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Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 1 NMDC Limited Investors / Analysts / Brokers Meet 25 th & 26 th Feb 2013 Mumbai.

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1 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 1 NMDC Limited Investors / Analysts / Brokers Meet 25 th & 26 th Feb 2013 Mumbai

2 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 2 Performance Highlights Q3 FY 2012-13

3 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 3 Index of Presentation  Performance Highlights  Status of Ongoing Projects  Joint Ventures & Subsidiaries  Personnel & HR  Awards & Accolades

4 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 4 PERFORMANCE (III Qtr of 2012-13 Vs III Qtr of 2011-12) Iron Ore Production : 53.64 LT (PY 71.45 LT) 25% Iron Ore Sales : 53.26 LT (PY 64.04 LT) 17% Turnover : Rs 2048 Cr (PY Rs 2822 Cr) 27% Profit before Tax : Rs 1914 Cr (PY Rs 2752 Cr) 30% Profit after Tax : Rs 1293 Cr (PY Rs 1859 Cr) 30%

5 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 5 PERFORMANCE (Upto Dec12 Vs Upto Dec’11) Iron Ore Production : 176.13 LT (PY 202.99 LT) 13% Iron Ore Sales : 180.35 LT (PY 208.49 LT) 14% Turnover : Rs 7500 Cr (PY Rs 8667 Cr) 13% Profit before Tax : Rs 7220 Cr (PY Rs 8320 Cr) 13% Profit after Tax : Rs 4877 Cr (PY Rs 5623 Cr) 13%

6 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 6 PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE PARTICULARS CURRENT YEARPREVIOUS YEAR Inc/(Dec) of 5 over 7 QTR IQTR IIQTR III UPTO THE QUARTER QTR III UPTO THE QUARTER 1 23 45(2+3+4)678 I. PRODUCTION: (a) Iron Ore (lwmt) : 68.7253.7753.64176.1371.45202.99(26.86) (b) Diamonds (Carats) 604185366684212614866123138948 (c) Sponge Iron (Tons) 107307542941627688863128260(572) II. SALES: (a)Iron Ore (lwmt)- Exports -3.75 3.567.311.083.853.46 - Domestic 68.5554.79 49.70173.0462.96204.64(31.60) Total Iron ore68.5558.5453.26180.3564.04208.49(28.14) (b) Diamonds 345112561679638642515393993 (c ) Sponge Iron 1160679359437289787653264452533

7 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 7 CURRENT YEARPREVIOUS YEAR Inc/(Dec) of 5 over 7 QTR IQTR IIQTR III UPTO THE QUARTERQTR III UPTO THE QUARTER 1 23 45678 PRODUCTION: Kirandul 17.8312.1714.7244.7222.2873.00 (28.28) Bacheli 29.6022.4223.0775.0934.9593.95 (18.86) Donimalai 21.2919.1815.8556.3214.2236.04 20.28 TOTAL 68.7253.7753.64176.1371.45202.99 (26.86) SALES: Kirandul 17.4113.5912.5843.5818.4872.91 (29.33) Bacheli 31.6025.5624.4581.6135.7498.12 (16.51) Donimalai 19.5419.3916.2355.16 9.82 37.46 17.70 TOTAL 68.5558.5453.26180.3564.04208.49 (28.14) Note :- Kirandul Sales includes 0.75 LMT and 0.52LMT of despatches to SIU during current year & previous year. UNIT WISE PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE (Qty in LMT)

8 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 8 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE (Rs. in Crore) PARTICULARS CURRENT YEARPREVIOUS YEAR Inc/(Dec) (%) Inc/(Dec) QTR IIIUPTO QTR IIIQTR IIIUPTO QTR III (3) over (5) (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7) a) Sales Revenue 2047.697500.022822.18 8667.31(1167.29) (13.47) b) Other income incl. interest 556.261691.48523.951466.20225.28 15.36 Total Income2603.959191.503346.1310133.51(942.01)9.30 a) Consumption of raw material 8.5423.325.5017.965.3629.84 b) Consumption of store and spares 64.01157.5059.56151.376.134.05 c) Acc/Dec of stock (49.49)(111.26)(38.89)16.90(128.16)(758.34) d) Employee cost 139.19418.46135.14 392.8825.586.51 e) Royalty & Cess 204.69648.92262.32 729.81(80.89)(11.08) f) Selling exp. 176.37425.1444.47 146.30278.84190.59 g) Others 146.99409.61126.39 358.0651.5614.40 Total Expenditure 690.301971.69594.491813.28 158.418.74 Profit Before Tax (PBT) 1913.657219.81 2751.648320.23 (1100.42) (13.23) Profit After Tax (PAT) 1292.804877.421858.81 5623.11(745.69) (13.26)

