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Updated of the 9 th ASEAN ST Week (9 th ASTW) Bogor, Indonesia, 18-27 August 2014.

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1 Updated of the 9 th ASEAN ST Week (9 th ASTW) Bogor, Indonesia, 18-27 August 2014


3 Chapter 1.1. About ASTW The ASEAN S&T Week is a flagship project of the ASEAN COST  in order to showcase major achievements and potential of S&T generated both in ASEAN Member Countries and Dialogue Partners, relevant to the rapidly increasing needs of the public and private sectors, in light of the region’s goal of achieving a knowledge- based economy.

4 The ASTW is an important event of the ASEAN COST and it is conducted triennially on a rotational basis amongst ASEAN Member Countries; The ASTW has the main purpose of promoting of S&T Development in Southeast Asian Countries. In addition, it is expected that this forum will open windows of opportunities for scientists, technologists, researchers, academicians, government officials, practitioners and private sectors, to interact and to promote networking, as well as to expand their S&T cooperation; In an effort to promote the interfacing of the private sector and the ASEAN S&T community, Member Countries are advised to bring their private sectors to show case one or two of their products during the ASTW; With a theme of “Innovations from the most dynamic region to earth”, the 9 th ASTW will be celebrated in conjunction with the 19 th National Awakening Technology Days (HAKTEKNAS) of the Republic of Indonesia”. Chapter 1.2. About ASTW

5 Chapter 2.1. 9 th ASTW Programs 4th ASEAN Science Congress and Sub Committee Conferences (18-19 August 2014) ASEAN Flagships Workshops, ABAPAST, ABASF and SCIRD Meetings (20-21 August 2014); Bibliometrics Workshop & SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN cluster meetings (20 August 2014) The 68th ASEAN COST Meeting, ASEAN COST + Dialogue Partners meetings (22-24 August 2014) ASEAN STI Exhibition (22-25 August 2014)

6 Chapter 2.1. 9 th ASTW Programs 8 th IAMMST and awarding of ASEAN ST AWARDS in Ministerial Gala Dinner (August 25) ASEAN Young Scientists Training (ASEAN- CRDF Global on Journal Writing) and ASEAN– IIASA Joint Activity (August 26) ASTW – APEC PPSTI Joint Activity, ASTW - FEALAC Joint Activity, ASEAN Regional Initiative on Biosecurity, S&T and the Biological Weapons Convention (August 27) ASEAN STI Exhibition (22-25 August 2014)

7 Chapter 2.2. Venue IPB International Convention Center


9 Chapter 2.3. Proposed Hotels for Accommodations

10 2.3.1. Novotel Hotel Bogor Reservations & Rates Novotel Bogor Golf Resort & Convention Center Golf Estate Bogor Raya, Bogor 16710, West Java, Indonesia Tel: +62 251 8271 555 Fax: +62 251 8271 333 E-mail:

11 2.3.2. Hotel Santika Bogor Contact Us Hotel Santika Bogor Botani Square, Jalan Raya Padjadjaran Bogor 16127 - INDONESIA Phone : (62-251) 8400707 Fax : (62-251) 8400706 Email :

12 2.3.3. Hotel Salak Heritage Bogor Contact Us Head Office - Hotel Area Hotel Salak The Heritage Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 8 Bogor 16121 - Indonesia Tel. +62 251 - 8373 111 Fax. +62 251 - 8374 111

13 2.4. ASEAN STI Exhibition IPB Convention Center – Botani Square Mall

14 2.5.1. The 4 th ASEAN Science Congress and Conferences, 18-19 August 2014 Objectives: To enhance awareness of ASEAN Scientists and community to the importance of science, technology and innovation; to encourage ASEAN Competitiveness and to support economic growth within ASEAN Member Countries. To encourage interaction, networking, partnership and regional cooperation among participants, especially the young ones! from ASEAN Countries and their counter parts from International S&T Community as well as from private sectors, To promote technology transaction (among others including technology transfer) between ASEAN Scientists and or their regional/International counterparts from S&T Community and private sectors;

15 2.5.2. The 4 th ASEAN Science Congress and Conferences, 18-19 August 2014 To provide scientific forum for the promotion of relevant fields of S&T cooperation within ASEAN regions and to open opportunity to expand the cooperation into International level; To promote S&T culture-based-community within ASEAN Countries, with special attention to increase S&T awareness among ASEAN young generation; To accelerate the development of S&T expertise and manpower resources in ASEAN. Contact persons: Ruben Silitonga (, Annisa Pranowo (; Nur Tri (; Prof. Estiko Rijanto: (;

16 2.6.1 Proposed Flagship Program SCIRD, ABAPAST, ABASF Meetings One day for Flagship Program Meetings (tbc)  Early Warning System and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & Climate Change with Sub Committee on Meteorology and Geophysic (SCMG);  Biofuel with SC on Non Conventional Energy Resources)  Open Source Software (RISTEK and KOMINFO) with SC on Microelectronic and IT = SCMIT)  Health with SC on Biotechnology (SCB)  Functional Food with SC on Food Science and Technology (SCFST) One day for ABAPAST, ABASF, SCIRD Meeting  Contact Points:  All lead countries of ASEAN Flagship Programs  Ruben Silitonga,; Annisa Pranowo,  PIC ABAPAST, ABASF, SCIRD Chairpersons:  Nada Marsudi ( and Sri Setiawati (

