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Presentation On DINLOG Tyre Saver Cum Fuel Saver From Dlog Technologies Chennai, INDIA.

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1 Presentation On DINLOG Tyre Saver Cum Fuel Saver From Dlog Technologies Chennai, INDIA

2 INTRODUCTION Dlog Technologies, is a Chennai based sole proprietory company. The company has SSI registration for manufacture of Tyre Saver Catalyst and has TNVAT registration. Since 2002 the research in to Catalysts started and, the company has some good products to its credit. Please see for other products. The latest product is a water based Catalyst to strengthen rubber, which is Dinlog Tyre Saver Cum Fuel saver. The Company had the same Catalyst for over 12 years in Kerosene form, (with a very few users as Kerosene application is difficult) which is now successfully converted to water form very recently and hence released to the public for a good

3 THE PRODUCT The product is a water based Catalyst, or simply a catalyst in water form, that strengthens rubber (molecules). The most widespread use of rubber, over 90% worldwide, is for Tyres only, hence the product is titled Dinlog Tyre Saver cum Fuel Saver. It is actually a Tyre life extender and softner. It is to be applied (sprayed) to the vehicle tyres once in approx. 5000 to 6000 kms, by which time usually tyre goes hard again. A more rubberized tyre elongates the life of the tyre as the hurt and damage from rough roads are minimized. Tyre is the one of the factors affecting fuel mileage significantly. A good rubberized tyre can give extra mileage of over 10% to 20% more than a hardened tyre. Dinlog Tyre saver nullifies tyre resistance and creates a roll-on effect leading to significant fuel savings. (Tyre resistance – see explanation in Annexure-1)

4 BENEFITS The benefits of spraying Dinlog Tyre Saver over cleaned, water soaked, moisturized tyres is listed below: 1.Increases tyre life – by 50% in case of large tyres like Bus, Lorry and 100% for all small tyres like Bike, Car, LCV etc. 2.Huge increase in fuel mileage – expected to be about 5% even up to 20%, depending on the previous condition of tyres. 3.Better brake application – due to softening of tyres, instant braking is fecilitated 4.Ease of Driving – due to removal of road resistance and rubberized tyres driving becomes a pleasure 5.Protects shocks absorbers – as the more rubberized tyres takes most of the road shocks the Shock Absorbers in the vehicle are protected 6.Strengthens rubber molecules – this is the effect of spraying Dinlog Tyre saver catalyst on to tyres. The molecular bonding is enhanced leading to softer (rubberized) as well as stronger tyres. 7.Soften Tyres – the spraying leads to softening of tyres 8.Gives smooth and Cushy ride – this is the effect of softened tyres. Note: Some printed materials about the product is given in next 2 slides



7 PRODUCT, PACKINGS, PROCESS PRODUCT & PACKINGS: The product offered by the Company is Dinlog Tyre Saver Concentrate – Grade 2460 in 7ml and 40 ml PET bottle packings with sealed Cap. This is 1% concentrate and 7ml should be made in to 700 ml TS Mix and 40ml into 4 litres TS mix. PROCESS: Simply add 7ml Dinlog TS Concentrate with 700ml pure water in a 1 litre PET bottle and shake (about 5 to 6 inches) up and down 15 times quickly, continuously, strongly, effectively. Now 700ml Dinlog TS Mix is ready for spraying on to Tyres. This can be used for 3 years, even up to 5 years. Same way take 4 litre pure water in a 5 litre Plastic Jerry Can and add 40ml Dinlog TS Concentrate and shake (about 6 to 7 inches) up and down 15 times quickly, continuously, strongly, effectively. Now 4 litres Dinlog TS Mix is ready for spraying on to Tyres.

8 DINLOG TS MIX SPRAYING ON TO TYRES Take Dinlog TS mix about 400ml in a 500ml (28mm neck) PET bottles (eg. 400/500/600 ml PEPSI/Coke bottles) attach a Sprayer Nozzle (from company or from market). Adjust to spraying position. Clean Bus/vehicle tyre well with water, repeatedly apply water over all the tyres. Now lift one tyre with Jack and again clean 2 or 3 times well all around the trye. Let the water soak well into the tyre. Remove the excess water with a hand brush struck in between buttons & treads. Leave the tyre for 2 to 4 minutes. As the wetness becomes damp/moisturous (just before tyre start to drying up), mark the starting point with a white or yellow chalk and immediately start spraying the Dinlog TS mix on to the tyre buttons and treads ( portion touching the road – even if only on to 80%~90% area, the catalyst spreads itself up to the Rim, that is to whole of tyre, through water soaked in the tyre) only, in “Z” pattern quickly evenly, only once all around the tyre from starting line to the same position and stop. Put a waste paper board below the tyre and ground the trye. Ensure no further water touches the tyres for next 2 or 3 hours. In non rainy season you may run the vehicle with in 1 hour. Tyre becomes soft with in 10 to 15 minutes of spraying TS mix. This can be verified easily by pressing a Key before and after spraying Dinlog TS mix ( see pictures in next slide) Recheck air pressure. Estimated spraying time for scooters 10 seconds and Bus/Lorry tyre 25~30 seconds only.

