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D’log Diesel Saver Grade 80 Benefits: Increases mileage by 10% to 20% Increases Pick Up Cools down the Engine Reduces engine noise Reduces smoke & Pollution.

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1 D’log Diesel Saver Grade 80 Benefits: Increases mileage by 10% to 20% Increases Pick Up Cools down the Engine Reduces engine noise Reduces smoke & Pollution (CO) Reduces engine wear & tear Prevents Soot & Carbon deposit Good for Diesel engines

2 Where to Use D’log Diesel Saver Grade 80? For use in Trucks & Buses of 80 HP to 200 HP Only for Use in Heavy Commercial Vehicles like: 6 Wheel TATA Trucks like 1210, 1510, 1512, 1612, 1613 or 1615. 6 Wheel Ashok Leyland Trucks like Comet, Bison, Ecomet, Hino, AL 400, 401, 402 engines. Above TATA Buses and above AL Buses. 10 Wheel TATA Trucks like 2213, 2215, 2516. 14 Wheel TATA Trucks like 3516, 4018 & 4021. 10/14 Wheel Ashok Leyland Trucks like Hino Taurus 2214, 2514, 2516, Old model Bison,AL 2516TCAC. Useful for Generators and Boats also of above HP. Not for use in LCV, MCVs, Poclain, JCP, Excavators.

3 Is D’log good for engines? How? Yes. D’log is very good for Diesel engines because: 1.Engine Heating is reduced and Engine becomes cool. 2.Even bonnet can be kept open while running the Truck in mid summer. 3.When heat is reduced wear & tear of the engine is reduced; so D’log extends the useful life of Diesel engines. 4.D’log reduces engine vibrations & noise. 5.Prevents formation of carbon soot inside engine valves and nozzle. 6.Smoke and CO is reduced considerably.

4 D’log is very Costly. Why one should buy D’log? No. Dlog is not costly. It is very economical. For eg. For Comet Truck 15 ml of D’log for 100 ltrs of Diesel must be added. Cost of 15 ml D’log is Rs.22 only Savings expected is say 8 ltrs @ Rs.35/ltr the savings will be Rs.280 against the expense of Rs.22. Even a mere 5% savings means Rs.175 savings against a cost of Rs.22, plus all additional benefits like engine pick up, engine cooling, smoke reduction, ease of driving etc. In some old Trucks/Buses savings is more than 15% Just a 1% savings more than compensates for the cost of D’log.

5 Why so small dosage? What will happen if we put more? D’log is a very powerful Catalyst. So add only what is prescribed by using suitable Measuring Cup. Don’t put extra or less. You may put ½ ml less or ½ ml more to fix correct dosage for your Truck /Bus. Measuring Cups are available for each type of Dosages from 9½ ml to 20 ml. If you put 1ml less the engine becomes very powerful and may consume more diesel. If you put 1 ml more the engine RPM increases and no diesel savings is achieved. If you put 5 ml more or less no effect is felt. Correct dosages leads to more mileage.

6 What are the other Benefits? The other benefits are too good as below: 1.D’log is eco friendly. Since CO is greatly reduced, D’log prevents Global Warming. 2.With monthly savings from 2 Trucks one can buy one new Truck on HP. 3.Next product of D’log is “Tyre Saver” which is expected to double useful Trye life. 4.Savings is very high for large fleet operators. 5.Engine life is increased. Even a Truck due for engine re-boring can be run for further one or two years without re-boring since engine pick up increases by 30%.

7 Drivers will not Co-operate. How to get Driver Co-operation? Drivers will certainly Co-operate. Because: D’log makes driving a heavily loaded Truck very easy like driving a Super Deluxe Bus. No fatigue or feet pain while pressing Accelarator pedal even when going up to Gujarat or Rajastan. Ease and Confidence while overtaking, climbing hills, avoidance of gear changing even in low speed. A cool engine pleases the Drivers the most. Less smoke, no eye burning makes the Drivers happy. Driving becomes a pleasure and not a pain. A Comet Bus will run like BS2 Hino Bus and a Hino Bus will run like a Volvo Bus. A 10 year old Truck will run like a brand new Truck.

