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Coca Cola Island of Ireland 2013 Louise Wilson, Environment Manager.

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1 Coca Cola Island of Ireland 2013 Louise Wilson, Environment Manager

2 Coca-Cola Island of Ireland 1939, Coca-Cola introduced to Northern Ireland. 1952, production began in the Republic of Ireland. 2000, both companies became members of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company 2008, production for an all Ireland market began at this new manufacturing facility – Knockmore Hill Lisburn


4 Operate in 28 countries, over 3 continents 136 brands Over 550 million consumers 38,312 employees CCHBC Ireland Operation Knockmore Hill, Lisburn Huntstown, Dublin KMH, Huntstown, 3 concentrate plants across the island, and EU shared services in Drogheda Produces, distributes, markets and sells Coca-Cola products IOI 2000 employees in the system Number 1 per capita consumption of Diet Coke in the world Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Ballina Wexford Athy

5 Manufacturing Operation at Knockmore Hill Environment Features at KMH: WWTP Fresh water lagoons Lighting Controls Sensor Water Use

6 QUAD Generation: Uses natural gas to provide electricity, hot water, steam, chilled water and Co2 to plant Combined Heat and Power Plant – KMH Single Biggest Reduction to Direct Co2 Emissions: Reduces CO2 emissions by 65% Natural Gas ELECTRICITY HEAT CHILLED WATER CARBON DIOXIDE BOTTLING PLANT CHP PLANT

7 External Standards – Policy and Values

8 Water Stewardship Sustainable Packaging

9 WATER Water Usage Ratio - Amount of water in Liters used to produce 1 Liter of Beverage 30% Reduction 16.5 % to go

10 Water Stewardship in Ireland Water Saving Projects Completed or in progress Extending frequency backwashing in Water Treatment Filter Systems Rinse Water Recovery projects across production lines Bottle washer water now feeds case washer Water Leaks Register – leaks recorded, monitored and repaired Employee Awareness Campaigns Wet line lube on line now automated control Future Plans Switch off Carbon towers not currently in use Improved metering = improved focus on hot spots Further optimisation of CIPs Line/Area specific targets for Water Use with weekly review Bottle and can rinser pressures optimised Committed to reducing Water Consumption by raising awareness of water sustainability and tackling water use within our Supply Chain

11 Energy Usage Ratio: Amount of Energy in Megajoules used to produce 1 Liter of Beverage 45% Reduction ENERGY AND CLIMATE 35 % to go

12 Energy & Climate in Ireland Taking decisive action to address issues and opportunities presented by Climate Change by improving energy efficiencies and promoting awareness Supply Chain Projects in place Air conditioning / Heating centrally controlled & regularly maintained Air handling Units in packing areas off Lighting Sensors and energy efficient bulbs Full line shut down procedures at weekends Reductions made to Compressed Air Pressure System Employee Awareness Campaigns

13 Energy & Climate in Ireland Future Plans for Energy Improvements Surveys for hot and cold pipe insulation Employee training Doors for Heat tunnels on packers Online specific energy use targets and weekly review Automatic shut off – line stops conveyor stops Improved energy use monitoring Working with TCCC and Hellenic Group around Best Practices

14 Energy & Climate off site Outside the Production Plant COLD DRINK EQUIPMENT Investment in HFC free coolers Retrofitting of existing units - Improved Insulation LED Lighting Replacement of open coolers to closed door coolers Energy Management Devices fitted - up to 35% reduction energy use FLEET mobileye technology fitted training all fleet drivers on eco driving techniques vehicles fitted with speed limiters fuel consumption monitored and high users flagged purchasing more energy efficient cars

15 As packaging evolves to meet changing consumer and customer needs we consider environmental aspects at every stage.. Innovative design Overall reduction of packaging put on marketplace No compromise on quality or perception of consumer Light-weighting Examples: PET 2L bottle 56g - 48gPET 500ml 26.5g - 22g Reduced Glass 200ml by 31g 2 piece closure to 1 piece closure Can body and can end gauge reduction Innovative Packaging

16 Generated Waste: Amount of waste generated for production of 1 Liter Beverage Packaging and Recycling 70% Reduction

17 Recycling Recycling now over 99% Improved awareness and understanding Segregation Waste Management Company Synergies with others

18 Next Steps in 2014 Launch of an Environment Committee – management led cross functional team who agree projects, focus and investment on environmental strategy Recruitment of Environmental Champions across the company Bi-monthly Environmental Newsletter to inform all employees about environment progress Continue to work and empower employees, recognise and reward for making sound environmental choices – EnvironMEnt Campaigns throughout 2014 Continue our strong partnership with the Clean Coast Care program and other initiatives to encourage communities to protect the environment they live in

19 We know and understand the environmental challenges Working at Corporate and local level to drive future initiatives Train and empower employees to make a difference inside and outside of work Education campaigns on recycling, energy, and water sustainability We will continue to engage with and support local councils, schools, communities, and government bodies both North and South of the Island, to improve sustainability going forward In Summary


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