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GEOGRAPHY GAME SHOW where in the world?. Arrange yourselves according to:

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1 GEOGRAPHY GAME SHOW where in the world?

2 Arrange yourselves according to:



5 1. Identify the country in each coordinates: 68-125˚ W, 30-50 ˚ N 110-155 ˚ E, 15-45 ˚ S Belarus – relative location Tanzania – relative location

6 1234 1234 1234 1234


8 2. NAME THE CAPITAL!!! 1. Australia 2. United States 3. Germany 4. Russia 5. Egypt 6. Netherlands 7. Belgium 8. United Kingdom 9. Iran 10. Sweden 11. France 12. Turkey

9 3. NAME WHICH COUNTRY EACH CITY IS THE CAPITAL OF 1. Doha 2. Budapest 3. Oslo 4. Copenhagen 5. Ulaanbataar 6. Ouagaandougou 7.Buenos Aires 8.Phnom Penh 9.Lisbon 10.Dublin

10 GREECE 1. If I want to see the Parthenon, I’ll go to _____________ (name of country)

11 PERU 2. If I want to see the MACHU PICHU, i’ll go to ____________ (name of country)

12 ESPAÑOL 3. People in URUGUAY speak what major world language?

13 CANADA 4. It’s the country with the biggest land area in the American continents

14 MADAGASCAR 1. What African country is a big island at the east of the African continent?

15 MEDITERRANEAN 2. This sea is in between Europe and Africa

16 Pacific and Atlantic 3. Which two oceans are linked by the Panama Canal?

17 GERMANY 4. Which country is bounded by the ff: France on the West, Switzerland and Italy on the South, Denmark North, and Poland East.

18 AFRICA 1.It is the continent poorest in GDP and richest in natural resources.

19 EUROPE 2. It is the richest continent according to its countries’ combined GDP.

20 South Asia 3. It is the region in Asia where Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal are located

21 Antarctica 4. Which continent is the coldest?

22 Spain and France 1. You need to travel by land from Portugal to Italy. Which two countries will you pass through to get there at the shortest displacement?

23 Korea 2. Which country served as the bridge for the Chinese culture to get to Japan?

24 River Valley 3. What major topographical feature is common among the sites of the first civilizations?

25 Egypt 4. Which country/civilization was given birth to by the Nile River?

26 Atlantic Ocean 5. You’re going from Jamaica to Morocco. Which ocean are you most likely to go over?


28 We are all familiar with the story of the five blind men and an elephant.

29 Similarly, given different tools, a student can examine history in different levels of detail We can use maps which allow us to see where we are in relation to other things Different types of maps for different occassions It is particularly important to understand that in the study of history, one perspective is not necessarily “better” than another.

30 Example: A MIDWIFE’S TALE [ ] was unwell in y e foren n. [ ] Dind here. I was calld at 11 oclok to mr Tolmans, a fatagueing Ride; accompanied by [ ] Tolman to the Fort,from thence by Asa Williams. found mrs Tolman Deliv d of a fine son, but before I left, put her to Bed Safely A clear Day. I was unwell all Day. was calld to Nathan Tilars at 11 at Eving. Sund. a fine Day, my Birth Day; fifty [years] old. was at Tilars, Mrs Tilar unwell.

31 In working with the interactions of space and time, it is important for students to understand that the scales of both are independent of each other. Studying a long period of time (2000 BC to 2000 AD) in one area (such as China or the Middle East) Studying a shorter span of time (80’s decade) on a world- wide pespective


33 GEOGRAPHY – the study of earth and its physical features Place Location Region Human-Environment Interaction Movement

34 History and Time Timelines are based on different “concepts” of time: linear VS cyclical “Chronology” - the arrangement of events in order of occurrence “Periodization” - the organization of events or the division of timeline into different “periods”

35 HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Like a typical story, history has some sort of a “plot”. This “plot” is told and understood using different “Analytical Perspectives” in History: e.g., Chronological VS Thematic, Panoramic VS. Close-Up, Individual VS. Community, etc.

36 Themes in History Humans and Other Humans- how can you describe the relationships, organizations, and conflicts that have developed between humans? Humans and Environment – how were humans affected by environmental changes in a particular period in time? How have humans altered or affected their environment? Humans and Ideas – how did humans of this particular period and place view the world? What ideas changed their lifestyle?

37 Themes in History Order and Early Societies – covers the development of Neolithic Villages into “Civilizations” in different settings around the globe Spread of Religions – tackles how religions and philosophies spread from one civilization to another Global War and Peace –discusses the period of late 19 th cent to early 20 th cent focusing on global wars and the search for peace.

38 Themes in History Continuity and Change – discussing the presence of continuity and/or change through events Religions and Value Systems – comparing beliefs and value systems Art and Literature – examines the art and literature, their meaning or implication, that emerged in a period or place

39 Announcements: QUIZ 1.1 – VP&V and GEOGRAPHY (3 rd meeting this week) PORTFOLIO ENTRY 1.1: Reflection Paper on Viewpoints, Views: The Geography of My Self. BLANK MAPS – due on Monday END!!!

40 GEOGRAPHY OF MY SELF – to show how a story of life can be told in different ways, different perspectives. Give and account of your life or an aspect of it using one approach: Chronological Thematic “Close-up” or “Panoramic” Present the account visually, and give a brief explanation Examples: a “pictorial timeline”, a “map” of your life, etc.


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