9 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 9 PRODUCTION (LWMT) 2012-132011-12 Q 1Q 2Q 3 Upto Dec’12 Q 1Q 2Q 3Q42011-12 Lump 25.2221.2119.3565.7822.8426.2025.6526.61101.30 Fines 43.5032.5634.29110.3538.7843.7245.8043.00171.30 Total: 68.7253.7753.64176.1361.6269.9271.4569.61272.60 Lump:Fines ratio 37:6339:6136:6437:63 36:6438:6237:63 PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE

10 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 10 DESPATCH ANALYSIS QTY. IN LMT Despatch2012-13 (Apr-Dec‘12)2011-12 (Apr-Dec‘11) BailadilaDoniTotalBailadilaDoniTotal Rail 122.8627.83150.69125.3431.92157.26 Road 4.8027.3332.137.355.5012.85 Pipe Line -0.00-36.570.0036.57 Total 127.6655.16182.82169.2637.42206.68 Rake/day 13.47 15.07

11 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 11 SELLING EXPENSES Rs in crore Particulars Year to date VarianceRemarks / Reasons 31-Dec-1231-Dec-11 Railway Freight 232.63 41.32 191.31 Increase in export despatches by 7.51 LMT. Selling expenses 192.51 104.98 87.53 Due to increase in export qty by 3.46 LMT, 425.14 146.30 278.84

12 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 12 Details of Other Expenses Rs in crore Particulars Year to date Variance Remarks / Reasons 31-Dec-1231-Dec-11 1) Power & electricity 42.4037.155.25Increase in power charges 2) Repairs & Maintenance 42.5838.064.52 Mainly on account of offloading of maintenance of HEM 3) Other Expenses a) Raising & Transportation 50.6327.3023.33Increased mining activity at KIOM. b) Corporate Social Resp. 47.1539.737.42 c) CISF /Security Exp. 50.3639.8010.56 d) Travelling Expenses 17.9314.003.93 e) All other expenses 58.7264.93(6.21) Subtotal (a to f) 224.79185.7639.03 Total 309.77260.9748.80

13 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 13 CAPITAL EXPENDITURE (Up to IIIrd quarter ) in FY 2012-13 - Rs in Crore Projects/SchemesActual Upto 3 rd Qtr Bailadila 11B19.98 Kumarswamy76.23 3MTPA Steel Plant – CG672.69 2 MTPA Steel Plant Karnataka0.00 Pellet Plant- Doni.140.17 Other Schemes17.84 AMR72.37 Business Development0.00 R&D8.64 Feasibilities Studies0.12 Other Ventures9.96 Total1018.00 CAPEX for 12 th Five Year Plan – Rs.30071 crores

14 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 14 Iron Ore Sales (Rs. in crores)

15 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 15 Financial Performance PBT (Rs. in crores)

16 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 16 Financial Performance PAT (Rs. in crores)

17 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 17 Annual Cash Profit (Rs. In Crores)

18 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 18

19 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 19

20 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 20 Earning per Share (EPS) – in Rs.

21 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 21 Status of ongoing Projects

22 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 22 a) Upgradation of Evacuation Infrastructure i) Uniflow Railway Line Uniflow Railway Line commissioned in May 2012. This augments evacuation capacity by 3 million tonnes. ii) Slurry Pipeline MoU signed with RINL for construction of Slurry Pipeline and setting up of Pellet Plant at Vizag. This will augment evacuation capacity by 10 million tonnes. Discussions are on for finalization of JV Agreement between NMDC and RINL. iii) Inmotion Weigh Bridge Inmotion Weigh Bridge (7) in Bailadila Complex in under installation and this will reduce turn around time and increase in evacuation. iv) MoU with Indian Railways The Company has signed an MoU with Indian Railways on 21 st December, 2012 for doubling of Railway Line between Jagdalpur and Kirandul of around 150 kms.