8 Is D’log a Chemical? What is inside the bottle? D’log is not a Chemical. It is a Catalyst. D’log is a Catalyst in Diesel form so it can be easily mixed with Diesel in the Truck. The Catalyst is not visible since it is in Energy form. It is called “Empowering”. The Catalyst is a secrect one based on 5 year R & D and based on German Formula. It is ike power inside a battery Cell. (Invisible) Harmless and good for Diesel Engines. The content is “Diesel suitably empowered”.

9 What are the Approvals & Licenses for D’log? No need for Licenses or Approvals. License is required in India only for manufacturing Aeroplanes, Ships, Cars, Medicines not for Fuel Savers. Approvals are not “Mandatory”, just “Accreditations”. Not compulsory for new products. Moreover D’log is Eco friendly.

10 Can we use D’log with Kerosene? Yes. D’log is very good for Kerosene also. The Truck will run like running on Super Power Diesel. Engine heat will reduce totally. Engine will become very smooth. Pick up and Power will be very high. Savings is more in Kerosene than in Diesel. No need to add grease, oil paste, thick oil etc. with Kerosene which cost 50 paise/ltr. Just add D’log at a cost of 20 to 25 paise/ltr. Note: Running Truck with Kerosene is illegal.

11 How to buy D’log? What Packings available? You can buy D’log from Manufacturer appointed Dealer /Agent in your area. The Price is Rs.270 for 180ml, Rs.690 for 470ml and Rs.5,500 for 4 ltrs. One Measuring Cup suitable for your Truck/Bus is given free with D’log. Packing available is 180ml, 470ml, 4 ltrs. Continuous supply is ensured by Manufacturers i.e. Dlog Technologies. If you are afraid of shortages you can buy and keep D’log which has a minimum shelf life of 5 years.

12 For how many litres of Diesel a 180 ml D’log bottle can be used? For 6 wheel AL Trucks/Bus 1100 ltrs For AL Hino Bus1630 ltrs For AL Taurus 10 Wheel 1710 ltrs For TATA 6 Wheel Trucks1000 ltrs For TATA 10 Wheel Trucks1200 ltrs For TATA Buses 950 ltrs Note: Approximately.

13 For how many litres of Diesel a 470 ml D’log bottle can be used? For 6 wheel AL Trucks/Bus 3020 ltrs For AL Hino Bus4270 ltrs For AL Taurus 10 Wheel 4470 ltrs For TATA 6 Wheel Trucks2600 ltrs For TATA 10 Wheel Trucks3130 ltrs For TATA Buses2350 ltrs Note: Approximately.

14 How D’log works? D’log enriches the Diesel. Enhances Oxygen permeability in Diesel vapour. Completely burn the Diesel inside engine. Increases both Power and RPM of the engine. Truck runs very fast with less acceleration. This graph explains how mileage is improved by using D’log.

15 D’log Diesel Saver - Dosages AL Model Type of Cup TATA Model Type of Cup AL Comet15 ml Cup1210, 151020 ml Cup AL Hino 221410½ ml Cup 1512, 1612, 1613 18 ml Cup AL Hino 25149½ ml Cup2213, 251515 ml Cup Hino Bus 119HP 11 ml Cup251613 ml Cup Hino Bus 132HP 10 ml Cup3516 Comet Bus16 ml Cup4016 Eicher4021 Note:For TATA Buses ½ to 1 ml more than Lorries. Not recognised by Truck manufacturers.

16 How to extract more mileage from D’log Diesel Saver? Drive slowly and don’t shift gears unnecessarily. Correct dosage leads to more mileage. Find correct dosage for your Truck /Bus by adjusting dosage by + or – ½ ml or ¼ ml. Now and then try + or – ¼ or ½ ml. If load is more put less ¼ or ½ ml. If load is less put more ¼ or ½ ml. Use regularly whenever diesel is filled in. Add D’log as soon as diesel is filled in. Read User Instructions fully before using D’log. Always Drive Slow and Safe. Read instructions ‘when to put ½ ml more or ½ ml less’.

