors Just focus and breathe You can close your eyes if you want as the advisor reads the following: In your mind, visualize someone walking toward you about half a block away. At first you can’t see who it is. As this person gets closer and closer you suddenly realize, believe it or not, that it’s you. But it’s not you today, it’s you as you would like to be one year from now. Now think about yourself. What have you done with your life over the past year? How do you feel inside? What do you look like? What characteristics do you possess? (Remember, this is you as you would like to be one year from now)

5 What did you see? Now float back to reality.
If you were a good sport and did the experiment you probable got to see a few things. You got to see/feel what is important to you and what you want to accomplish over the next year. This is called beginning with the end in mind (the title of Habit 2).

6 You are at the crossroads of life
You have to choose which paths to take (take a moment to ponder and discuss: Do you want to go to college or graduate school? What will your attitude towards life be? Should you try out for that team? What type of friends do you want to have? Will you join a gang? Will you date? Will you drink, smoke, do drugs? What kind of relationships do you want with your family? What will you stand for? How will you contribute to your community?

7 A mission statement helps
A mission statement is a motto or credo. It states what your life is about. Samples: “I will live by my own policies. I will sleep with a clear conscience. I will sleep in peace.” R= religion E= education S= succeeding P= productive E= exercise C= caring T= truthful

8 Another sample My Mission Statement
Have confidence in yourself and everyone else around you. Be kind, courteous and respectful to all people. Set reachable goals. Never lose sight of these goals. Never take the simple things in life for granted. Appreciate other people’s differences and see their differences as a great advantage. Ask questions. Strive each day to reach interdependence. Remember that before you can change someone else, you must first change yourself. Speak with your actions, not with your words. Make the time to help those less fortunate than yourself or those who are having a bad day. Read the 7 Habits every day. Read this mission statement every day!

9 The Great discovery The activity you are about to do is a fun way to get ready to write a mission statement. This will not be graded for content; your advisor will just see that you complete it or not. It is an activity meant to help you! There is no right or wrong answer. Have fun and think about yourself. Please distribute the worksheets.

10 The Great Discovery Please take your time and complete the activity.
Once completed, you can place this in your folder, or you can ask your advisor to make you a copy to take home.

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