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SafetyFirsts Customer-Only Web Site Resources A Green Light to Safety Research, Articles, Specialty Reports & Training Presentations.

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1 SafetyFirsts Customer-Only Web Site Resources A Green Light to Safety Research, Articles, Specialty Reports & Training Presentations

2 Why Do You Pursue Safety? Is it because over 42,000 people die each year in motor vehicle crashes? Perhaps someone you love has been or may become involved in a motor vehicle crash?

3 Why Do We Pursue Safety? Because we can do more together than independently of each others best efforts. Because there are many great ways to reduce the risk drivers face when behind the wheel – Safety Hotlines are only a part of the equation. Because we are passionate to try and make a difference in our employees and families lives.

4 Safety IS Our Goal Fleet safety resources are widely available, but sometimes are focused on non- commercial drivers (ie. teens, personal cars, etc.)

5 Safety IS Our Goal SafetyFirsts goal is to reduce commercial vehicle collisions and the costs associated with them To support this goal we research, author and collect valuable articles and training slides – focused on commercial vehicles - to help our customers.

6 Safety IS Our Goal Since each fleet has unique concerns and is always pressed for time, we do not flood our clients with these articles However, we have arranged a resource library on our web site for their benefit.

7 Access to the Resources Each hotline client is provided with a unique ID and password to access our resources, and their company data (derived from our safety hotline process) The log in process is simple, and delivers each client to a menu of choices.



10 Customer Options Clicking on the title of each section will take you to a distinct part of our web site

11 Customer Options This presentation will focus on options NOT related to running specialty reports Information on accessing reports is covered in a separate presentation

12 Ten-Minute Training Topics The first section well review is a library of Ten-Minute Training Topics. These topical training sessions for drivers have been sent monthly since May 2003.

13 Ten-Minute Training Topics The training topics provide an opportunity to: –refresh all of your drivers on how to avoid certain types of collisions, and –can be used as an additional support tool for drivers with repeat complaints.

14 Ten-Minute Training Topics Each topic contains a handout for your drivers and a 8 X 11 mini-poster.

15 Ten-Minute Training Topics Some contain a managers supplement document to provide additional insights to your supervisors: –Recent news stories about the topic –Web site resources –Questions they might hear from drivers

16 Ten-Minute Training Topics Recently, weve added power point slide shows, driver handbooks, word searches and other elements to support our clients efforts to raise safety awareness.

17 Ten-Minute Training Topics We are working on ways to translate our current materials into an online, interactive program with quizzes and recordkeeping. This approach could be combined with electronic report returns to further streamline the program.

18 Ten-Minute Training Topics Topics include issues such as: –Drowsy Driving –Pedestrian Collisions –Poor Visibility –Parking Lot Collisions –Crash Reporting –Following Too Closely –Lane Change Collisions –Honoring the Right of Way

19 Ten-Minute Training Topics The library is arranged in two parts: –Administrative notices (release calendars, supplemental information, etc.) –Training topics arranged by release date (showing a topic title or description, too) Admin section Topics section

20 Ten-Minute Training Topics To view any administrative notice, simply click on the title and the document will display in your web browser To view a topic, click on the title, and you will find a menu providing options for format and document type (driver handout, managers supplement, etc.)

21 Ten-Minute Training Topics At this point, you can click on the document of interest and it will display in your browser (requesting MS Word documents may require you to click open on a pop up box, but Adobe Acrobat documents will open up directly)

22 Ten-Minute Training Topics If you want to save a copy to your hard drive, just use your mouse to right click on the document name and choose Save Target As from the menu.

23 Ten-Minute Training Topics If you need a special topic that you do not see listed, contact us – we may be working a new topic, or we might be able to research the issue for you. Just click Back to return to the Customer Options Page

24 Technical Presentation Library Next, lets look at our Technical Presentation Library…

25 Technical Presentation Library Each year, we speak at safety conferences and expos around the USA.

26 Technical Presentation Library When we return from these sessions, we update our library with our slide shows so that safety managers can access a wide variety of power point slide shows. These slide shows can be used as is, or as the basis for your own presentation research.

27 Technical Presentation Library The presentations are currently arranged from oldest to most recent. Each section includes the name of the conference where the slides were originally presented, the original presentation date and title.

28 Technical Presentation Library To view a slideshow, just click on the title, and then click open

29 Reference and Support Next, lets take a look at our help section – the reference and support document library

30 Reference and Support Weve created a section of reference and support documents to help clients understand various features of our program. Additionally, when you have new staff or supervisors join your firm, it provides training on how the program works.

31 Reference and Support This menu works like the others – just click on a document name to view it. If you dont see a topic or issue presented that you have questions about, call us – we will send you the needed information, and work on getting it added to the site for future reference.

32 Fleet Safety Articles Finally, lets review our library of fleet safety position papers and published articles.

33 Fleet Safety Articles From time to time, we have had fleet safety articles published in various journals. These articles deal with issues like setting up MVR review plans, protecting your documents as evidence following a crash and negligent entrustment

34 Fleet Safety Articles Weve posted several of these articles on our site for your review. As additional articles are published by SafetyFirst authors, or are published about SafetyFirst, well add them to the list.

35 Summary For now, thats what weve posted for clients to access. Each list grows as we add new: –Training Topics, –Articles and –Reference materials.

36 Summary Wed like to hear from you about: –additional materials youd like to see, or –ways to present information in easy-to-use formats.

37 THANK YOU Thank you for your commitment to reducing crashes and the costs associated with them. Together, we can save lives

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