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Goodyear UrbanMax MCA / MCD Traction

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1 Goodyear UrbanMax MCA / MCD Traction
The new municipal tire range, specifically designed for All Season use in urban operations, featuring UrbanMax technology - combining latest technology materials, dedicated tread patterns and durable carcass constructions, for improved fleet efficiency. UrbanMax technology tires are part of Goodyear’s Max Technology concept, dedicated products for enhanced mileage, braking and damage resistance combined to low emissions and superb comfort. M&S M&S UrbanMax MCA UrbanMax MCD Traction

2 UrbanMax MCA GOODYEAR UrbanMax MCA Steer and All Position
Excellent mileage Superb braking on wet and snow Reinforced sidewalls Sidewall wear indicators Low noise (fulfilling future EC tyre noise requirements) Regroovable and retreadable M&S UrbanMax MCA

3 Goodyear UrbanMax MCA Features & Benefits
Wide tread / five ribs: mileage, handling & low noise Features & Benefits Edge blading: wet /snow performance & even wear Flexomatic blading: wet / snow performance & mileage Hi-amplitude Centerline: traction / all position capability Non-intrusive shoulder: damage resistance Reinforced sidewall/ wear indicators: troublefree lifelong protection

4 Goodyear UrbanMax MCA Performance

5 Goodyear UrbanMax MCA Mileage ratings
Fleet evaluations on new UrbanMax MCA tires are running in numerous countries, covering a variety of application types ratings based on Goodyear internal fleet evaluations and corresponding projected mileage

6 GOODYEAR UrbanMax MCD Traction UrbanMax MCD Traction
Drive Axle fitment Excellent mileage Superb traction and braking on wet an snow Reinforced sidewalls Sidewall wear indicators Low noise(fulfilling future EC tyre noise requirements) Regroovable and retreadable M&S UrbanMax MCD Traction

7 Goodyear UrbanMax MCD Traction
Features & Benefits 3D-BIS: Mileage, handling & rolling resistance Excellent mileage, even wear Improved wet traction Superior winter traction Maintained worn tire traction Blade density: Winter & wet performances Compound: Mileage, wet & winter performances & handling Tread volume & design: Mileage, rolling resistance noise & handling Carcass: Handling, rolling resistance & kerbing resistance Remark: picture might not correspond exactly to final version

8 Goodyear UrbanMax MCD Traction

9 UrbanMax MCA / MCD Traction
actual future drive steer drive steer M&S M&S SUMMER ALL SEASON SUMMER Metro MCS* Metro MCS* UrbanMax MCA UrbanMax MCA M&S M&S M&S Metro MCS* ALL SEASON WINTER UrbanMax MCD Traction UrbanMax MCA ALL SEASON WINTER M&S M&S Metro MCD M&S WTS City WTD City WTS City

Climatic conditions M&S UrbanMax MCA WTD City WTS City M&S UrbanMax MCD traction UrbanMax MCD Traction UrbanMax MCA M&S WTS City UrbanMax MCA UrbanMax MCA M&S LOW MEDIUM HIGH MAXIMUM Traction Requirements WTD City

11 455/45R22.5 MCD - Super Single Drive
Advantages 275/70R22.5  More space  New vehicle ergonomics Electrical engines 455/45R22.5 Weight reduction (-120 kgs) Fuel saving (less RR) Maintenance simplification

12 SIZE LINE UP’s Size Design Load/Speed 11R22.5 UrbanMax MCA
148/145 J (152/148 E) 275/70R22.5 295/80R22.5 152/148 J (154/150 E) 265/70R19.5 140/138 L 245/70R19.5 136/134 L 315/60R22.5 152/148 J UrbanMax MCD Traction 455/45R22.5 166 J Ultra Grip WTS City Ultra Grip WTS 152/148 L Ultra Grip WTD City Ultra Grip WTD M&S UrbanMax MCA M&S UrbanMax MCD traction M&S WTS City M&S WTD City

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