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Structure People Politics Symbol Reframing Presbytery.

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1 Structure People Politics Symbol Reframing Presbytery

2 Structural Frame Human Resources Frame Political Frame Symbolic Frame Reframing Presbytery

3 Using Multiple Frames “It can be enormously liberating to realize there is always more than one way to respond to any problem or dilemma. “Frames serve multiple functions “Collectively, they make it possible to reframe, viewing the same thing from multiple perspectives. When the word seems hopelessly confusing and nothing is working, reframing is a powerful tool for gaining clarity, generating new options, and finding strategies that work.”

4 Consider Your Operative Frame(s) Each of us tends toward preferred frames Organizationally, the same or different frames may dominate or have dominating usage Can you see how the use of different frames impacts your presbytery as an organization?

5 1. Structural Frame Work Allocation – differentiation Coordination – integration Reframing Presbytery

6 The Presbytery (Manual of Administrative Operations Introduction)) Council Ministry Division Administrative Division Mission Coordination Committee Church Development Committee Committee On Ministry Budget Committee Stewardship Committee Administrative Commission Congregational Property Personnel Committee Investment Committee Bills and Overtures Nominating Committee Com on Preparation for Ministry Permanent Judicial Commission Session Records Review Committee Committee on Representation Associated Ministry Groups

7 Work Allocation – differentiation Function of Committee, staff, etc. Time –deadlines, Product – what is it? Process – flow of work Structural Frame

8 Lateral Coordination Meetings Task Forces Coordinating roles Matrix structures Networks Structural Frame Vertical Coordination Authority Rules Planning Control

9 Differentiation vs Integration Gap vs overlap Underuse vs overload Lack of clarity vs Lack of creativity Excessive autonomy vs Excessive interdependence Too loose vs too tight Goalless vs Goalbound Irresponsible vs unresponsive Structural Frame-Polarities

10 Structural Frame Assumptions Presbyteries exist to achieve established goals and objectives Presbyteries increase efficiency and enhance performance through division of labor Appropriate forms of coordination and control ensure that diverse efforts of individuals and units mesh Presbyteries work best when rationality prevails over personal preferences and extraneous pressures Structures must be designed to fit church circumstances Problems and performance gaps arise from structural deficiencies and can be remedied through analysis and restructuring Adapted from Bolman and Deal

11 2. Human Resources Frame Build and Implement Personnel Philosophy Hire Right People Keep them Invest in them Empower them BE the boss when you need to be the boss! Manage staff and volunteers differently Reframing Presbytery


13 Manage volunteers Invite the skill you need Invite the new “view” to challenge groupthink Danger of the mass invitation Insulating Presbytery system from the troublesome “exported” elders Accountability Thanks, praise, commendation, recognition The relational economy – a different bottom line Human Resources Frame

14 Style of Leader Supportive Behavior (Low) (High) Directive Behavior(High) D4D2D3D1 High Competence High Commitment Low to Some Competence Low Commitment Low Competence High Commitment High Supportive and Low Directive High Directive And High Supportive Low Supportive and Low Directive High Directive and Low Supportive S4 S2S3 S1 Moderate to High Competence Variable Commitment DevelopedDeveloping Directing Coaching Supporting Delegating Followers

15 Human Resource Frame Assumptions Presbyteries exist to serve congregations of disciples/apostles serving the Mission of God (i.e. congregations do not serve the Presbytery) Presbyteries need ideas, energy, and talent; people need ministries congregations provide When the fit between those serving and presbytery system is poor, one or both suffer. When people are exploited or exploit the presbytery, both become victims A good fit benefits both. Those serving find meaning and satisfying ministry; presbyteries get the talent and energy they need to succeed in serving congregations

16 3. Political Frame “Interdependence, divergent interests, scarcity, and power relations inevitably spawn political activity.” p 194 Reframing Presbytery


18 Presbyteries are coalitions of assorted individuals and interest groups. Coalition members have enduring differences in values, beliefs, information, interests and perceptions of reality. Most important decisions involve allocating scarce resources – who gets what. Scarce resources and enduring differences put conflict at the center of day-to-day dynamics and make power the most important asset. Goals and decisions emerge from bargaining and negotiation among competing stakeholders jockeying for their own interests. Political Frame

19 Toxic Narcissistic Corrupt Callous “evil” Unprincipled Lack self-awareness Unresponsive to feedback Break the rules Warrior Roles Relentless Passionate and Pragmatic Bend the rules Grudge keepers Persistence Courage Often Polarizing Stubborn Constricted field of view Principled “Very poor hater” Aspirational Conviction Commitment to overarching purpose Combat in perspective Self-Sacrifice Big Picture perspective

20 High Context Cultures Relationally oriented “Rules” direct you to the person who decides Usually hierarchical in authority practice Low Context Cultures Task/ Results oriented “Rules” are rules everyone follows Usually more egalitarian in authority practice Political Frame

21 Low versus High Context Cultures - “mores” around political activity differ Church is a high context pocket within a low context North American environment Unlike most high context culture, church leadership is egalitarian not hierarchical Low Context – no holds bared, anything goes LBJ in contrast to Jimmy Carter High Context – fraught with secret taboos Double standard: leaders and followers “Not”-the-bishop leadership? Political Frame

22 Distinguishing more and less emotional systems and subsystems Corresponds with more or less measureable results Creative management of anxiety in system How stretch a system (ie “lead”) in a minefield of taboos? Executive as “Alice”, Presbytery as the “Queen of Hearts” Political Frame

