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2 Contents of Plan Introduction Types of links and probabilities When you don’t know Strategy Application and imbibing techniques Analogy bible from Big book ETS, Nova, Barons List from Bible References

3 Key concepts Before looking at answer think of the short sentence that makes the relationship Example Fish : School, here the group of fish is called a school ; Club: golf, (Club is used to play Golf) Types of relations Eliminate choices with no relationship (imp:brahmastra) Watch for eye catchers Use part of speech for the words You can reverse the words or carefully make your own sentences (stem) Conjecture is an important skill Use 30-50 seconds, don’t be over-fast Diplomatic language is importance issue here too

4 Types of Analogy Synonyms & Antonyms Member and class Degree of intensity (stronger, harsher, or more in degree) Part of whole Definition Lack of Manner of Function Action & significance Pertaining to Different connotation Worker and action & worker and workplace Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

5 Constrains of the Examiner He cannot give any other relation than the 10 Relation should be strong Answer should be non controversial Two basic themes are antonyms and synonyms The answer or the brahm-astra we have is the “Power of Elimination” Even if we don’t know the meaning then also we have to use POE carefully as we cannot skip the question and our slightest of idea about the words can benefit us

6 When you don’t know the meaning How to guess? There are few relationship which are common My personal estimates are that 70% of analogy are antonym & synonym based Verb vs Verb & Adj vs adj

7 Collection or Grouping Philately: stamp ( collector of stamps) Numismatics: coin ( collector of coins)

8 Secondary meanings Pan: camera ( pan in very means rotating a camera) Page70; Book: GRE Barron's

9 Determination of word’s part of speech Sap: vitality :: drain : resolve

10 More examples of guessing: Practice Cloyed: Jaded:: A) Circumscribed: trifling B) Insatiable: cormorant C) Effeminate: conscientious D) Rectilinear: graceful E) Penurious: fatuous

11 Answer Correct answer is B Type of question: Synonyms Elimination of irrelevant answers Secondary meaning of Cormorant is greedy

12 Practice Session Draconian: coercion :: A. Insouciant: resplendence B. Munificent: philanthropy C. Blatant: concealment D. Submissive: consequent E. Spent: existence Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

13 Answer Correct answer is B Type of question: Property Elimination of irrelevant answers Draconian has strict and coercive rules, similarly munificent has philanthropic behavior

14 Degree question Resolute : Will:: A. Violent : peaceful B. Fanatic : concern C. Balky : contrary D. Notorious : infamy E. Virtuous : wholesome Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

15 Answer Answer is B Power of elimination can be applied Possible relation exploration Resolute means very strong willed, fanatic means very strong concern

16 Degree Question Saturate : Dampen :: A. Contaminate : pollute B. Besmirch : sully C. Extol : praise D. Waive : donate E. Pronounce: presume Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

17 Answer Answer is C Saturate is to dampen thoroughly, similar to extol is to praise highly Degree check Relation Don’t get confused in synonyms and antonyms

18 Example of Worker & Tool Welder : Torch A. Carpenter : file B. Farmer : plow C. Printer : binder D. Painter : roller E. Sailor : compass Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

19 Answer Answer is C Welder uses a torch, printer uses binder POE A & S

20 Spatial order questions Epilogue : story A. Postscript : Epistle B. Preface : Manuscript C. Foundation : ground D. Title : cognomen E. Alphabet : missive Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

21 Answer Epilogue comes as a summary towards the end of a story, similarly postscript comes at end of Epistle Hence answer is A Use elimination Depict all possible reason when not sure about meaning

22 Tough questions Hector : Equanimity A. Quicken : cognition B. Harass : contravention C. Affirm : scruple D. Deviate : Itinerary E. Maraud : locality Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

23 Answers Hector, the word comes from a roman hero of the famous Trojan war. Hector is to intimidate, whereas equanimity is calmness of mind Now affirm means assert, and scruple means misgivings or doubt Hence the correct answer is C This is a tough question where B is the eye catcher Also notable is the importance of Greek based words

24 Another tough one Peccadillo : Flaw :: A. Mediator : dispute B. Grammar : error C. Nick : Score D. Forensic : judiciary E. Invasion : putsch Page 400-450, From Book: GRE Nova

25 Answer Ans C Peccadillo is a small flaw likewise nick is small score Here Error is the eye catcher Be careful in these questions

26 Another question (Example of Noun and Diplomatic Languge) Aristocrat : Land :: A. Bureaucracy : enslavement B. Monarchy : abnegation C. Gentry : talent D. Dignity : rank E. Junta : anarchy

27 Answer Answer is D POE Eliminate A also due to diplomacy language Also land is noun, therefore the answer cannot have adjective or very on the right side An Aristocrat has privilege due to land, similar a dignitary has rank

28 Vocabulary for Tough Questions Limp is to walk unevenly similarly stutter is to walk unevenly Awl is used to pierce, similarly pestle is used to mash Splint is used to reduce mobility, similarly is used to reduce friction Reticent is one who talks less, abstemious is one who doesn’t gorge himself Curator is person who collects or hold many paining, similarly the librarian holds a collection of books Astrolabe is a nautical instrument, similarly colander is a culinary instrument (Engineering) To complain a lot is called carp, similarly to drink a lot is called guzzle Filigree is twisted wires, similarly lace is twisted thread (clothes) Corral is collection of horse, similarly coop is collection of chicken Page 2-5, Analogy Bible

29 Vocabulary for Tough Questions Painter paints on canvas to make his painting, similarly sculptor uses marble to make the statue (Art renaissance) Fresco is a painting on wall, similarly parquetry is painting on floor (Renaissance) Alcove: recess :: dome : roof Doggerel is poor verse, burlesque is poor plat (arts) Peroration is ending speech, coda is end of sonata (Literature poems) Embroider is design on clothing, likewise chase is design on/using metals (clothes and arts) Tourniquet is used to check flow of blood, like dam checks river (medical term) Grow : burgeon :: beat : palpitate Epitaph is inscription on tombstone :: motto is on shield Simper is irritating smile, babble is senseless talk Page 6-9, Analogy Bible

30 Vocabulary for Tough Questions Egg chicken :: roe salmon Embellish : austere :: adulterate : pure Clay is used in porcelain, like flax is used in linen Parquet is decoration of : wood :: mosaic : glass Needle is used to make knit, likewise loom is used for weave Hemorrhage causes bleeding, likewise vertigo causes dizziness Pluck : quit :: pride : grovel (political social) Epidermis : mammal :: bark conifer Leaf : oak :: needle (leaf of pine): pine Voting : roll call :: terminate : cloture (political words) Page 9-11, Analogy Bible

31 Vocabulary for Tough Questions Tango : dance :: elegy : poem Usury is taking high interest, similarly gouge is to make high price Stray : group :: digress : subject Enunciate is to speak clear words, likewise limn is to draw lines Muffler : neck :: mitten :: hand Denture (false teeth): teeth :: toupee (wig or artificial hairs) : hair Script is of play : like score is for symphony Potter : shard :: bread : crumb Frieze : ornament :: pillar : support Foil : metal :: veneer : wood

32 Vocabulary for Tough Questions Fidget : nervousness :: cringe : dread(fearfully) Fang : tooth :: finger digit Bolster : Support :: Tackle : Hoist Ballad : stanza :: novel : chapter Silver : tarnish :: Iron : rust (economics)

33 Practice Take more test and use the methods shown in this presentation While practice use even the slightest idea you have about the word

34 References GRE Barron's (Buy the book which is requisite for this class GRE Nova’s (Buy the book which is requisite for this class at Analogy Bible

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