9 DINLOG TS MIX SPRAYING ON TO TYRES Before Dinlog TS Spraying After Dinlog TS Spraying The Key could not be pressed in to the Tyre surface as most of the tyres are hard before Dinlog TS spraying. After spraying Dinlog TS mix the tyre becomes more rubberized allowing the Key to be pressed into the tyre. This helps the tyres to take on the roughness of the bad roads. This can be tested by a Durometer or Tyre hardness tester also.

10 COST BENEFIT ANALYSYS Savings in cost of Tyres /km: Qty of TS mix required per tyre of Bus/Lorry is 40ml only. (For full button new Tyre. For running Tyres the qty required may be only 30-35ml) Cost of 40ml TS mix is approx Rs.40 only. For a Bus for 6 tyres 6 x 40 = Rs.240/ for 6000 Kms Add spraying labour cost Rs.160/ Bus. Total cost of single application Rs.400/ for 6000 Kms Benefit: Tyre wearing off in 6000 Kms is only 4000 Kms. So saving in Cost of tyre/km is 2000/6000 = 33%. If earlier Tyres run for 40000kms costing Rs.80000. Cost of Tyre/km is Rs.2/-. Now same tyres run for 60000kms costing Rs.80000. Cost of Tyre/km will be 1.33. The savings in monetary value is Rs.4000 (Rs.12000-8000) against Dinlog TS mix application cost of Rs.400/Bus. The payback is 10 times over cost of application. Note: Added to this there is a phenomenal Fuel savings – see next page.

11 COST BENEFIT ANALYSYS Savings in cost of Fuel: Expected mileage increase is 10% to 20% in some cases up to 25%. Practical expected mileage increase in Buses/Lorries is 10% ( due to excessive speeding, brake application etc.) Cost of fuel before Dinlog TS mix application say Rs.11/km Savings expected 10% on Rs.11 = Rs.1.10/km Savings for 6000kms = Rs.1.10 x 6000 = Rs.6,600. Total savings per application of Dinlog TS mix = Rs.4000+Rs.6600 = Rs.10600 against application cost of Rs.400. Buses run more than 6000kms per month. Say 8000kms/pm, then monthly savins per Bus per month could easily be Rs.14,133, against application cost of Rs.533/month. Net savings will be Rs.13600.

12 PRODUCT PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES What product performance guarantees our Company can provide: 1.We give consistent, same quality catalyst concentrate in 40ml packing (actual packing qty will be 41.5ml) and 7ml packing. 2.We can give 40ml concentrates in 3.8 litres packing also to ensure consistency and uniform quality. 3.Shelf life of our concentrates exceeds 3 years. 4.We supply through Company authorized Distributors/Dealers only. 5.We give the product in secured, sealed packing only. We shall be affixing hologram security stickers shortly. 6.We are willing to undergo, the customer, testings, trials, approvals, sample order, further validation, and regular orders. 7.We on our part guarantee that the product performs well as per the claims on the label of the packing.

13 What is Tyre Resistance? – Explained Tyre Resistance is the difficulty the vehicle faces when it tries to move forward due to vehicle load and due to radius difference as shown in the second picture. Due to hardened tyre the vehicle will have to climb up to move a few inches forward all the time, this is called “Tyre Resistance”. When the tyre is well rubberized, it nullifies the Tyre Resistance by giving way easily allowing the vehicle to move forward easily and the vehicle need not climb up to move forward, but simply rolls on forward, creating a free roll-on effect, leading to more and more mileage and ease of driving.

14 Thank You Prepared by: R.Chandramouliswaran, CEO Dlog Technologies New No.21, Thambaiah Road Extn., West Mambalam, Chennai-600033, INDIA Email:, Website:

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