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Instructional Technology Project Specialist Wilmington University

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1 Instructional Technology Project Specialist Wilmington University

2 1.Personalize Your Course 2.Using Your Voice 3.Creating Engaging Content 4.Using Peer Instruction to Flip Your Classroom 5.Gamification 6.SMARTBoards 7.Online Assessments 8.Live Stream Lectures to YouTube 9.Library Resources 10.Engaging Software - Clickers to Cell Phones 11.Blackboard Exemplary Course Process 2013 TLT Sessions

3 Every Job Requires a Tool

4 Tools Have a Specific Purpose

5 Used Incorrectly… BIG Problems Using a Tool Used Successfully… Student Success

6  What is the BEST tool for the desired purpose?  “Why am I including tech into my courses and what should I include to create a more meaningful experience?” Brian Wasson (2010) Preso Tools Not PPT Best Results

7 I am including technology into my courses and I will create a more meaningful experience for my students.

8 Use What You Have Grade Center Interactive tools – Blogs – Wikis – Journals – Voice Tools Rubrics Tool SafeAssign Voice Tools Films On Demand Library Resources

9 WebCampus Blackboard Internet Email Tools to Manage information

10  Voki- Talking avatar  Telligami – Mobile storytelling platform  Quizlet - Flashcards  Screencasting- Jing, Screencast-O-Matic  Animoto- Storytelling through multimedia  Prezi  YouTube  SlideShare  Wufoo – Collect and analyze data  Wordle   – online diagraming, flowcharts and mapping  – Jeopardy game without the PPT Use Free

11 Remembering: Flashcards, Journals Remembering: Flashcards, Journals Creating: PPT, Prezi, Animoto Evaluating: SafeAssign, Rubrics, Collaborate Analyzing: Wufoo, Excel, Applying: Discussion Board, Wikis, Blogs Understanding: Concept Mapping

12 Blooms Revised Taxonomy

13 1.Relevant 2.Personalized 3.Collaborative 4.Connected Learning 5.Information Literacy 6.Promote higher level thinking 6 Key Drivers to Student Engagement

14  Use Digital Resources  Use Multimedia  Use Games  1. Make Instruction Relevant

15  Instruction  PPT, Prezi  Audio  Video  Clickers  Provide Assignment Variety  PPT, Prezi  Glog  Audio  Video  Blogs, Journals, Wikis  Discussion Board  Assessments 2. Personalize Instruction

16  Weekly Course Announcements  Email  Voice Tools  Video Tutorials 16 2. Provide Personal Communication

17 17 Screencast Video Tutorials Jing 5 min, free Snagit unlimited, $ Camtasia Unlimited length, $$$ Screencast-O-Matic 15 min, free

18 Voki  Create Avatar  Users add text, audio content  Deliver project critiques  18

19  Use Bb Collaborate  Online synchronous virtual classroom  Blackboard Instant Messaging  Bb IM  Skype- VoIP application  Basic plan -free or inexpensive  Application can run installed on a computer  Run from a flash drive  WebCam and voice communication across every device and platform 3. Provide Collaboration

20  A synchronous live, web conferencing, virtual classroom environment.  audio, video, application sharing and content display  Advanced features  polling, white board  presenter on-the-fly  resizable chat areas  participant lists  usage analytics tools  Collaborate sessions can be archived  View archive at a later date as MP3 or MP4 20 Collaborate Blackboard Interactive Tool

21  Flashcards  4. Connect Learning

22 Wikis, Blogs, Journals, Discussion Boards

23  Assignments, Discussion Board, Essay, Short Answer and File Response Test Questions, Wiki entries, Journal entries, Blog entries and Grade Center Grade Columns  Share assignment criteria  Provides consistent grading  Interactive grading  Time saver tool to use when grading!

24 Animoto  Digital Storytelling through images, video, sound and text  FREE educator’s account  Share w/50 students  Easy renewal Technologies For Instruction

25 Turning Point PPT TurningPoint Anywhere Download the TurningPoint Software

26 Research Tools  Use Films on Demand– Library Resources  Use Library Databases 5. Drive Achievement with Information Literacy

27  Diversity of views  Help students understand where the different views are coming from  Help students realize that what is true today may not be true in the future 6. Promote Higher Level Thinking

28 Strategize

29  What tools do I currently use?  What tools do I need to use?  What do I want to learn? Ask Yourself… Image from

30  Phone: (877) 708-2905 (877) 708-2905  Email: Where Do You Go for Help? Mary Beth Youse Instructional Technology Project Specialist 302-356-6979 Dean Davis Classroom & Online Technologist 302-356-2457 Barb Danley Instructional Technologist 302-.342-8656 Adam Voyton Instructional Technologist 302-356-2466 Russ Lichterman Educational Technology Specialist 302-356-2466

31 It is the mission of the Educational Technology Team to provide faculty and staff with effective professional development by offering training, resources, and support. Our Mission

32 1.ROAR - Repository of Online Academic Resources 2.ETC – Educational Technology with a Colleague 3.Personalize Your Course 4.MS Office2013 purchasing opportunity $10 5.Bb Upgrade SP11- Fall 2013  Training begins July 2013 6.Bb Collaborate – web conferencing, online webinars, virtual classroom  Virtual office hours, + Voice Tools  Training now, Wimba will turn off August 2013 7.Wild, Wild Tech  July 23 WGC (am, lunch, pm)  July 24 Dover (am, lunch)  July 25 Online Webinars (all day sessions) Road Map -- Looking Ahead

33 YOU We are dedicated to YOUR professional development! What is Our University’s Best Tool?

34 Edwards, M. A. (2013). The six key drivers of student engagement. The Journal, 23. doi: Make the most out of skype. (2011, November 03). Retrieved from Product guides & manuals. (2010). Retrieved from als/ als/ Schrock, K. (2013, February 13). Kathy schrock's guide to everything: Bloomin' apps. Retrieved from Voki, create speaking avatars. (2011, November 03). Retrieved from References

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