23 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 23 Snapshots of Uniflow Railway Line

24 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 24 Snapshots of Uniflow Railway Line

25 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 25 c. Bailadila Deposit 11 B  Location: Kirandul Complex, Dist. South Bastar Chhattisgarh  Capacity: 7.0 MTPA  Capital Outlay: Rs. 607.17 Cr  EPCM Consultant: M/s MECON, Bangalore  Project is being executed through Seven Packages  All the packages have been ordered and works are in progress.  Primary Crusher & Downhill conveyor works are in advanced stage of completion  Secondary crusher, Scalping Screen & EOT Cranes trial runs taken  Expected to be commissioned by June 2013

26 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 26 Snapshots of Bailadila Deposit 11 B

27 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 27 d) Kumaraswamy Iron Ore Project  Location: Donimalai, Dist. Bellary Karnataka  Capacity: 7.0 MTPA  Capital Outlay: Rs. 898.55 Cr  EPCM Consultant: M/s MECON, Bangalore  Project is being executed through Six Packages  Orders for four main packages are placed and works are in progress.  Major Civil works for Primary Crusher house & Secondary Crusher house are completed  Design Engineering of Downhill conveyor package is in advanced stage  Civil & structural works are in progress.  Likely to be commissioned by November 2013

28 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 28 Kumaraswamy Iron Ore Project

29 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 29 e) Donimalai Pellet Plant  Location: Donimalai, Dist. Bellary Karnataka  Capacity: 1.2 MTPA  Capital Outlay: Rs. 572.00 Cr  EPCM Consultant: M/s M N Dastur & Co, Kolkata  Project is being executed through Six Packages  Orders for five packages are placed and works are in progress. Mobile equipment package to be ordered  Imported equipment received at site  Mixer, Annular Cooler, balling discs erection completed. Rotary kiln, chain grate and other equipment erection is in progress  GIS & main transformers erection completed.  Civil, Structural & erection works are in progress  Likely to be commissioned by November 2013

30 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 30 Snapshots of Donimalai Pellet Plant

31 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 31

32 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 32 f)Integrated Steel Plant of 3.0 MTPA capacity at Nagarnar, Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh State.  The Plant is being set up at an investment of Rs. 15525 crore.  About 2119 acres of land has been in possession of NMDC for the plant and other infrastructure facilities.  All statutory clearances have been obtained.  All nine major technological packages viz., Sinter Plant, Blast furnace, Raw Material Handling system, Coke oven, By product, Steel Melting Shop, Thin slab caster & Hot strip mill, Oxygen plant and Lime & Dolomite packages have been ordered. Civil and structural works started for most of these packages, in full swing.  Order has been placed for one of the major auxiliary package i.e. Power & Blowing Station.

33 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 33 Snapshots of 3.0 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant at Nagarnar RMHS System BATTERY #1 - Precast Placement

34 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 34 Blast Furnace Foundation Scale Pit Under Excavation For Thin Slab Caster & Mills package Snapshots of 3.0 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant at Nagarnar

35 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 35 g) Diversification into Coal Shahpur East and Shahpur West Coal Blocks in M.P. allotted to NMDC under Government Dispensation Route for Commercial Mining and detailed exploration done through MECL under MoU. Mining Plan MoC approved the Mining Plan including Mine Closure plan for Shahpur West and Shahpur East Coal blocks on 07.02.2012 and 27.12.2012 respectively. Mining Lease MoC granted the prior approval for ML of Shahpur West Coal Block on 02.08.2012. Approval for ML of Shahpur East is awaited. Forest Clearance Revised Forest clearance applications for Shahpur East and Shahpur West Coal Blocks have been submitted to C.F. Shahdol on 03.11.2011. Joint Inspection survey has been completed for Shahpur East and Shahpur West Coal Blocks along with Forest Officers.

36 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 36 Land Acquisition Applications for Land acquisition for both the coal blocks have been submitted to concerned district Collectors. Environment Clearance MOEF issued revised Terms of Reference letter (TOR) on 10.01.2013 with validity date 27.10.2013. Draft EIA/EMP report has been submitted to M.P. Pollution Control Board, Bhopal and Regional Office at Shahdol. Preparation of DPR The Consultant M/s SCCL, has prepared Detailed Feasibility Reports. As per approved Mining Plans the Coal Production will start by end of 2014, for which NMDC is taking all necessary steps. NMDC applied for 12 coal blocks (3 for commercial + 9 for power) out of 17 coal blocks notified by MoC in its notification dated 31.12.2012 for allotment of coal blocks to Govt. Companies under Coal Mines Rule, 2012.