17 When to put ½ ml less or ½ ml more? Put ¼ or ½ ml Less if:Put ¼ or ½ ml More if: When Truck is overloadedAlways running in top gear While climbing Up hillLess load or empty Engine heating is highGoing down hill Engine RPM high and engine Power is low Engine Power is high and engine RPM is low Good mileage in less load only or in empty Oneway loaded Trucks: Tankers, Tippers, Cement Gear shift is required oftenGood mileage only in overload conditions Using D’log for very First time Vehicle performance excellent but low mileage

18 Instructions for Use 1.First time fill the fuel tank fully and add D’log by using Measuring Cup ( You may put ¼ or ½ ml less). 2.Second time onwards add D’log for the Diesel filled at that time only. Don’t put less or more. 3.Add D’log whenever Diesel is filled in immediately after or while filling Diesel. 4.Shake D’log bottle once or twice gently before using it. 5.Use Measuring Cup suitable for your Truck / Bus and measure correctly. 6.Ensure proper and direct mixing with Diesel in the fuel tank. (Do not mix D’log in a separate bottle). Contd… next page

19 7.Drive slow or at normal speed only. 8.Drive at appropriate gear only. Change to higher gear quickly. 9.Mileage improves step by step. So continue to use D’log if benefits are felt in the first use. 10.First time D’log is effective after 30 kms only. 11.Try ½ ml less or more to get more mileage. 12.Do not use D’log grade 80 in LCVs or Cars or Jeeps or Vans. Instructions for Use … contd..

20 Dos & Don’ts DosDon’ts Use D’log regularlyDon’t skip using D’log Add D’log immediately after or while filling Diesel Don’t add D’log some- time after filling Diesel You may mix two same batches of D’log. Don’t mix two different batches of D’log. Use Correct Measuring Cup and measure correctly Don’t add extra or less quantity Now and then try ¼ or ½ ml less or more Don’t mix with Diesel in a separate bottle for using

21 What are D’log other products? The next product of D’log is “TYRE SAVER” (Under market trail) D’log Tyre Saver is expected to double useful tyre life To be applied to the surface of Tyres like paint using a 4’ Brush every 10000 kms. The other products of D’log are: 1.Petrol Saver for 2 & 3 Wheelers. 2.Diesel Saver for LCVs, Jeeps, Cars etc. 3.Diesel Saver for MCVs like TATA 709, Eicher 6 or 7 tonne Carriers.

22 Mileage increased initially; But now no increase in mileage. Why? If you put ¼ or ½ ml less initially you get good mileage. But subsequently this leads to reduction in mileage. This is called “Power Build up” which reduces mileage. To get good mileage again increase the dosage by ½ ml. This increases RPM of the engine which will fetch good increase in mileage. Check if RPM is more or Power is more in the engine and adjust the dosage by ½ or ¼ ml to get good mileage again. Read “How to get more mileage from D’log”.

23 No increase in mileage at all. Why? Read User Instructions again to check if you had followed every word there in. There is no chance for “nil” increase in mileage. Check your old mileage correctly and compare again. Ask your driver to go slowly or at normal speed to get increased mileage. Check increase in RPM or Power and adjust the dosage. Read Dos and Don’ts again and again. Read “How to get more mileage from D’log” and follow the instructions therein. Inspite of the above if there is no increase in mileage then contact Dealer / Manufacturers.

24 Reasons for Nil increase in mileage 1.Dosage applied / Measuring Cup used may be wrong. Check dosage and the Cup. 2.Diesel filled in may not be exactly 100 ltrs. It may be only 95 or 98 ltrs. So reduce dosage by ¼ or ½ ml. This will adjust the RPM / Power balance. 3.Filter or Pump may have developed fault suddenly. 4.Change in Driver. 5.Sudden change in load, climatic conditions. 6.Sudden change in road, traffic conditions. 7.D’log was not added immediately after filling Diesel. It was added after sometime. This leads to “Power Build Up”, hence no good mileage. 8.Use of wrong grade of D’log. 9.Read “How to get good mileage from D’log” again.

25 How D’log Bottle and Measuring Cup look like?

26 Who is D’log manufacturers? D’log Manufacturers are: Dlog Technologies New No.21, Thambaiah Road Extn., West Mambalam, Chennai-33, India. Mobile: 98401 60123. Website: Email:

27 Thank You!

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