23 Warrior Qualities Elements HeartPassion Courage Persistence MindKnowing What You Want Mapping the Terrain and developing a game plan Responding adroitly to threats and opportunities Aligning Passion to Purpose Choosing Your Battles SkillKnowing the psyche/soul Making friends and enlisting allies Rallying the troops Enlisting friends and buying off enemies WeaponsPosition Organization Allies Resources Political Frame

24 PositionToxicRelentlessPrincipled CEOAl DunlapBill GatesWarren Buffett MilitaryHermann GoeringUlysses S GrantGeorge Marshall Robert E Lee National LeadersRichard Nixon Adolph Hitler Idi Amin George W Bush Lyndon Johnson Abraham Lincoln Barack Obama Nelson Mandela CoachesBobby KnightMike KrzyzewskiJohn Wooden Warrior Roles Personal Work Therapy, Coaching Spiritual refreshment Dysfunctional Propensities Familiar Misery Magnified/ Projected Ego, Anger, Vengeance









33 Political Frame Power High Low Pro Change Opposed to Change Council PW CDC Planning Camps Staff Mission Interests BPU COM Personnel Then….. Exec

34 Political Frame Power High Low Pro Change Opposed to Change Council PW CDC Camps Staff Mission Interests BPU COM Personnel Now….. Exec

35 Political Frame Assumptions Presbyteries are coalitions of diverse individuals and interest groups There are enduring differences among coalition members in values, beliefs, information, interests, and perceptions of reality Most important decisions involve allocating scarce resources- who gets what Scarce resources and enduring differences make conflict central to church dynamics and underline power as the most important asset Goals and decisions emerge from bargaining, negotiation, and jockeying for position among competing stakeholders

36 Your Political Frame Power High Low Pro Change Opposed to Change Interests

37 4. Symbolic Frame Metaphor Myth Stories with Power Secrets, Taboos Meaning Reframing Presbytery


39 Our “product” is symbolic, thus we are a community of “wizards” Wizards are wise Importance of Symbolic/ Sacramental Events Link between word and deed Passionate Transformational, not just transactional Connect familiar past with new possibility Symbolic Frame

40 Wannabe Underestimating influence of the environment on organizational values and practices Discounting the significance of symbols/ cultural values in change Discounting importance of heroes and heroines Getting caught up in your own image and neglecting purpose/goals/vision Overpromising and raising unrealistic expectations Surrounds self with like-minded loyalists Symbolic Frame

41 Harmful Both Villain and Victim Flourish in isolation and ethical vacuums Never alone in their plots, always co- conspirators Narrow field of view Alternative reality with seeds of their own destruction Symbolic Frame

42 Authentic Seeks, embraces and dispenses Wisdom through questions asked, metaphors employed, stories told, (parables!). (not specific advice) Embrace foibles and folly (“God is in the interruptions” Carl Jung) Intimately connected with own soul Reveals sacramental, poetic in everyday duty Available to each of us with personal spiritual work Symbolic Frame

43 PositionHarmfulWannabeAuthentic CEOFrank Lorenzo Bernie Ebbers Ken LayLiz Claybourne Mary Kay MilitaryHermann GoeringWestmorelandSwarzkopf NationalWarren Harding Slobodan Milosevic Joseph Stalin Woodrow Wilson George W Bush Ronald Reagan Barack Obama Nelson Mandela CoachesDave BlissTomjanovichPhil Jackson ReligiousJim Jones David Koresh Most fired pastorsDesmond Tutu MLK, Jr. Many vital pastors

44 Presbytery Leader Administrator (not so symbolic) Overseer (not so symbolic) Boundary Maintainer (not so symbolic) Sentinel (more symbolic) NOT the Bishop (Not the leader? Not the symbolic presence? Not the voice of oversight?) Role ambiguity How do we cast the Vision? How can a Presbytery Leader work symbolically? What is the space for such in your system Congregation Leader Mythic role of the Pastor The meta story teller The priest Every Sunday opportunity to shape the Symbolic Clarity of Role Symbolic Frame






50 AEPS meeting

51 Symbolic Frame Assumptions What is most important is not what happens but what it means Activity and meaning are loosely coupled; events have multiple meanings because people interpret experience differently In the face of widespread uncertainty and ambiguity, people create symbols to resolve confusion, increase predictability, find direction, and anchor hope and faith Many events and processes are more important for what is expressed than what is produced Culture is the glue that holds an organization together and unites people around shared values and beliefs

52 Bolman and Deal (2003), Table 18.1. 372. (Re)Framing Organizational Change FrameBarriers to ChangeEssential Strategies Structural Loss of clarity and stability confusion, chaos Communicating, realigning, and renegotiating formal patterns and policies Human Resource Anxiety, uncertainty; people feel incompetent and needy Training to develop new skills; participation and improvement; psychological support Political Disempowerment; conflict between winners and losers Create arenas where issues can be renegotiated and new coalitions formed Symbolic Loss of meaning and purpose; clinging to the past Create transition rituals; mourn the past; celebrate the future

53 Structural Frame Human Resources Frame Political Frame Symbolic Frame Reframing Presbytery

54 Lee G. Bolman, Terrance E. Deal, Reframing Organizations, 4 th ed., Jossey-Bass, 2008. Lee G. Bolman, Terrance E. Deal, The Wizard and the Warrior; Leading with Passion and Power. Jossey-Bass, 2006. Resources


56 Your Political Frame Power High Low Pro Change Opposed to Change Interests

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