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Vehicle Monitoring & Driver Safety Solution Jan 30 th,2012 Proprietary and Confidential National Safety Council - Utility Division.

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1 Vehicle Monitoring & Driver Safety Solution Jan 30 th,2012 Proprietary and Confidential National Safety Council - Utility Division

2 Who We Are Division of Sertec Corporation Originated vehicle monitoring industry in 1986 Partners with ASSE, DDLC, NAFA, RIMS Results validated by insurance and private company studies Used by thousands of companies in the USA and Canada Proprietary and Confidential

3 Our Fleet Expertise Proprietary and Confidential

4 Why Vehicle Monitoring is Effective Safety Studies Show: Most collisions are caused by driver actions and behaviors Proprietary and Confidential 10% All Other Causes Lack of training and faulty equipment are not issues involved in most collisions

5 Why Vehicle Monitoring is Effective Safety Studies Show: Approximately 80% of a company’s collisions are caused by 20% of the drivers Proprietary and Confidential Safe Drivers The DriverCheck program: Identifies these drivers, and Changes their actions and behaviors, both of which are keys to reducing collisions At-Risk Drivers

6 For every $1 spent, between $8 and $10 saved What You Can Expect 31% Collision Frequency Reduction PG&E Comcast ROI MPI Collision-frequency reduction of 52% More than $1 Million in Annual Savings System- wide Proprietary and Confidential

7 Up-to-the-minute reporting available 24/7/365 to key personnel. Reports are routable to ensure communication between departments. Best Practices Overview Proprietary and Confidential IDENTIFYNOTIFYMODIFYQUANTIFY High-risk drivers are identified before they cause a collision through full cycle 24 / 7 monitoring service. Client is provided immediate detailed and accurate observation reports to examine validity and severity of incident. On-Line Training Modules, counseling guides, follow-up reports, and dashboard decals reinforce company’s high priority on safety.

8 Observation Reports Produced 24/7/365—emailed within 15 minutes Routed to driver’s supervisor (and upline as needed) Includes driver’s copy that: Excludes caller contact information Contains NSC Collision Countermeasures Contains link to targeted on-line counseling/training Includes link to voice file Allows for on line report close- out Proprietary and Confidential

9 Counseling Proactive behavior based counseling. Specific to reported At-Risk behavior. Emphasizes need for driver buy- in to change behavior.

10 Online Driver Training Modules Proprietary and Confidential The DriverCheck program includes—at no extra cost—eleven on- line training modules developed in cooperation with the National Safety Council. Each module is available in English and in Spanish, and includes a 10-question test to help the driver remember what has been presented. The driver receives a score upon completing the test and can email to results directly to a supervisor. The test results are also available as part of the Management Summary Reports provided by DriverCheck.

11 Online Driver Training Modules Proprietary and Confidential English TrainingVersiones Españolas Aggressive DrivingMenejo Agresivo BackingAccidentes al Retroceder Dishonor Right of Way Deshonor derecho da via’ Distracted DrivingConducir Distraido Driving While ImpairedConducir Incapacitado Hard Braking Una Frenada Brusca Improper Lane ChangeIncorrecto Cambio de Carril NSC Collision Prevention Tips Consejos de la Comisión de Seguridad Nacional Red Lights and Stop SignsLuces Rojas y Señales de Parar SpeedingConducir Sobre el Limite de Velocidad TailgatingSeguir Demasiado Cerca

12 Online Training Videos Proprietary and Confidential Class Title Class Content Wet WeatherImportant information concerning how to avoid collisions in wet weather Counseling DriversVideo is on DriverCheck’s home page for sharing with your managers and supervisors Aggressive DrivingEach year, aggressive driving behaviors are responsible for many collisions, fatalities, and injuries. How can you avoid being an aggressive driver ? Aggressive Driving IIHow to avoid being the victim of an aggressive driver. Drowsy DrivingThe symptoms of drowsy driving are very similar to those of driving under the influence of alcohol. Here are tips on avoiding driving while drowsy. Distracted DrivingDistracted driving is more dangerous than you may think. Here’s a look at problems and solutions. Saving FuelQuick tips for getting better gasoline mileage from your fleet and personal vehicles.

13 Trending Reports Proprietary and Confidential Client: Atlanta Communications DRIVER BEHAVIOR (COMPLAINTS ONLY) Snapshot Date Range: January 1, 2005December 31, 2005 NumberNAICSComplaintComplaint Reports Drivers ofComplaint Reports Not ReturnedReturned Incomplete with Mult. Complaint ReportsReports 100/MonthPer 100 Veh/MonthNumber / % Calls 9322.154.43101 / 11%0 / 0% Click here! Shows executive summary for all vehicles on the program. Top Five Categories of Complaints TypeNumber IMPROPER LANE CHANGE283 FAILURE TO USE SIGNALS152 UNLAWFUL SPEED114 WEAVING IN TRAFFIC108 TAILGATING102

14 Trending Reports : Driver Behavior (Complaints Only) Proprietary and Confidential Entity Number NAICSComplaint Complaint Reports Company of VehiclesofComplaint ReportsNot Returned Returned Incomplete Name On Program (Pwr Units) Complaint Reports Reports 100/Month Per 100 Veh/MonthNumber / % Region 10128892.165.792 / 2%0 / 0% Region 1221112.164.360 / 0% Region 1533112.162.7710 / 91%0 / 0% Region 17302.1600 / 0% Region 18302.1600 / 0% Region 238112.162.410 / 0% Region 23118762.165.360 / 0% Shows breakdown of statistics for all regions.

15 Q & A Proprietary and Confidential

16 Thank You Your DriverCheck Team Please feel free to contact us with any questions Tom O’Connell National Account Manager Phone: 770.916.6721 Cell: 770.891.5722 Wayne Grinstead VP and General Manager Phone: 770.916.6890 Rich Flaherty Vice President Phone: 770.916.6769

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