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Soledad Caballero Hernández 3º A E.S.O. I.E.S. Ramón y Cajal - Murcia.

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1 Soledad Caballero Hernández 3º A E.S.O. I.E.S. Ramón y Cajal - Murcia

2  The music is more terrifying & scary when you close your eyes...  Example: “This is Halloween” of Marilyn Manson.  What scares us the most is the bass sound.

3  It is expressed in the eye / eyelids  Raised eyebrows and contracted at the same time.  The wrinkles of the forehead, just at the center when we frown.  Upper eyelid raised, showing the white parts, with lower eyelid tension and elevation.

4  Open mouth and lips or tense and contracted slightly backward or forward narrowed and contracted.  Approximate elevation of eyebrows. Eyes and mouth open, stretching from the corners of the lips.

5  GSR. (Galvanic Skin Response). The skin temperature alters.  Changes in the distribution of blood. There are places where there is a greater influence of blood (external flushing) and others in which a vasoconstriction is produced (pallor or cold).

6  Altered heart rate, which speeds up or lags (tachycardia or bradycardia).  Modification of breathing (panting or sighing).  Pupul slow response.  Abnormal salivary secretion (or high or low).  Pilomotriz response in the neck.

7  Gastrointestinal motility (urge to urinate, defect or vomit).  Muscle tension (trembling or chattering of teeth).  Sweat can be perceived as cold.

8  Increases blood pressure.  Hyper-or hyperfunctioning hormonal.  Altered metabolism of neurotransmitters.  Impaired circulation: vasodilation or vasoconstriction.

9  Fear: Horror, panic, terror, dread, anxiety, fear, phobia...  Fear is closely associated with anxiety. The anxiety causing: Distress, despair, anxiety, stress, worry, anxiety, nervousness...

10  hatred.  disapproval.  disgust.  rejection.

11  Old Clothes.  Torn clothing.  Dark clothing or black.

12  Dirty Pictures.  Dust.  Long dark corridors.  A Gothic facade.  A black house.

13  The ellipsis.  The dark cover.  The ominous title.  The mysterious. illustrations  The intriguing plot.  Whether it's for adults.

14  Series with scary music.  With a "coming soon...“.  With a sinister laugh.  With fast images.

15  A girl with a sad face and a boy with a smile.  A light side and a dark one.  White eyes.  Dark lyrics.


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