37 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 37 Capacity of existing mines in Bailadila sector after expansion by 2014-15  Kirandul ComplexBacheli Complex  Deposit – 14 : 5 MTPA Deposit – 5: 10 MTPA  Deposit – 11C: 7 MTPA Deposit – 10&11A: 7 MTPA  Deposit – 11B: 7 MTPA Total: 17 MTPA  Total: 19 MTPA Capacity of existing mines in Karnataka after expansion Donimalai : 7 mt Kumaraswamy : 7 mt

38 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 38 Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries Name of the CompanyPartner Stake held by NMDC Purpose J&KMDC Ltd.JKML74%Setting up of Magnesite Project in the State of Jammu NMDC-CMDC Ltd.CMDC51%Development of Iron Ore Deposit Nos.13 & 4 at Bailadila. NMDC Power Ltd.---100%Setting up of Power Plant in respect of 3.0 MTPA Steel Plant at Nagarnar. Jharkhand National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. JSMDC60%Development of Iron Ore Deposit at Sasangoda, Jharkhand. Legacy Iron Ore Ltd.Listed Company based at Perth Australia 50%Development of Hematite Iron Ore Reserves and Gold Deposits

39 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 39 Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries (Contd…) Name of the CompanyPartner Stake held by NMDC Purpose Kopano-NMDC Mineral Pty. Ltd., Johannesburg Kopano Logistic Services (Pty.) Ltd. 50%To acquire and develop mineral prospects for steel making raw material such as Iron Ore, Coal and Manganese Ore. International Coal Ventures Pvt. Ltd. SAIL, Coal India, RINL 14.29%Acquisition of Coking and Thermal Coal assets abroad. Krishnapatnam Railway Co. Ltd. RVNL, Govt. of A.P.15%Construction, operation and maintenance of 112 km new BG line from Obulavaripalle to Krishnapatnam Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd. MMTC & Others12.87%Pig Iron Plant at Orissa and also engaged in production of BF Coke, Sinter etc.

40 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 40 Analysis of Manpower Position (in Nos.) Number of Employees as on 31.01.2013 - 5811

41 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 41 Analysis of Employee Cost (Rs. in crores)

42 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 42 ANALYSIS OF EMPLOYEE COST Rs in Crore Particulars Year to date VarianceRemarks / Reasons 31-Dec-1231-Dec-11 Salaries, Wages & Bonus298.12274.1923.93 Prov. for Wage Revision of workmen Rs. 25.72 Cr Contribution to Staff PF,EPF & DLI22.2419.272.97 Contribution to Group Gratuity Fund17.0320.10(3.07) Workmen and Staff Welfare Exp.81.0779.321.75 TOTAL418.46392.8825.58

43 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 43 Value added per employee (Rs. in lakhs)

44 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 44 CSR Activities NMDC has identified 6 major thrust areas of CSR:- a)Infrastructure b)Drinking Water c)Health d)Education e)Training f)Employment

45 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 45 Mile stones & Accolades Signing of MoU with Govt. since 1991-92. Excellent performer in MoU ratings in almost all the years. PSE Excellence Award as Company of the Year in Navratna category Indira Gandhi Rajbasha shield for 13 times. ‘Star PSU of the Year’ award (Business Standard). Best PSU of the year 2012 (Mineral sector/ Navratna/ Overall categories) by Dun & Bradstreet CAPEXIL top export award for the year 2010-11. Commendation certificate for CSR (SCOPE) Innovative leadership/ HR leadership/ Global HR excellent award (IPE) India Pride Award (Metals, Minerals & Trade including Mining)

46 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 46 Disclaimer Cautionary Statement The statements contained in the Presentation may be forward looking statements and progressive within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may vary from those expressed or implied, depending upon economic conditions, government policies and other incidental factors that may arise. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on the forward looking statements.

47 Quarter –III performance review 2012-13 47 THANK YOU

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