17 2.6.2 Bibliometrics Workshop, 20 August 2014 Goals: to provide ASEAN STI policy decision-makers with data on ASEAN research output and ASEAN research collaboration (within and outside of the region); to qualitatively interpret and contextualise quantitative evidence collected by the SEA-EU- NET project in the framework of its analytical activities. Tentative agenda: The agenda will include the following elements: Presentation of study methodology Presentation of results Interactive discussions of regional, country and thematic results Wrap-up discussions: conclusions drawn, lessons learned  Contact Points: Alexander Degelsegger / Florian Gruber / Dietmar Lampert / / Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna

18 2.6.3 SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN cluster meetings, 20 August 2014 Goals: Link relevant climate action, raw materials and resource efficiency research projects, platforms and initiatives from ASEAN and the EU Communicate their work and relevant results to policy-makers (as they are potentially benefitting from these results) Tentative agenda: Introduction to SUSTAIN and the clustering process Presentation of the work done so far and of the project selection Presentation of the projects Presentation and discussion of potential synergies and benefits from networking Discussion of services SUSTAIN can provide to research projects in the cluster  Contact Points: Oliver Lah / Dao Manh Thang / Alexander Degelsegger / / Wuppertal Institute, Germany / Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna

19 2.7. The 68th ASEAN COST, ASEAN + Dialogue Partners, (22-24 August 2014), 8th IAMMST (25 August 2014 The 68 th ASEAN COST Meeting, 22-23 August 2014 ASEAN COST + Dialogue meeting, 24 August 2014 The 8 th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on S&T (8 th IAMMST) and Ministerial Gala Dinner, 25 August 2014 Contact Points:  ASEAN Secretariat: Dr. Alexander Liem (;  Nada DS Marsudi, emails:;;

20 2.8. ASEAN Young Scientists Training (ASEAN- CRDF Global on Journal Writing and ASEAN– IIASA Joint Activity, 26 August 2014 ASEAN Young Scientists Training Training for ASEAN Scientists below 35 years old The theme: ‘Journal Writing Workshop’, under collaboration with US CRDF Global. ASEAN – IIASA The session would focus on: 1) Introducing Applied Systems Analysis and its role in supporting policy making for complex challenges, 2) Sharing Indonesia’s experience in applying systems analysis to address national challenges, 3) Sharing experience and challenges faced by ASEAN and neighbouring countries that would require systems approach to address. Contact Points:  ASEAN Young Scientists Training : Mr. Ruben Silitonga (; Ms. Annisa Pranowo (  ASEAN – IIASA : Ms. Tri Sundari (

21 2.9. 1 ASTW – APEC PPSTI Joint Activity & ASTW - FEALAC Joint Activity ASTW – APEC PPSTI Joint Activity (Workshop on the bioelectricity and biofuel generated from the unused biomass) Objectives: 1.Promoting cooperation of industry, academia and government on utilisation of unused biomass inter APEC member. 2.To enhance knowledge sharing among APEC economies, which facilitates dissemination of sustainable bioelectricity and biofuel technologies and their commercial application, through a steering committee meeting and a forum. 3.Strengtehn the networking on bioelectricity and biofuel from unused biomasses among the APEC member 4.Public education on bioelectricity and biofuel from unused biomasses among the APEC member ASTW – FEALAC Joint Activity International Workshop on ‘S USTAINABLE E NERGY I NITIATIVE : C URRENT S TATUS AND P OTENTIAL C OOPERATION BETWEEN EAST ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA’ Contact Points:  ASTW – APEC PPSTI Joint Activity: Ms. Tiomega Gultom (; Ms. Arie Ika Susanty (; Ms. Dinny Afifi Elfinur (  ASTW – FEALAC Joint Activity: Ms. Herlina Hadisetiawati (

22 2.9.2 ASEAN Regional Initiative on Biosecurity, S&T and the Biological Weapons Convention Aims: 1.raising awareness for biosecurity issues in relevant institutions, academies of science and industries in the ASEAN states as well as in the relevant policy departments in government; 2.presenting methods and experience for education and awareness raising; 3.bringing together involved parties from science, industry and government to discuss the necessity and/or possibility of organizing further activities regarding biosecurity in ASEAN states. The program will be organized by: The Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) in cooperation with The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and The National Academies of Science (NAS, United States) Furthermore cooperation will be sought with the Thai and Malaysian Academies of Science. Contact Points: Mr. Rudie Trienes []

23 2.10.1. UPDATING OF ASEAN ST AWARDS Objectives To acknowledge the achievements and contribution rendered by scientist and technologies in the region; To give them incentives to reach for further success; to provide younger scientists with inspiration to reach their fullest potentials; to show the general public especially the youth concrete examples of successful careers in science; and To encourage the capacities of them in developing the applying the S&T in the forms of publications and patents.  Awarding ceremony: 25 August 2014 – during ASEAN Ministerial Gala Dinner  Contact person: Tiomega Gultom ( Arie Ika ( and Dinny Afifi (

24 2.10.2. Four types of ASEAN ST awards 1.The ASEAN Young Scientist and Technologist Award (AYSTA), 35 years and above, Prize: USD 10,000 from ASF 2.The ASEAN Outstanding Scientist and Technologist Award (AOSTA), Prize: USD 15,000 from ASF 3.The ASEAN Meritorious Service Awards (AMSA) for 10 people 4.The ASEAN – U.S. Science Prize for Women in the field of water quality research, Prize: USD 25,000 from US

25 Online Registration will be available in the first week of July 2014


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