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Complex processing industries --- Iron & Steel industries.

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1 Complex processing industries --- Iron & Steel industries

2 What is complex processing industries?  They are characterized by repetitive production operations carrying out specific physical and chemical reactions.  Processing can take place with batches or with continuous flow of material.e.g. Copper industry, aluminium industry, brewing ind, sugar ind. and iron & steel industry.

3 Case Study  Steelmaking at Port Kembla - The Port Kembla Steelworks is located 80 kilometres south of Sydney in the heart of Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia.

4 - a fully integrated steel plant with an annual production capacity of 5 million tonnes. the plant's primary facilities consists of two blast furnaces, three 275 ton BOS steelmaking vessels and three slabcaster machines. - the Steelworks is situated on an area of 800 hectares and directly employs up to 6000 people. - it produces a wide range of finished and semi-finished flat steel products for Australian and international customers. Case Study  Steelmaking at Port Kembla

5 Case Study  Steel Production (Processes & Products) - Three basic raw materials are needed for making iron in a blast furnace: -iron ore -coke -flux(limestone) -The production consists many processes including ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting, hot rolling and further processing.

6 Why the iron and steel industry is located there? - Land Can you think of it?? - Market - Raw material - Transport

7 Raw material The port location allow raw materials to be imported easily!! - Iron ore is shipped from Mt Newman and Yampi Sound, in Western Australia, as well as other minor supplies from the Middleback Ranges, South Australia. - Coking coal is mined locally at collieries within a 40 km radius of the Steelworks. - Limestone is supplied from Marulan, New South Wales. Special grade limestone is imported from Japan. Dolomite, which comes from Ardrossan, SA and some special alloying elements are also used depending on the Steel mix.

8 Market -Currently within Australia, the largest use of steel (40%) is in the building and construction industry. -Australian steel is used in domestic housing (dwelling) and industrial buildings such as warehouses, passenger terminals and offices (non-dwelling). -Civil construction refers to steel used in projects such as bridges, guardrails and pipelines. - Another important use of steel is in the automotive industry where it features in both engine components and the bodies of cars.

9 Market Port Kembla is only 70 to 90 minutes south of the largest market in Australia--  Sydney!!

10 Market Steel products are exported to markets all over the world by shipping.

11 Land - Large supply of industrial flat land for building large integrated plant. - At reasonable price - Port land location allows future expansion through reclamation. - No pre-existing usage conditions, no restrictive work practices.

12 Land - It is one of the most scenic and lifestyle pleasing cities in Australia. Greenfield sites and pleasant environment attracts labour to work there. The Steelworks directly employs about 6000 people at Port Kembla, but many more elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

13 Transport -An excellent road and rail system connects the Port with Sydney and regional NSW. - Sydney Airport is in the nearby. -And for shippers and freight transporters within a few hundred kilometers, transport and logistics costs will be lower.

14 Port Kembla development scenarios include new general, bulk and break-bulk berth side terminals to facilitate significant export and import cargo volumes for our clients as their businesses expand. Over the next few years, Port Kembla’s infrastructure will include container cranes, extended multi- purpose berths and wharves, expansion of liquids import facilities, as well as upgraded bulk storage, hopper and grab equipment.

15 ~The End~ Group Members: Emily(30) Nadia(16) Grace(12)

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